Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Valentine Swapping!

Two posts in two weeks! Yeah!

Last month I set up a Valentines Day card swap for the lovely girls in the Geek Girls x Bloggers group on Facebook! A little back story...

Late in January I found these Parks & Rec valentines on Etsy. I love them! Galentines Day is the best, and I wanted an excuse to get the cards and send them out. Well, last year, a couple of other girls hosted a valentine card swap (lots of fun, you can read about it here). So I went to the group and asked if anyone was planning on hosting another swap this year. No one said they were (and I was secretly fishing for someone to offer, but we're all busy, I get it). Instead there was a lot of "that sounds fun!" and "sign me up!" So I was like, ok, I guess I'm the one doing it this year. Hahah! I need to learn to take matters into my own hands when I want something, and I guess this is a good representation of that. I'm so glad I did, though! I had so much fun, and it seems like everyone else did too.

I loved getting little surprises in the mail sprinkled throughout the month! Each card is unique! Some are handmade (I admire your dedication!), some are from store bought kits (which never lose their charm, no matter how old you are), and some even had stickers and tattoos falling out of the envelopes! I wish I could have made my Valentines by hand, but I'm not as talented as some of the other girls hahah. Oh and yes, two girls sent the same card! What are the chances of that?! So funny! That just shows that we all have great taste ;)

Thank you everyone for playing along with me! I loved sending little bits of love to you all <3

I'm adding a list of everyone else's posts below, so if also wrote a post about our swap and I haven't added you here yet, leave me a comment with your link! I'd love to have all of our valentine posts collected in one place!

The Fangirl Crafter
Usagi in Wonderland
Her Geekery
The Vivacious Hobo


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