Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Pokemon Go Community Day, February 2018 - Dratini Hunt!

Hello! So, as the title suggests, I still play Pokemon Go. I think it's so much fun :) I know it's a bit repetitive for some, but I think the events (like the one I'm about to write about) help keep things fresh. Gotta catch 'em all!!!

Pokemon Go Community Day February 2018 Dratini

When most people hear this they say, "Still? Why? I stopped playing that, like, weeks after it came out, no one plays that anymore." Yes, STILL! And good for you I guess? I always fail to understand why the fact that some people stopped playing means that there is no longer any point in anyone playing. And to be fair, millions of people still regularly play :) But, if you really just didn't care for the game style to begin with, I won't give you a hard time for that :P

In January Niantic started a monthly event called Pokemon Go Community Day. They let you know the exact date about a month prior, but so far both have been Saturdays in the second half of the month. The event lasts for three hours, and during it the Pokemon of the month is basically gonna pop up all over the place, and they will all have an exclusive move. There's also a 10% increase of those Pokemon being shiny variants (think of these like your holographic Pokemon cards), lures have an extension of three hours, you earn double XP, and also 3x the stardust! Even if you don't need the Pokemon of the month, the rest of those things are super lucrative for any aspiring poke-master.

February's Pokemon was Dratini! Those don't normally spawn where I live, so this alone had me super excited. I knew that if I was diligent about it, I could finally get a Dragonite! An added bonus was that if you evolved your Dragonaire (to refresh, it goes Dratini - Dragonaire - Dragonite) into a Dragonite during the event, your Dragonite would have an exclusive move that you could only get during the event: Draco Meteor!

Pokemon Go Dragonite Draco Meteor
My fancy new Dragonite! 

The week before my town had a freeze warning (and I live in California, I don't really do cold that well), so I wasn't sure if the weather would be good to go out in. My original plan was to plant myself down at a pokestop where I could sit indoors, use a lure and an incense, and wait for the Dratini to come to me. So at 10:45am my husband and I were sitting in a Starbucks (conveniently in spinning distance from two pokestops, oooh). We stayed there until we finished our breakfast and had only caught three Dratini in that time, so I knew I wasn't going to get my Dragonite at that rate. The sun was out and even with the wind it wasn't as cold as we were expecting, so we decided to take our hunt outside. There's a pond in town that has six pokestops around it, and I could see on my map that they all had lures, so we went to go try our luck there. Success! We walked laps around the pond, and in the span of 2.5 hours we got well over a hundred Dratini candies, more than enough to evolve our exclusive Dragonites. We also caught our first shiny's! My husband caught 2 shiny Dratini's, and I caught a shiny Dratini and a shiny Swablu.

Shiny Dratini, Dragonaire, Dragonite
Here's what the whole dragon fam looks like as their shiny variants.

We also caught our first Tyranitar! You can only catch them by participating in tier 4 raid fights. We'd done raids before, but no higher than tier 3 prior to that. Higher tiered raids require more people fighting with you in order to win. For a tier 4 raid you need at least four high leveled players to win. Since I'm usually playing alone or with my husband, getting enough people to raid with is hard. Anyway...while we were walking around the pond, another group approached us and asked if we wanted to raid with them. Uhhhmmm, YES!

Pokemon Go Tyranitar
New bb

I've read a lot of complaints about the Community Day events being too short. Three hours is pretty short, considering not everyone is lucky enough to have weekends off. However the point behind this is that Niantic wanted to get everyone out playing at the same time, so you can run around and meet other players, too. Sort of reminiscent of Pok√©mon Go's heyday (ah, the Summer of 2016 was a good time). Running in to a group to raid with us is a great example of this. I've walked around that pond millions of times in the past, but that was the first time I've played with strangers. I can understand both sides of the argument, though.

Compared to January's Community Day, I definitely had a lot more fun this time! January's Pokemon was Pikachu - but everyone and their mom already had plenty of Pikachu's. The special part about it was that all the Pikachu came with the exclusive move, Surf. It's cool to have for collecting purposes, but not much else. If you evolve your surfing Pikachu he loses the special move, and it's not like you're going to use a Pikachu in battle, with or without Surf, considering none of them are very high CP. I didn't even catch a shiny Pikachu that day :( But there were still the other bonuses, so all was not lost. I think they also used what they learned from the first event to make this second one even better, which works for me because we can't always expect perfection in round one.

I'm really excited about this happening every month, and look forward to participating in March's as well. They've already shared that the next Pokemon will be Bulbasaur! No word yet on which evolution will have the special move (I'm hoping for Venusaur). While I do already have a Venusaur, he's not super strong so I'd like another! It took me forever to get it, but not this time :) Andrew doesn't have one yet, so he's super excited. Fun fact - our wedding venue was a Bulbasaur nest! As I was getting my wedding makeup on, one of my bridesmaids (who's also really into Pokemon) told me about all the Bulbasaur, so I handed her my phone and said to get catching! By the time I came back from taking our "first look" photos, she had caught quite a handful. That's what friends are for, right?!


  1. I still play on and off - usually when I'm on the train into work because all the stations it stops at seem to be a gym, so I can occasionally rack up quite a few coins haha. I don't keep up with events though, so this is super handy to know - thanks!

    Emma |

    1. Ohhh that's cool! My town has a decent amount of pokestops, but not nearly as many as when I go to the city!!

  2. I didn't know you can get different Pokemons depending on the month!??? O.o