Thursday, July 14, 2016

Casual Cosplay Connections: Max Caulfield (Life is Strange)

Last month Danielle and Charlie announced a new blog project they were starting called Casual Cosplay Connections! There's a set theme each month and you have to put together a "casual cosplay" outfit that fits with the theme. The only rule is that everything you use must come from your own closet. What's casual cosplay?! Basically it's when you're wearing an outfit meant to be reminiscent of a character, without being a full on costume of that character. So for example you might just use a few elements from the characters outfit, or maybe just be wearing the same color scheme. Like, an Aquaman casual cosplay might be a pair of green pants, an orange shirt, and maybe some seahorse earrings if you're feeling fancy.

The first theme was video games, so I picked a relatively new favorite, Life is Strange. While the game has supernatural elements, all the characters look and act like your typical high schoolers; so stealing one of their outfits was easy peasy. The protagonist is Max Caulfield! She goes through a few different outfits in the game, but I picked her borrowed "Rachel Amber" outfit, because...well, mostly because I own a red flannel. Not gonna lie.

Max is a photographer and spends a good chunk of the game taking pictures (you also earn achievements for taking pictures hahah), some of them being selfies!!! So I used that as perfect excuse to use my new selfie stick! Which doesn't have the same effect as Max's mirror selfie, but I don't have a full length mirror so here we are. I gotta say, I think selfie sticks get a bad rap. Obviously there are times when it is and isn't ok to use them, but most people seem to think that if you have one then you're just vain and obsessed with taking pictures of yourself! Not true! Last month two of my friends and I had a picnic and one of them brought her selfie stick. We were going for her birthday and she wanted pictures of the three of us. The only other options would have been using the self timer, which doesn't always work well if there's no good spot to perch your phone, or ask some rando walking by to take your picture, which isn't always a reliable option and sometimes not safe. It's nice to be able to take pictures of you and your friends YOURSELF without the pics being super close selfies, because no one has long enough arms. So yeah. A week after that I saw a selfie stick at WalMart for $4, so I bought it :P ANYWAY. Sorry for the rambling. Here's my outfit!

Must work on selfie stick arm holding skills.

Obviously you can't see it here, but my shorts totally have rips in them just like Max's jeans, but my shirt covered them and I didn't realize until I already had the pic on my computer! If my hair was a few inches shorted we'd even have similar haircuts. If you're into those story driven episodic type games, definitely give Life is Strange a try. When I was first playing it, I loved it so much that I wrote this really long post saying so.

Be sure to check out the outfits the other girls came up with! Danielle, Charlie, Ashlee, Kelsey and Mandy all did great :D If you also did a CCC post and I didn't list you, please let me know! I admit I've been so behind on blog reading lately. Next month the theme is 90's cartoons! 

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