Monday, May 2, 2016

May Goals + April Check-In

1. Read at least one book I already own.
I FAILED THE EASIEST GOAL, YOU GUYS. And you know what's sad? I actually read six books in April, but none of them were books I already owned. Living next to the library is both a gift and a curse. My library pile is so big right now, I'm not even going to bother migrating this goal to May -_-

2. Write at least 8 blog posts. Nailed it! I wrote ten blog posts in April!

3. Taxes. Done! I paid to do it on TurboTax because I'm a scrub.

4. Start shopping for a cocktail dress. I did this! I bought one, too! I walked into Torrid, semi-planning on buying this navy dress, but once I tried it on I saw it was waaay too long on me, and pretty overwhelming for my short frame. I ended up getting a black sleeveless dress with triangle cutouts around the neckline, but it's not on the site anymore so I can't show you :( Originally I didn't want a sleeveless dress because I'm self conscious about my arms, but not wearing things because you don't like a certain body part is dumb and I'm trying to get over that fear. I also had a coupon to get $30 off, but in order to qualify for the coupon I needed to spend $20 more, so I also nabbed these floral leggings! So with the coupon I basically got the leggings for free :) Torrid makes the best leggings (that I've tried so far, anyway), I practically live in their black premium leggings.

I only missed one goal, not too bad...even if it was the easiest one >_> Oh well, moving on. May should be a really fun month! Free Comic Book Day is next week, my brother is graduating high school, and my friend is getting married. Here's some goals for May!

1. Finish reading The Heart Goes Last. 
I'm about a fifth of the way through right now. So far I'm not crazy about it, because books about cheaters kinda bum me out (totally not a spoiler, that's actually on the book flap ok), BUT I can feel a big twist coming on, so I'm intrigued enough to keep reading.

2. Get my Pandaren to level 100. (World of Warcraft thing). She's 87 right now :O

3. Start meal planning semi-regularly. During the last week of April my friend convinced me to try meal planning. I mean, it makes sense. There's really no good reason not to meal plan, I've just been too lazy to try it. Anyway, she helped me plan out one week of dinners and then we went grocery shopping. Because of a change in my work schedule I've been home most evenings, but Andrew hasn't; so I wanted to get better in the kitchen so I could have dinner ready for him at when he gets home at night. The meal planning definitely helped! Everything I planned was super easy stuff to make, but still! I planned it, and then I actually cooked all of it when I said I would! So I want to try making meal planning more of a habit.

4. Move Turtle into a bigger tank. When I got a turtle I didn't realize he'd actually.....grow? I didn't know he was still practically a baby at the time. We didn't get him from a pet store; a friend of mine has a house she rents out, and when the last tenants moved out they LEFT THEIR TURTLE and she was unable to contact them after they moved. Assholes. So I took him home, and here we are. The poor guy desperately needs to be moved into a bigger tank, which we already HAVE, but can't figure out where to put!! It's too big to go in the spot that his current tank is in. #ApartmentProbs

5. Hit 500 followers on Instagram! I'm so close! Only 25 followers away! Hint hint. (Yes, I will follow you back, unless all your posts are promoting some sketchy pyramid scheme or something equally not cool).

Do you have any goals or big plans for this month? Let's chat!

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