Monday, July 25, 2016

Bookish (and Not-So Bookish) Thoughts #25

WOW I can't even remember the last time I wrote one of these posts (actually I just checked, it was in May, whoops). I hope everyone is surviving through Summer ok (I'm trying).

Full disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Any income earned goes towards feeding my turtle and paying for a place to live :P

1. I've been going through a weird book-blogger problem lately. For the first time in quite awhile, I'm getting a LOT of reading done (I'm usually a slow reader, so this is important) - but now that I'm getting so much reading done I'm not feeling inspired to write book reviews. And it's not because I'm not enjoying the books (I am), I just want to spend more time reading them than I want to spend writing about them. On one hand I feel like I should write about them, but on the other hand I've always told myself that I wouldn't push anything blog related unless I really wanted to do it (because I don't want to get #bloggerburnout and all that). I'm lame.

2. On that note, I just finished reading My Best Friend's Exorcism, by Grady Hendrix, who I think is becoming one of my favorite authors. Last year I read Horrorstor, which I loved (I reviewed it here, because I clearly wasn't in a writing funk at the time). But you know how when you read one book by an author, and you're like, "do I really love this author, or do I just like this one book?" That's what I was wondering right before starting My Best Friend's Exorcism, because let's face it, the plot sounds hokey. And, I was kinda hokey (set in the 80's, teenagers, the occult, yeah ok) but in a really fun and enjoyable way. Loved this book! Anyway, I'm going to try forcing myself to write more about this book soon!

This book also led to me finding this super magical kawaii desu unicorm pentagram necklace on Etsy,
which I strongly desire but am not allowing myself to purchase.

3. My birthday was on the 23rd! I've never liked getting older, but I'll admit having your own special day is fun. Since it was on a Saturday and I work in a performing arts theatre, that meant I had to be at work that day. I didn't mind, though. I have a lot of fun at my job (we were doing a 5 week run of The Little Mermaid!!!), and I work with Andrew and a bunch of my friends! I'm a lucky lady <3 Also one of my friends there shares a birthday with me, so it was double the fun! Andrew is taking me out for birthday dinner + poke-hunting + comic book date this week (the comic shop is right next to a large body of water where I'm told there's tooons of water pokemon! Right now the only water-poke I have is the Squirtle I started with hahah).


4. ...and on that note, I've been pretty hooked on Pokemon Go. I'm not playing it super-hardcore, like I'm not driving to a lake an hour away because someone said there's a Gyarados over there, but I'm still having fun. I like to check in when I'm out and about to see what kind of Pokemon are around (Target is FULL of Pidgeys). The theatre I work at is a Pokestop, and the actors are always throwing down Lure's and I get to collect alllll the Pokeballs, so that's fun. Also I live right by a pond where you can check in to 5 Pokestops just by walking the short path around it, so in the evenings when it cools down Andrew and I like to walk around there a bit when we can.

Which team are you?? I'm really into these silicone team bracelets, and they're only $2.49 =O
I also like that the band is thinner as opposed to the standard 1/2" bands. #VivaLaValor

5. This Thursday my friend is taking me to the fair and we're going to pet baby goats. BABY GOATS, YOU GUYS. I can't wait <3

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