Sunday, March 12, 2017

March Small Goals

I'm just gonna ignore the fact that I haven't done one of these posts since November.

Even though we're already almost 2 weeks into the month, I sill wanted to take a few and address some things I'm hoping to accomplish this month. Sometimes it helps writing them all down to keep myself accountable ;)

1. Give bridesmaids their color swatches. So I haven't talked about wedding stuff in forever - but I finally have a wedding date! Yay! I also asked all my bridesmaids, and they said yes. Another yay! I picked out some color swatches for their dresses, but I keep forgetting to give them out - boo! And that is about all of the wedding related things I have done so far hahah.

2. Work out 4 times a week. So recently my mom gifted me a gym membership until my wedding! Super yay! We already decided to go 3 days a week, but now that we're getting into that habit I also want to incorporate a 4th workout day into my week, but I would probably do that one at home. So I'd probably put on an exercise video, or lift my weight thingies or something. If you'd like to learn more about my trials and tribulations of a new gym-goer, join us on Powerpuff Bloggers for all the whining you can handle!

3. Make crock-pot freezer meals. My mom helped me prep the meals, we used some recipes she likes and portioned them out into freezer baggies. Tomorrow I'm going to try one out! My goal was to still be able to eat home cooked meals even on the days that I'm at work all day and don't feel like cooking when I come home (which is most days tbh). So in the morning I'll dump one of the baggies in my crock-pot and when I come home - ta-dah! Food is ready. Such a new and novel concept, I know.

4. Schedule an eye appointment. I've been seriously putting this one off. The eye appointment itself isn't terrible...but after eye appointments you have to deal with (and spend too much money) on getting new frames or lenses (or both) which I don't want to do. Getting new frames is always fun, but this time I'm going to look into just getting the lenses updated in my current pair. I like my current frames more than any other pair I've had, and they're still in great condition, so why change them?

What are your goals this month?

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