Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Nailed It! by Espionage Cosmetics

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to win a Level Up giveaway from Le Fancy Geek :) Level Up, an extension of Loot Crate, is a monthly subscription service that specializes in geeky clothes and accessories. You can learn more about it here! Anyway, there was a lot of great items inside, but something I was really looking forward to trying was these nail wraps by Espionage Cosmetics. I'm obsessed with doing my nails, so I've been wanting to try nail wraps for awhile! Espionage Cosmetics is a makeup brand that caters to all things nerdy, so I was excited to try their nail wraps in particular. Yay!

Nailed It! by Espionage Cosmetics review

The directions are simple enough, the nail wraps basically work like stickers. you can watch a full tutorial here. Sizing each wrap to my different nail sizes and sticking them on juuust right took me quite awhile. I'm sure next time it'll be easier. After sticking everything on it's recommend that you seal it all up with a clear top coat. Pro tip: it pains me to say it (because this is basically my holy grail product), but DON'T use Seche Vite top coat!!! Luckily I realized pretty quickly and had only used it on one nail. For some reason the Seche Vite caused the wrap on my thump to shrink a bit and start rolling up around my cuticle. I searched online and read that others had the same issue. The only other top coat I had was Sally Hansen Miracle Gel, which I'm generally not a fan of, but for this situation it did its job ;)

Nailed It! by Espionage Cosmetics review

The part I was most curious about was how long these would last. The package claims up to 2 weeks with a topcoat. I'm pretty rough on my nails, so a lasting manicure is important to me (you know, because I want them to look nice, but I'm also too lazy to re-do my nails all the time). When I paint my nails they usually last about 2 - 3 weeks (because all hail the Vite), but the entire painting process takes over an hour (mostly because I'm adding ten coats of glitter but whatever). Anyway, here's what the finished product looked like.

Nailed It! by Espionage Cosmetics review
Hearthstone courtesy of Brittany because shes perfect <3<3<3

I LOVED them! They held up really well for the first few days, but then they started to wear off at the tips. Since the tips of the wraps are white it wasn't too noticeable, but it's definitely something to keep in mind when I buy wraps in the future. By the end of the week they started to peel a bit around the edges as well. When I'd notice a piece peeling I'd snip off the dangling bit as carefully as possible and add another layer of topcoat. That stopped it from peeling more, but it didn't change the fact that a piece was missing, so, yeah. I've read more reviews online and noticed that people with longer nails can't make their wraps last as long as our short nailed friends. This makes sense. My nails are constantly hitting things...especially the keyboard. I spend a lot of time typing at work AND at home, and when I'm not typing I'm still tapping away at the keyboard, playing WoW or something. I also wash all our dishes by hand, so that probably didn't help. Anyway, here's another look after 10 days of wear.

Nailed It! by Espionage Cosmetics review
I swear my hands aren't always so wrinkly. They were dry that day. Hahah.

Even though these didn't last as long as I'd hoped, 10 days isn't that bad. I'd definitely get these again for a special event or just as a fun manicure before going on vacation, but maybe I'd trim my nails first. I like keeping them long because my nail beds are small, so when my nails are short my fingers look short and stumpy :( But I think long nails definitely shortened the life span of my nail wraps, so I'll just have to keep that in mind for next time. Ah, well. Most Espionage wrap sets are $10 each, BUT I found out they send surprise wraps for only $5, or six surprise wraps for $25! I think that's pretty good.

Overall I was really pleased with these. They were so fun to wear, and people complimented me on them everywhere I went! They also glow in the dark! I love glow in the dark nails! You can't tell in the pictures, but they had glitter on them as well. If you've seen any of my nail pics before then you know I'm a sucker for glitter nails (I probably have more bottles of glitter polishes than I do solid colors). Also, if you're the type of person that likes peeling stuff off then you'll find removing these to be suuuper satisfying, so that's fun ;)

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