Monday, July 2, 2018

July Small Goals

I haven't done a small goals post since LAST JULY!? Shameful. Well, as I sat here at my desk, watching Netflix and drinking Sunny D (for longer than I care to admit), I decided I wanted to do ~more~ with my time, so it was time to start holding myself accountable again. I do these things, like making goals, lists, tracking things...and they help. Yet I always fall out of the habit after a few months of good work. I don't know why! So last night I made a new spread in my bullet journal (a hobby I've neglected since May), which inspired me to come here and write about it too. I know in these posts I usually go through what the previous months/posts goals were, but since that was so long ago now I think we can forgo that this time (they were all wedding related things, and yes I finished them!). So let's get straight to it!

July goals!

1. Find a new workout routine. I put my gym membership on hold for the summer, and might just close it afterwards, I'm not sure yet. In the meantime I need to find my own ways to keep active...whether it's just walking more (I'm FAILING all my step challenges) or doing workouts at home. It's been so hot lately though, making it hard to get motivated. Yesterday I waited until it cooled off and I went on a walk. I use Pokemon Go as a walking motivator, and sometimes I'll make my own goal and tell myself I have to keep walking until it's done (like, "complete 5 research tasks," or "collect one gift for each of my friends"). Yesterday I wasn't really in the mood, so I used a Lucky Egg and said at the very least I had to walk until it timed out (30 minutes). As always, my group Powerpuff Bloggers is amazing motivation!

2. Start my name change paperwork.
Secret (well I guess not anymore) - the only place I've changed my last name since getting married, is on Facebook. I need to get this done before Fall, because any later and I'll have to pay for a brand new passport which NO THANK YOU. If I do let it slide for that long and end up paying for a new one, I've hit a new laziness low.

3. Finish chapter two of Feel Good, Dress Better. This is a workbook from Nicole Seligman. It's about parring down your wardrobe so it better reflects your personal style! One of the reasons I got it is because I have a lot of pieces in my closet that I love, but just don't wear because I can't figure out how to style them. I'm hoping this will either help me think more out of the box, or to finally let go of the pieces I'm never going to wear. I finished chapter one last month!

Feel Good Dress Better


4. Research nail powders! This one's just a bonus/optional goal because it's not like it's important to get done in a timely manner. I've been wanting to try holo nail powders for awhile now. The holographic payoff with powders is WAY better than what you'll get with a holo polish. However I didn't want to invest the money in all the supplies needed (it works best to do it with gel nails, which I've never done myself) without having seen it in action first. So last month, for the first time in five years...I paid someone else to do my nails. There's a new salon in town that specializes in nail art and other ~funky stuff.~ I saw on their Instagram page that they had the holo powders, so I made an appointment! I kept the fact that I was only there to test out the holo powder before buying it myself a secret. Good news is that it looked super easy to work with! And I look fly AF. The holo is holding up great so far. I do plan on buying the supplies myself, but there's so many options and brands to choose from that I'm not sure which ones to start with. Also if you happen to be nearby, check out Luxe Nailscape. Everyone was SO cool and nice. They all kept complimenting my long nails which was a fun ego-booster, too. Here's how my nails turned out - with NO filters, color adjustments, nothing!

holo nails, holographic nails, nail powder, holo nail powder, holographic nail powder

That's about it for July I think. What are your goals for the month? Or the summer, maybe?

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