Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Truth is in This Post

I've already shown it off twice (on Instagram, where we should definitely be friends), but I'm going to do it a third time anyway! Recently I received an alien necklace and earrings from my blog buddy, Kelsey (fangirlcrafter)! I'd been wanting to order custom pieces from her for awhile, but Jenny (magiccatjenny) was hosting a giveaway to win a custom piece of your choice from Kelsey - and I won! Aaaah! The stars must have aligned for me that day. So I told Kelsey how much I loved the alien brooch she made herself earlier this year, and I wanted to work off of that. Instead of making it green brooch like hers, I asked for a purple alien necklace! Purple is my favorite color, and while I REALLY loved the neon green, neon colors just look bad on me hahah. She contacted me again when it shipped, and it arrived two days later! Wahoo! Opening her package was such a delight. I laughed when I went to tear open the envelope and I saw she'd written "the truth is in here!" on the flap. I "oooohed" and "aaaahed" as I pulled out the jewelry box, a sweet handwritten note and a few glow in the dark stars - which was funny because the day before I'd been talking to Andrew about getting glow in the dark stars for the bedroom (I know, I'm like 10 years old inside). Here's the pic I snapped right after opening.

handmade alien jewelry

Anyway, when I finally let myself open the box I was so excited to not only see my (amazing) necklace, but she'd also made me matching earrings?! She's the best :) I'm not great at photography so my pictures don't do them justice, but trust me, they all look even more magical and adorable in person! The purple glows in the dark, and the eyes have glitter! The next day I paired them with my X-Files tank from one of my favorite online shops, Jordandene. I love how my alien/X-Files collection is slowly growing! If it's obvious that I look/feel awkward in the pic it's because I was struggling to use my phone's self-timer for the first time, hahah.

So yeah, I'm really happy! Go visit Kelsey and check out all the other amazing things shes made! Sometimes she takes customer orders, if you're nice ;) I already have another idea floating around in my head to celebrate a certain video game expansion coming out in August, but we'll have to wait and see :P

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