Monday, April 4, 2016

April Goals + March Check-In

This has nothing to do with my post, but here's an adorably nauseating gif of me as a Powerpuff Girl! Am I cute or what? I'm even wearing my favorite leggings, denim jacket and kitty companion! Too bad I couldn't be wearing Crocs. Make your own here!

Alright, let's see how I did with goals last month [cringes].

1. Catch up with Ms. Marvel. I did this! I did this! Now to keep up with it. I'm really enjoying Ms. Marvel and the huge wave of female superhero comics that have been coming out!

2. Exercise every day for at least ten minutes. I really failed at this. And I totally blame it on being sick for most of the month. It's still a goal I want to work on, but since I'm still currently sick I don't think I'll put it on my April goals list and instead will just work on it as soon as I get better :)

3. Play through Firewatch and participate in Indie Game Gang! Yes! I finished Firewatch and I really enjoyed it. I took a lot of nice screen shots that I'm planning to share in a later post, too!

4. Use less coffee creamer. I did really great on this one, but it wasn't because I'm awesome. I read that when you have the flu you should cut back on both dairy AND caffeine, so I haven't had much coffee lately. Life is hard, friends. However when I was still drinking coffee earlier in the month I was also mindful about my cream usage. Those individual creamer cups I mentioned last month really helped (I'm using these International Delight hazelnut ones, yum). When I get better I also want to try this recipe for homemade creamer that Dina shared with me!

5. Cook more often. I've been living on chicken noodle soup and Taco Bell bean burritos lately, so this one was also a fail. I think I made pasta once? As in like, I boiled noodles and added a jar of alfredo sauce.

Ok, I guess that wasn't too bad. Even if one of them was only accomplished by sicky default. Here's what I have planned for April.

1. Read at least one book I already own. Time to tackle my unread bookshelves, once and for all. I'm already working my way through one book (What-the-Dickens, by Gregory Maguire), so I'm fairly confident I can do this, hahah.

2. Write at least 8 blog posts. I know that's not very many, but the last few months I've been averaging around 5 posts. Something I've noticed about myself is that I often feel self-conscious about posting unless I have something specific to talk about (aside from my Bookish Thoughts posts, but I don't even do those every week). I love writing, but I feel like if I don't have something specific to write about or a story to tell, then it's just a waste of time for me to write, and a waste of time for you to read. But that isn't true! Well, maybe the part about you reading it is, but you can decide that on your own, hahah. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, I want to start writing more for me. Even if all I did that day was watch Netflix and fold laundry...if I feel the urge to write about it, then I will! (I probably won't write about Netflix and laundry, but you get it.)

3. Taxes. Self explanatory. Not exciting but definitely important -__-

4. Start shopping for a "cocktail dress." I'm going to my friends wedding next month and that's the dress code. I only have casual and sundress type things, so shopping I go. Normally I'd probably be like whatever and do my best with a dress I already have, but Andrew's actually going to be in the wedding and I don't want him showing up in a tux while I'm chillin' in my sundress from Target. I think I'll check out Torrid, they have some nice dresses and they've been sending me lots of coupons. I really like this Alice in Wonderland print dress, but I don't know if it's fancy enough, hahah. I've only been to one other wedding before so I suck at this!! I also like this dress, but I'm trying to pick something that isn't navy (because almost half of my wardrobe is navy).

Doesn't sound too hard, right? Have a good month, friends!

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