Monday, April 25, 2016

48 Days of Blue

48 Days of Blue

From now until World Oceans Day (June 8th) I'll be participating in 48 Days of Blue!

"In the 48 days between Earth Day and World Oceans Day, help the National Aquarium give something back to our amazing, life-sustaining blue planet!
Every day, we'll overcome an obstacle facing the ocean by completing small conservation challenges. Going a day without straws will keep 127 school buses worth of plastic from out of our natural spaces. Unplugging from our modern, electronic world for just 20 minutes can save enough energy to brew a cup of coffee.

Making these changes in our daily lives will benefit our own health, improve our communities AND help protect the ocean for future generations. 

This movement is about more than just conservation; it’s about connecting a community of change-makers. Whether you’re down the street or continents away, our collective impact is equal, our challenges are similarly difficult and our successes will be felt and celebrated together, loudly!" -

You can sign up at the 48 Days of Blue website, sign up is super quick and you're not locked into any commitment - just do the challenges as you please! Each day there's a new challenge, and you just visit the site to check-in once you complete each one. You can also "save for later" if that days challenge won't easily fit in with what you have going on that day. To share your progress (or to get inspiration from others) use the #48DaysofBlue hashtag! My first post will be going up later today (I'm starting two days late, booo) but I'll be checking the tag regularly to see what everyone else is up to! I'll be posting on both my Instagram AND Twitter...Insta when I have a photo to go with that days challenge, and Twitter when I don't ;)

48 Days of Blue is hosted by the National Aquarium, in Baltimore Maryland (that's where I got engaged!). Obviously I don't live in Maryland, so I love that you can just sign up online and participate from anywhere in the world!

So who's ready to save the oceans with me?!

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