Monday, November 7, 2016

November Goals + October Check-In

October is my favorite month. Just a few reasons - Halloween, it's starting to cool down, I get to do The Rocky Horror Show at work, I can start wearing all the hats my mom knits me, and lots of Fall scented candles hit the shelves (my favorite kind). It's also mine and Andrew's anniversary month (six years on the 16th)!! I didn't set many goals for October, but I managed to do a lot of cool stuff anyway. Here's how I did on my goals (and some other things).

1. Make/gather the pieces for my Halloween costume. Success! My costume was simple, but I'm pleased with it nonetheless. I was Jughead Jones :) My mom knit the hat for me, I made the hat pins, I bought a red S shirt on Redbubble (I should have taken full outfit photos, sigh). And because I was running around on a cold and rainy October night, I threw on a black hoodie and denim vest to make it the Fiona Staples version. I'll definitely be wearing this hat for the rest of Fall/Winter ;) I spent the evening causing havoc with my friend, who was dressed as The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt!

2. Get back into drinking more water. Yeah! I got sick, and when I get sick I drink ALLLLLL THE WATER so this one kinda worked itself out >_> One of my co-workers found the same 72oz water bottle I use (and that everyone teases me about, but w/e) at Marshall's, so she bought one and now we have contests every day to see who drinks the most water by the end of our shifts.

3. Host a giveaway. Done! Participation was a lot smaller than my last few giveaways, but I guess X-Files is sort of a niche interest, and that's ok hahah. The winner was Gladys from Usagi in Wonderland!

Some other things I did...

Finally started doing some legit wedding planning. Nothing is set in stone yet, but I've finally started seriously looking at locations, and even e-mailing some of them with questions!!! Andrew and I are finally finding a lot of options we agree on which is fun too hahah.

Caught a Snorlax in Pokemon Go. Snorlax is my favorite Pokemon and I've been trying to find him since DAY ONE. It only took me four months...

Found a place in town to get really good ramen. It was SOOO GOOOOOOD. Can't wait to find an excuse to go back.

Voted! #RockTheVote and all that.

Start Christmas shopping.
I know, it's early, but I hate leaving it all for December because then I end up doing it all at the last second. Even if I don't actually buy any of it this month, I want to at least get a list started.

List some bags/purses on Poshmark/Vinted/Something. Back in August one of my goals was to purge/donate items (which I did)! However I have a large purse collection that I held on to in hopes that I could sell some of them instead. Do you have any favorite sites for selling your items? I used to have a lot of luck with Poshmark, but once they stopped doing all the free/discounted shipping days it's been a little harder.

Start a morning routine. I've always been a night owl, but I have to admit that when I get up earlier I feel much more productive. I'd like to make a bit of a routine for myself, that isn't just "drag yourself out of bed and get ready for work." Since I have to be up early anyway, I might as well make the most of it.

Catch new Pokemon! I'm going to Kentucky in a few days, I'm hoping there will be some new Pokemon for me to catch over there. I'm also looking forward to spending time with my family while I'm there, too :P

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