Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Bookish (and Not-So Bookish) Thoughts #26

1. Still trudging my way through 30 Days of Yoga. THIS IS HARD. But I haven't skipped a day yet, sooo #smallvictories. Some days I feel great afterwards, some days I fall on my butt (for the millionth time) and start crying (I'm a sensitive person, ok). There are some parts I really enjoy, and others I know I'll never do again if I don't have to. But that's ok. I'm not really sure if I'm getting stronger yet, but that would be cool if I was :O I've been following Instagrammers Jessamyn and Dana (thanks Kayly!) and YogaTuber Body Positive Yoga for inspiration (thanks Katherine!). Oh and I got a yoga mat, which has been helpful. At first I was hesitant to buy one, since I'm so new to this. I thought about it more and decided to go for it, because there were some poses I just couldn't hold very long because my elbows/knees digging into the floor was KILLING me and I didn't want to wuss out on doing moves for a reason that was fixable. Plus I had Amazon credits to shop with, sooo... :D

It's super thick and in my favorite color~

2. Last month Influenster sent me this Zzzquil to try out, and it sat on my desk until last week because sleep aids freak me out and I was too scared to take it. Like, what if I fell asleep and never woke up?! Which is a stupid thing to be scared of, because Zzzquil has been on the shelves since 2012 and no one has taken it, fallen asleep and never woken up (errr...not anyone that took it the way you're supposed to, anyway). So last week I tried it. I didn't have work the next day, so even if I never woke up at least Andrew wouldn't have to call out of work for me. Did it work? I guess? Honestly I'm not sure. On average it takes me 30 mins to an hour to fall asleep. I was hoping the Zzzquil would knock me out in under 30 minutes, but no. If my Fitbit tracked my sleeping right then I didn't fall asleep for about 45 mins. HOWEVER once I did fall asleep, I slept through the entire night without waking up. Waking up in the middle of the night is something I only sometimes have problems with, so the fact that I didn't wake up was nice, but the Zzzquil may or may not be to thank. So basically I have nothing interesting to report about this experiment :P It would have been nice if they sent more than one dose. You can't really gauge how well something works after using it just once. Do you hear that, Influenster? I want to write a better review, but I can't. HELP ME HELP YOU! I mean, I could have gotten a one night sample of Zzzquil at Walgreens without being required to write about it afterwards :P

"When bae catches u sleepin"

3. I'm working on the Harry Potter book tag that Kayly tagged me in, but I swear it is the longest book tag EVER and I'm too lazy to make all my images in photoshop hahaha. I've been doing/adding/writing about, like, one book a day. Also it took me a few days to think of a book that makes me feel "warm and fuzzy" inside because apparently that's just not what I DO.

4. I feel like everyone has that one stupid word that they can just never spell right, no matter how many times they write it. For me that word is APPARENTLY. Which is so dumb because you can pretty much sound it out, just add that extra P. What's your word?

5. The novelty of playing ranked/Hero League in Heroes of the Storm is starting to fade, mostly because all the other people that play ranked (or who I get matched with, anyway) are HUGE ASSHOLES. I should have known better, really. I sound like I've never played an online game before, but seriously. Through all the games I've played, these punks in Hero League have been the worst. You can only talk to your own team members (thank goodness), but as soon as something goes wrong everyone has to find someone to blame. Then everyone spends more time talking shit about their team members and less time playing. Like, how do you expect us to win, guys? I wish I could play Team League instead, but for that you need to form a whole team of your friends to play it with you. I only have three other people I play with, and even then those three people are never online at the same times hahah. But I will persevere, because I WANT THAT MOUNT DAMMIT.

I guess that's all for now. Sorry if today's post is a little sloppy. I usually take my time and write these posts in the span of two days (I take a lot of writing breaks, hahah), but this one I wrote in an hour, as I sit here with my tea, getting ready for bed. Except you'll be reading this in the morning (or some other time) because I'm going to queue it up to post at some random hour in the AM :)

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