Thursday, May 12, 2016

Armchair BEA Day 2 - Aesthetic Concerns

Today's prompt: "How often do you judge a book by its cover? How often are you surprised by what you find? Do you strategize and make sure every book in your series has the same cover design (as far as you are able to) and type? How important is it for the visual art on the outside of the book to match or coordinate with the literature art on the inside?"

Instead of going fully in depth on this topic I decided to use it as a good excuse to talk about a book cover trend I hate...which is having a big, giant face across the cover. I don't know what it is, but it really lessens the experience for me. I mean, if I have no other cover option, then I MIGHT read a book with a big giant face, but I always look for other cover options first (and that's only if it's a book I'm really looking forward to, but was ruined by a creepy face). So yes, I DO judge books by their covers.

Although the cover of Haunted glows in the dark, which is a cool touch.

Look at all those faces staring back at you! (Well, mostly...sorry A Little Life.) Is that not unsettling? I guess it's not to most people, since these covers are being made all the time, particularly with book-to-movie adaption covers. Half of these books I've read. The other half I've been wanting to read, but at the same time not really in a huge hurry.

The one good thing to come from this trend? BOOKFACE.

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