Wednesday, August 3, 2016

August Goals + July Check-In

Goals. Minus the sun, because ew.

Happy August! I've always felt like August was a weird month. It's too hot in the day, but too cold at night (where I am, anyway). All the Fall stuff starts hitting the store shelves even though you're standing there in shorts and flip-flops. I'm even seeing Pumpkin Spice stuff already? No thanks. Anyway, July was a pretty good month for me. Busy, but good. I worked a 5 week run of The Little Mermaid, I spent a lot of time with friends, and it was mine and my moms birthday month :) Because I knew I'd be crazy busy, I only made three goals for July. Here's how I did.

1. Fix my blog nav-bar. NOPE. I legit hate working on anything blog related that isn't just writing posts. Laziest blogger evvveeeerrrrr. Maybe I'll do it this month? Idk hahah.

2. Join Hero League in Heroes of the Storm. I did this! I did this! Although joining Hero League quickly taught me that I'm not as good at Heroes of the Storm as I thought I was. Those players are BRUTAL. When I first started playing League I thought being a healer would be a smart move, but everyone else is DAMAGE DAMAGE DAMAGE and it's just too much for one healer to keep up with! Now I play tanks more often, hahah. Has it been like that for everyone else?

3. Start working on another step challenge for The Powerpuff Bloggers. I did this too! We actually started our second Powerpuff Blogger Step Challenge on August 1st. In addition to that we're also doing 30 Days of Yoga with Powerpuff Dina as our fearless leader. The step challenge is going on for 2 weeks, and the yoga challenge is (obviously) 30 days, so there's still plenty of time to join us! ;)

So there you have it. 2/3 goals. On one hand that means I did most of my goals, but considering I only made three...meh. Here's what I'm hoping to do in August.

1. Keep up with both Powerpuff Blogger challenges. Since I'm terribly addicted to my Fitbit, I'm not worried about the step challenge. Yoga, however, is something very new for me. I've always wanted to learn more about yoga, but didn't really know where to start and was kinda scared that I was too fat to properly do most of the stretches. I'm feeling really motivated to stick with it this time, but I will admit I'm already struggling a little (and yes, I am too fat to do some of the stretches. but that's ok, and having such a great support group REALLY helps <3) When the challenge is over (crossing my fingers that I finish it) I'd like to write a full post about the experience.


2. Up my daily step goal to 6,000.
Ok, so, it's most commonly said that the average person should aim for 10,000 steps a day. For some this is easy, for others not no much (here's a short article to help figure out if 10,000 steps is actually a good amount for you). I am the latter. So when I got my Fitbit I decided to change the daily step goal (it defaults to 10,000 unless you change it). After using it for a few days to see what I was averaging without actively trying to meet a goal, I decided to set it at 5,000. Big enough so it was still something I had to consciously work towards each day, but not so high that I'd have too much difficulty reaching it without dying, or beating myself up if I didn't get there. TL;DR - I wanted to set an obtainable goal. Anyway, I'm happy to say that 5,000 is just too easy for me now! Huzzah! It's not always simple to tell how I'm doing with fitness goals; I don't have a scale and I don't take my measurements (I should probably start doing measurements, though). So being able to see my progress via Fitbit is SO exciting for me :)

3. See Suicide Squad. Ok, so this isn't really a goal, and just something I really, really want to do hahah. So hyped for this movie! More than I've been for any DC/Marvel movie in a long time (but not as hyped as I am to see the mighty fine AQUAMOA in the Justice League movie...come on, 2017!). I know the movie already has some bad reviews (I haven't read them tbh) but I'm still really excited to see it and judge for myself.

4. PURGE SOME SHIT (OR JUST GET BETTER AT ORGANIZING). Pretty self explanatory. We have too much stuff and I don't like it...or I at least don't like seeing it ALL OVER THE PLACE. But sometimes it doesn't make a lot of sense to get rid of all your belongings, so I also want to just find better ways to store things. That's kind of why I'm not entirely sold on the KonMari method, where the rule of thumb is "keep only what brings you joy." Like, the coaster at my desk doesn't give me joy - it's old and ugly and warped because I spilled burning hot tea on it - but I still need a coaster because I don't want to stain my desk. You know? Unless I'm thinking about it wrong. Maybe the coaster does bring me joy, because it keeps stains off my desk? I don't know. It's still an ugly coaster, though.

5. Fix my blog nav-bar. Because I should probably start transferring over the goals I didn't complete in the previous month. D'oh.

Ok! Nothing too crazy this month. I can do this!

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