Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Survival International + X-Files

Omaze X-Files shirt
Awkward sleepy eye + X-Files appreciation photo.

Back in August, I saw a photo posted on Gillian Anderson's facebook page! It showed her and fellow X-Files cast mates in matching "the truth is out there" t-shirts. The post said she started a campaign with Omaze to raise money for Survival International. The deal was that there needed to be 500 shirt orders for the goal to be funded, with 18 days to reach the goal. I didn't know what Survival International was at the time, but I was already sold on the idea tbh. Getting a cool shirt while supporting a good cause? Count me in. While I was excited to donate, part of me just wanted to be in their club and have the same shirt as them >_>


"The truth is out there, and when you go searching for it, you should be wearing this shirt. Designed for the ultimate The X-Files fan, this exclusive t-shirt seeks out not only the truth, but justice too. Funds raised from support Survival International, a nonprofit preventing the annihilation of tribal peoples. Survival gives them a platform to speak to the world; they investigate atrocities and present evidence to the United Nations and other international forums; they support legal representation; they fund medical and self-help projects; and they educate, research, campaign, lobby and protest, helping to make a world where tribal peoples are respected and their human rights protected. Maybe you can trust someone after all…" - source

So I ordered a shirt...then I had to wait for the campaign to end...then I waited for the shirts to be printed, and finally mailed out. Then! It showed up at my house. THE TRUTH WAS WITH ME. Everything was right in the world.

That's better.

However there's one part I left out of the story, and that's when my shirt arrived...I was sent the wrong size. I was pretty bummed, but shit happens, it's ok. I double checked my order conformation, and then I e-mailed customer service. Luckily they were SUPER nice; another shirt was sent and I got it within the week! As for the original shirt, they told me to keep it and pass it along to someone else that would enjoy it. So that's what I'm going to do! Enter below to win your own Survival International/X-Files shirt! It's a unisex size L, and super soft! If the winner sends me a picture of them wearing it, I'll even add you into our family photo up there :P

International giveaway! Please be aware that the shirt you will receive is a unisex size L. This post isn't sponsored by Omaze or anything - winner does not get to choose their own size. Please no giveaway-only accounts. Winner will be notified by email ASAP and has one week to respond. If there is no response in that time, another winner will be chosen.

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