Tuesday, July 12, 2016

July Goals + June Check-In


Kind of embarrassed, but here we go hahah. June's goals:

1. Get better at promoting The Powerpuff Bloggers. SORT OF. I finally made group buttons! See it? On the right? So pretty. Other than that...not really. But, uh, join us?

2. Start looking into wedding locations. NO, BUT I FINALLY STARTED THIS MONTH. Shame on me, sigh. But like I said, I have finally started. Three days ago >_>

3. Read one book I already own. FAILED AGAIN BUT DEFINITELY HAPPENING THIS MONTH. Ugh this is embarrassing. Last month I wrote "As much as I love the library, I think I need to finish reading the books I have checked out now, return them, and then stop checking out books for awhile." and I'm happy to say that I did keep that promise; I haven't checked out anymore books. I spent June reading all my library books and now they're all returned.

Sooo I completed 1 out of 3 goals -_- Let's see what we can accomplish this month?

1. Fix my blog nav-bar. It started misbehaving last week, so I just took it down :( Although since then I've noticed many of the blogs I read don't have one, which never bothered me, so do I really need one? Idk. Even if I don't fix my bar I still need to find another way to easily find categorized posts.

2. Join Hero League in Heroes of the Storm. As much as I love this game, you'd THINK I'd already be in Hero League, but alas, I am not. To do it you need to own at least 14 heroes that are level 5 or higher. I generally rotate between the same 6 or so characters, meaning I don't have enough level 5 characters yet. I'm workin' on it.

3. Start working on another step challenge for The Powerpuff Bloggers. We're all hyped up on Pokemon Go right now, so everyone has been hitting their step goals like crazy, hahah!

All pretty frivolous goals this month. I've been so busy lately...I know if I set up big goals I won't complete them! Plus the month is already half over :P

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