Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Bookish (and Not-So Bookish) Thoughts #21

1. Have you seen the collection of Disney Lego minifigs coming out in May? I want ALL OF THEM. I'm a little bummed because like all of the minifigure collection they're going to be released in blind bags, so realistically I won't be collecting all of them. I know blind bags are fun for a lot of people, but personally I hate spending money only to get a character I already have :/

Disney Lego minifigures

2. I went to the library this week and picked up Landline, by Rainbow Rowell. I'm interested in seeing how I like her adult books compared to her YA. I've only read Fangirl though, so I might not be a good judge hahah. I really appreciated Fangirl for being about a more realistic type of girl than we're used to reading about, but it still fell victim to some YA cliches that I don't care for.

Have you seen the game Unravel? I haven't had the chance to play it yet (it's not on Steam, booo) but I think it looks amazing. You play as a yarn doll named Yarny! My brother is also a big fan and found a tutorial on how to make your own Yarny, so he made one for me! Isn't he the best? You might have already seen this on my Instagram, but I wanted to share it again so I could link the tutorial! Why doesn't Insta let you post links yet? That's an update I'd actually appreciate.


4. Just like everyone else in the world, I'm totally in love with the new Her Universe for Kohl's active wear line (because I'm sooo active, hahah). I especially like these Black Widow capri leggings and this Black Widow top. There's stuff with Captain America and Iron Man, but I like being able to represent female heroes when I can. They don't get as much time to shine >_> I also looove that they made plus sizes available. I tend to go back and forth between regular sizing and plus, depending on the brand, so it's nice to have options. They're more expensive, though, which is sort of a bummer :P

5. Heroes of the Storm recently came out with a new character that I'm really enjoying, Dehaka! Dehaka is a melee warrior that originates from the Starcraft universe. I love that instead of riding a mount he "stalks," where he basically burrows underground and you transport to different locations on the map! For some reason in Heroes of the Storm I'm really drawn towards melee characters, which is weird because in most other games I choose more passive roles. I'm always looking for more friends to play HotS with, so let me know if you wanna play sometime! It's freeeeeee ;)

Heroes of the Storm Dehaka
'dem teeth tho

6. (One more game related thought) The April game for Indie Game Gang is Oxenfree! I haven't started it yet, but I have my copy downloaded and ready to go. I love the art style and I'm interested in playing something a little spookier than normal (without be a full blown horror game, because no thank you). I'll be playing it on PC, but it's also available for XBoxOne. Join usss :)


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