Thursday, September 8, 2016

September Goals / August Check-In

Have you noticed that everyone is posting September goal posts (or things similar)  and all like, "YAY FALL! YAY PUMPKINS!?!" Well, I'd like to be like that too (minus pumpkins, they taste gross) except it's still on the warmer side here in CA. Like, it was 95 degrees today. Oh, well. I'm only bitter because I'm jealous. Anyway, I did ok on my August goals. Not perfect, but ok. I did get other things done though, so I'll take what I can get.

1. Keep up with both Powerpuff Blogger challenges. YES! I'd say I did pretty good, if you don't mind the bragging. The step challenge went well. Playing Pokemon Go really helped, hahah. The bigger challenge was keeping up with 30 Days of Yoga, but in the end I didn't do too terribly with that either. I definitely had some bad days, but I didn't skip a single day and I finished strong. Wahoo! Yoga is so much harder than I thought it was and I have a whole new respect for it now. I'm hoping to write a post on that whole experience soon, but you might have noticed I've been kinda lazy on the blog front (typical).

2. Up my daily step goal to 6,000. No :( I realize now that August was a bad time to make that goal. I did continue meeting my previous goal (5,000) most days, but with the yoga along with going to work and other day to day stuff I was kinda wiped. Even though I'm going to continue doing yoga, I'm not going to be so hellbent on doing it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. so I hope it'll be easier to add more steps in this month.

3. See Suicide Squad. Yes! I wish I had more to say about this, but I kinda...don't. I was really excited to see this movie, and while I didn't dislike it, it was just "ok." I liked individual parts of it more than I liked the movie as a whole.

4. PURGE SOME SHIT (OR JUST GET BETTER AT ORGANIZING). Kinda? I started to? I did purge some things, but not as many as I liked. I didn't feel like digging through boxes hahah. I got rid of a few pieces of clothes that I hadn't worn in over a year, and a small stack of books.

1. Continue doing yoga. I started Yoga with Adriene's other video series, Yoga Camp. I'm not going to follow it as rigidly as 30 Days of Yoga, but I like having the videos laid out for me so I don't have to derp around on youtube looking for what video I want to do that day. I just do the next Yoga Camp video. Ideally I'd like to do it every day, but that isn't going to happen (I already missed one day), but I want to push for at least 3 times a week.

2. Write about books. It's been awhile since I've written any book reviews. I kind of feel bad about this, and I kinda don't. While I'm obviously still reading (and enjoying the things I read) I just don't feel the pull to write an entire blog post on just one book like I used to. They took a lot of time (translating my all over the place thoughts into something appropriate and comprehensible) and I felt like not many people actually read them. However, I do still want to write about books some. I think instead I'm going to try writing mini-reviews again. I've done it before a couple times, so I don't really know why I stopped. Bookworms by Design and Sincerely, Sara use this format and I like it. It's talking about books, but is simple and to the point.

THAT'S IT. I'm going to start working another show in a week, so I'll be pretty busy. But I can manage two goals (or live through the embarrassment if I don't).

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