Monday, June 27, 2016

It Always Grows Back

I meant to get this post published weeks ago, but uh, hey, I cut my hair! Once the temperature started hitting the 90's I was like, "Nope, this isn't gonna work," and made an appointment to get my hair cut. I live a few blocks away from one of those student salons, so I made my appointment there. A handful of people I know are too nervous to go there, because when students are cutting your hair there's always the chance for mishap - you even have to sign a little slip that says so when you get there. Personally I've only had good experiences there, BUT if for whatever reason something went wrong 1) Hair grows back, and 2) the haircuts only cost $4. If I hate it that much it's not a huge loss to just go to another salon and have them fix it. So if you live near a Milan Student Salon, consider giving them a chance. I showed the nice girl a picture of what I had in mind, which was basically a long bob. She was surprised by how much length I was cutting off, as were all the other hairdressers in the salon (it got a little awkward tbh, everyone kept walking by saying things like "WOAH, you are REALLY getting a haircut" uh, thanks?). To me, the haircut didn't seem all that short, but I guess I've never been that scared about hair changes. When I was a teen I had my down-to-my-butt-length hair chopped into a pixie cut. Again, it's just hair - it grows back! Have some fun with it!

When I was a kid I really wanted long, flowing hair. Like a Disney princess. Except my mom wouldn't let me grow it because I hated having my hair brushed. She said if I started brushing and taking care of it myself without any crying or nagging then I could grow it long, and eventually I did. I guess some bad habits never go away, since here I am with short hair again (although my mom doesn't tell me to brush it anymore; Andrew does...well, gently suggests it). But to be perfectly honest, no one could tell that I never brushed my hair (once it was dry, anyway). Not to brag, but I consider myself pretty lucky in the hair department; it's thick and smooth (too smooth tbh), doesn't frizz, and best of all, didn't look like a rats nest even though it was all the way down my back and I rarely combed it (but it's not perfect, sometimes in the winter I get dandruff ;_;). Except you know what's NOT CUTE, is when someone goes to touch your hair and their fingers get caught in it because you're too lazy to brush it. #SorryNotSorry.

Adding big giant emoji's to my pics is my favorite thing right now.

Anyway, back to my salon story. After getting my hair nice and detangled, the first thing she did was put it in a low pony tail and just snipped the pony right off to take care of a bulk of the length we were cutting. Maybe it's just me, but no matter how excited you are about a haircut, seeing someone dangle your cut-off ponytail in front of you is still a little terrifying. I had a tape measure in my bag, so I asked her if I could measure it and take a picture. Twelve inches! She cut off a whole foot of hair, and I'd only been in the chair for a few minutes! I snapped a pic and sent it to a few people while she got to work. Most were like "OMG, THAT IS LIKE ALL OF YOUR HAIR." Except it was far from it, obviously. If I try hard enough I can still put my new, shorter hair in a ponytail (a pathetic and ugly one, but that's not the point). I also got a lot of questions on if I'd be donating my hair, which yes, I will be, but I still have to look into where and how. Locks of Love was the name that came to mind first, but I've recently heard some rumors about them and I'm not sure if they're actually true. I'll need to do some research. A few people also suggested donating to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Maybe it's a little silly to be so concerned about where I donate, but it's going to be awhile until I can donate that amount of hair again so I'd like to donate it to the right place, you know? So until then there's a bag of dead hair hanging from my bedroom doorknob :P

What are your experiences in donating hair?

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