Sunday, July 30, 2017

Bay Area Book Festival!

So I realized I titled this post basically the same as last years post. But like. What else am I supposed to call it? I'll have to think about it. Also I'm writing about this over a month late lol sorryyyyy.

Last month I took another trip to the Bay Area Book Festival in Berkeley! It was a great day. My mom and brother came too, so it was a bit of a family outing :) The Bay Area Book Festival happens every June in Berkeley, CA. It has author panels and other bookish activities, along with vendor tents featuring both larger publishing companies and independent authors.

RIP Fitbit Alta

After picking up my wristband (you don't have to buy one, but you can't get into the panels if you don't) I went to go find my first panel that was starting soon - Feminist Activism through Popular Fiction. It was a great panel, and I met some really interesting female authors that I'll definitely be reading soon! I wanted to buy a copy of Dietland to have Sarai Walker (who was on the panel) sign, but they ran out. That's ok, that just means that other people were just as excited for her as I was, which is awesome! I'm still glad I got to see her :) I couldn't help but laugh at the fact that I was at a feminist panel and the venue was playing Alanis Morissette before and after. Like, seriously??? Hahah.

After the panel I met back up with my fam for lunch. We ate over in the grassy area where The Lacuna library was last year - I was sad it wasn't there this year! But I imagine it was something that took forever to set up, hahah. When we were done eating I had an hour to kill before the next panel on my schedule; Science Fiction and the Resistance. So we checked out some of the author/publisher booths. I was trying not to buy many books that day (instead I just wrote down titles/authors, in hope that I could order from the library) but I did end up buying Lights Camera Booze from the Ulysses Press booth! I think I'll have a lot of fun with it ;) And it was only $5! Yay.

Then it was time to head to the Science Fiction and the Resistance location. It was being held at a Freight & Salvage stage so I had a bit of walking to do. Naturally, I got lost. And naturally, by the time I found it there was a looong line to get in. Luckily my brother had gotten in line earlier and was going to save me a seat. Unfortunately the panel was like, 5% about science fiction, and 95% about politics. Most of which were things I agreed with, but I didn't go to that panel in hopes of talking about politics.

Me trying not to murder the people cutting in line. Only took this pic because my brother texted and was like "where are you???"
Back of the line, that's where I am.

Once that panel wrapped up, I used the rest of my time checking out the other booths and things I wasn't able to see earlier. Found some more books I needed to look for at the library. Like this middle grade book that I'm reading right now (don't judge me on my middle grade books and I won't judge you on your YA books). The only other thing I bought that day was this pin from PapaLlama!

My nails aren't even that long anymore [cries]

It's perfect for me :P I'm tempted to order the matching tote bag!! But for now just the pin will do. I don't really consider myself a "pin collector," but there are so many great ones out there and before you know it you have a bunch, which just turns it into a collection whether you mean for it to be one or not, doesn't it?! Yeeeesh. Anyway, the pin's on my denim jacket right now, and I've already received many compliments on it 😎

Overall I had a great time. There were some aspects from last years festival that I missed, but just the fact that I got to spend my day surrounded by books and other book loving people was good enough for me :)

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