Monday, August 29, 2016

Casual Cosplay Connections: Scully (The X-Files)

Casual Cosplay Connections

Earlier in the summer I participated in Danielle and Charlie's Casual Cosplay Connections super-blogger-fun-time (read about how it works here), where I dressed as Max Caulfield from Life is Strange for their video game theme! You can see that here! Then the following month came and I literally COULD NOT think of anything to wear for the 90's cartoon theme, so I skipped it hahah. All the other girls looks great, though ;) Anyway, this months theme is strong female characters! So there was no way I was going to pass on a perfectly good excuse to dress up as my biggest girl crush, Dana Scully!

scully sparkle gif

(What's casual cosplay?! In this case it's when you're wearing an outfit meant to be reminiscent of a character, using items from your wardrobe that you already own. So for example you might just use a few elements from the characters outfit, or maybe just be wearing the same color scheme. Like, an Aquaman casual cosplay might be a pair of green pants, an orange shirt, and maybe some seahorse earrings if you're feeling fancy.)

scully cosplay

The white collared shirt was the easiest part. I just took it from Andrew's side of the closet :P I don't have a blazer or trench coat, so I made due with a black cardigan. I added my gold cross necklace, because you never see Scully without hers, but in the pic the gold is kinda blending in with my skin hahah (#asianprobs). Finally, I added my DIY Scully FBI badge, which I realize makes this more costume-y than casual cosplay-y, but I love my badge and when else am I gonna wear it without getting weird looks??!

mulder funko pop

I was also wearing these alien earrings, handmade with love by The Fangirl Crafter! But I couldn't take pictures that properly showed my outfit and the earrings at the same time hahah. I have a matching necklace that I wear ALL THE TIME. You can read more about them in this post!

I wasn't going to share this pic, but it makes me laugh so whatever! I was texting my friend about what I was doing, and sent her the picture of Mulder with my alien earrings, and she said "Where's Queequeg?" (Scully's dog, for like, two seasons.) I'm not a dog person so the only dog item I could find was this super girly, Beanie Baby, plush dog cell phone holder that I got as a gift. The eyes have pink glitter and it's wearing a pink bow. so I snapped a pic with it and sent it her way. Now the gang's all here!

Next month’s theme is Fall TV Favorites, but I don't watch many currently airing shows anymore. I'm excited for Gotham to come back (like REALLY excited!) but that's about it. So I dunno if I'll be able to come up with an outfit for next month, but I'll try!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Bookish (and Not-So Bookish) Thoughts #26

1. Still trudging my way through 30 Days of Yoga. THIS IS HARD. But I haven't skipped a day yet, sooo #smallvictories. Some days I feel great afterwards, some days I fall on my butt (for the millionth time) and start crying (I'm a sensitive person, ok). There are some parts I really enjoy, and others I know I'll never do again if I don't have to. But that's ok. I'm not really sure if I'm getting stronger yet, but that would be cool if I was :O I've been following Instagrammers Jessamyn and Dana (thanks Kayly!) and YogaTuber Body Positive Yoga for inspiration (thanks Katherine!). Oh and I got a yoga mat, which has been helpful. At first I was hesitant to buy one, since I'm so new to this. I thought about it more and decided to go for it, because there were some poses I just couldn't hold very long because my elbows/knees digging into the floor was KILLING me and I didn't want to wuss out on doing moves for a reason that was fixable. Plus I had Amazon credits to shop with, sooo... :D

It's super thick and in my favorite color~

2. Last month Influenster sent me this Zzzquil to try out, and it sat on my desk until last week because sleep aids freak me out and I was too scared to take it. Like, what if I fell asleep and never woke up?! Which is a stupid thing to be scared of, because Zzzquil has been on the shelves since 2012 and no one has taken it, fallen asleep and never woken up (errr...not anyone that took it the way you're supposed to, anyway). So last week I tried it. I didn't have work the next day, so even if I never woke up at least Andrew wouldn't have to call out of work for me. Did it work? I guess? Honestly I'm not sure. On average it takes me 30 mins to an hour to fall asleep. I was hoping the Zzzquil would knock me out in under 30 minutes, but no. If my Fitbit tracked my sleeping right then I didn't fall asleep for about 45 mins. HOWEVER once I did fall asleep, I slept through the entire night without waking up. Waking up in the middle of the night is something I only sometimes have problems with, so the fact that I didn't wake up was nice, but the Zzzquil may or may not be to thank. So basically I have nothing interesting to report about this experiment :P It would have been nice if they sent more than one dose. You can't really gauge how well something works after using it just once. Do you hear that, Influenster? I want to write a better review, but I can't. HELP ME HELP YOU! I mean, I could have gotten a one night sample of Zzzquil at Walgreens without being required to write about it afterwards :P

"When bae catches u sleepin"

3. I'm working on the Harry Potter book tag that Kayly tagged me in, but I swear it is the longest book tag EVER and I'm too lazy to make all my images in photoshop hahaha. I've been doing/adding/writing about, like, one book a day. Also it took me a few days to think of a book that makes me feel "warm and fuzzy" inside because apparently that's just not what I DO.

4. I feel like everyone has that one stupid word that they can just never spell right, no matter how many times they write it. For me that word is APPARENTLY. Which is so dumb because you can pretty much sound it out, just add that extra P. What's your word?

5. The novelty of playing ranked/Hero League in Heroes of the Storm is starting to fade, mostly because all the other people that play ranked (or who I get matched with, anyway) are HUGE ASSHOLES. I should have known better, really. I sound like I've never played an online game before, but seriously. Through all the games I've played, these punks in Hero League have been the worst. You can only talk to your own team members (thank goodness), but as soon as something goes wrong everyone has to find someone to blame. Then everyone spends more time talking shit about their team members and less time playing. Like, how do you expect us to win, guys? I wish I could play Team League instead, but for that you need to form a whole team of your friends to play it with you. I only have three other people I play with, and even then those three people are never online at the same times hahah. But I will persevere, because I WANT THAT MOUNT DAMMIT.

I guess that's all for now. Sorry if today's post is a little sloppy. I usually take my time and write these posts in the span of two days (I take a lot of writing breaks, hahah), but this one I wrote in an hour, as I sit here with my tea, getting ready for bed. Except you'll be reading this in the morning (or some other time) because I'm going to queue it up to post at some random hour in the AM :)

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

August Goals + July Check-In

Goals. Minus the sun, because ew.

Happy August! I've always felt like August was a weird month. It's too hot in the day, but too cold at night (where I am, anyway). All the Fall stuff starts hitting the store shelves even though you're standing there in shorts and flip-flops. I'm even seeing Pumpkin Spice stuff already? No thanks. Anyway, July was a pretty good month for me. Busy, but good. I worked a 5 week run of The Little Mermaid, I spent a lot of time with friends, and it was mine and my moms birthday month :) Because I knew I'd be crazy busy, I only made three goals for July. Here's how I did.

1. Fix my blog nav-bar. NOPE. I legit hate working on anything blog related that isn't just writing posts. Laziest blogger evvveeeerrrrr. Maybe I'll do it this month? Idk hahah.

2. Join Hero League in Heroes of the Storm. I did this! I did this! Although joining Hero League quickly taught me that I'm not as good at Heroes of the Storm as I thought I was. Those players are BRUTAL. When I first started playing League I thought being a healer would be a smart move, but everyone else is DAMAGE DAMAGE DAMAGE and it's just too much for one healer to keep up with! Now I play tanks more often, hahah. Has it been like that for everyone else?

3. Start working on another step challenge for The Powerpuff Bloggers. I did this too! We actually started our second Powerpuff Blogger Step Challenge on August 1st. In addition to that we're also doing 30 Days of Yoga with Powerpuff Dina as our fearless leader. The step challenge is going on for 2 weeks, and the yoga challenge is (obviously) 30 days, so there's still plenty of time to join us! ;)

So there you have it. 2/3 goals. On one hand that means I did most of my goals, but considering I only made three...meh. Here's what I'm hoping to do in August.

1. Keep up with both Powerpuff Blogger challenges. Since I'm terribly addicted to my Fitbit, I'm not worried about the step challenge. Yoga, however, is something very new for me. I've always wanted to learn more about yoga, but didn't really know where to start and was kinda scared that I was too fat to properly do most of the stretches. I'm feeling really motivated to stick with it this time, but I will admit I'm already struggling a little (and yes, I am too fat to do some of the stretches. but that's ok, and having such a great support group REALLY helps <3) When the challenge is over (crossing my fingers that I finish it) I'd like to write a full post about the experience.


2. Up my daily step goal to 6,000.
Ok, so, it's most commonly said that the average person should aim for 10,000 steps a day. For some this is easy, for others not no much (here's a short article to help figure out if 10,000 steps is actually a good amount for you). I am the latter. So when I got my Fitbit I decided to change the daily step goal (it defaults to 10,000 unless you change it). After using it for a few days to see what I was averaging without actively trying to meet a goal, I decided to set it at 5,000. Big enough so it was still something I had to consciously work towards each day, but not so high that I'd have too much difficulty reaching it without dying, or beating myself up if I didn't get there. TL;DR - I wanted to set an obtainable goal. Anyway, I'm happy to say that 5,000 is just too easy for me now! Huzzah! It's not always simple to tell how I'm doing with fitness goals; I don't have a scale and I don't take my measurements (I should probably start doing measurements, though). So being able to see my progress via Fitbit is SO exciting for me :)

3. See Suicide Squad. Ok, so this isn't really a goal, and just something I really, really want to do hahah. So hyped for this movie! More than I've been for any DC/Marvel movie in a long time (but not as hyped as I am to see the mighty fine AQUAMOA in the Justice League movie...come on, 2017!). I know the movie already has some bad reviews (I haven't read them tbh) but I'm still really excited to see it and judge for myself.

4. PURGE SOME SHIT (OR JUST GET BETTER AT ORGANIZING). Pretty self explanatory. We have too much stuff and I don't like it...or I at least don't like seeing it ALL OVER THE PLACE. But sometimes it doesn't make a lot of sense to get rid of all your belongings, so I also want to just find better ways to store things. That's kind of why I'm not entirely sold on the KonMari method, where the rule of thumb is "keep only what brings you joy." Like, the coaster at my desk doesn't give me joy - it's old and ugly and warped because I spilled burning hot tea on it - but I still need a coaster because I don't want to stain my desk. You know? Unless I'm thinking about it wrong. Maybe the coaster does bring me joy, because it keeps stains off my desk? I don't know. It's still an ugly coaster, though.

5. Fix my blog nav-bar. Because I should probably start transferring over the goals I didn't complete in the previous month. D'oh.

Ok! Nothing too crazy this month. I can do this!

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Monday, August 1, 2016

7 Pokemon Items You Need for All your Poke-Ventures

Are you sick of me talking about Pokemon Go yet? No? Ok, cool. I don't see myself being "over" this game for quite awhile. If you had told nine year old me, standing in line waiting to see Pok√©mon: The First Movie, that 16 years later (because I just counted and that's how long it's been, holy shit) that I'd be walking in circles around a pond trying to catch a Pikachu, I'd have said you were crazy. But HERE WE ARE. The future is here and it's pretty crazy.

Thanks to Pokemon Go I've been getting ALL THE FITBIT STEPS, it's great! It's also a lot easier to get Andrew to go on walks with me now, hahah. Anyway, now that Pokemon is super popular again, that also means one of my favorite sites to shop on (Etsy) is flooded with all sorts of new Pokemon gear. So today I've curated a list of things you'll want - no - need, on all your Pokemon adventures!

Full disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Any income earned goes towards feeding my turtle and paying for a place to live :P

1. For staying hydrated - How cute is this water bottle? Pokemon Go doesn't have gym badges, so this is a nod to the original shows and games - I LOVE THAT. Pokemon Go is amazing, but let's not forget where it started.

Pokemon Waterbottle
By Kawaii Cups

2. For keeping your battery full - The absolute worst part of Pokemon Go (for me, anyway) is how much of a battery suck it is. I'm thinking about getting a power bank. Maybe even this super fancy SOLAR POWERED pokeball power bank??!

Pokemon power bank
By cmoneysal04

3. For your plants - Ok, so you don't actually need this to help you go and catch Pokemon, but look at it!!! How adorable is that?! Oddish is one of my favorite Pokemon, he's so cute <3 There's also a set of Bulbasaur planters!

Pokemon planter
By 3DprintJess

4. For your car - I AM NOT ADVOCATING PLAYING POKEMON WHILE YOU DRIVE. But if you're gonna be like that anyway then I'm not gonna tell you how to live your life. At the very least try to warn the other cars around you, ok?!!

By OhHowNeatShop

5. For when it starts getting colder
- I really love these Pokemon Go/Starbucks team cups! Great for getting your caffeine fix while on the hunt for Snorlax. They're made out of those $1 reusable Starbucks cups, meaning you can take one of these bad boys into Starbucks and get 25 cents off your drink order. I don't drink much hot coffee/tea in the Summer - it's just way too hot - but I can see myself getting a lot of use out of these once it starts cooling down outside.

Pokemon Starbucks
By CleverHollyDesigns

6. For your snacks
- If you're planning to be out for awhile, you might want to bring some snacks. And don't pack your snacks in a plastic ziplock baggie - you can only get a few uses out of those and WASTE IS WHACK, guys. Instead maybe try one of these pokeball eco-friendly sandwich and snack bags?

By LilyPieBaby

7. For carrying all your crap
- So obviously if you're going to carry all this stuff around, you need an equally cool bug-out bag to put it all in. I'm a huge fan of this Pokemon printed backpack! The bulbasaurs look so happy, hahah. Even though I'm an adult and not in school, I still find myself carrying backpacks 50% of the time. They're just so convenient! Especially when I'm walking around looking for Pokemon!

Pokemon backpack
By TheGr8Pretender

How obsessed are you with Pokemon Go? Leave a comment with your favorite Pokemon you've caught/evolved so far! My fav has to be my Vaporeon/Flareon/Jolteon trio :)