Saturday, March 5, 2016

March Goals

Lately I've noticed in the blogosphere that the cool thing to do is write monthly goal posts! So I'm going to try writing monthly goal posts. Some are "just for fun" things I want to do this month, while the others are things I actually want to work on and improve. Maybe it will help keep me accountable for doing...well, anything. I'm so lazy, you guys. Also I just really like making lists, so let's give this a go!


1. Catch up with Ms. Marvel. I think there's only 4 volumes so far, so this should be easy. Lately every time I start reading (not just Ms. Marvel, but anything) I find myself getting distracted really easily. I think reading is an important hobby so I don't want to slack on it!

2. Exercise every day for at least ten minutes. (#DreamBig) Because getting tired when you walk up five flights of stairs is for bitches kind of embarrassing.

3. Play through Firewatch and participate in Indie Game Gang! I've already started Firewatch and am really enjoying it so far! Indie Game Gang is run by Mariko, aka Gamer Wife, and is sort of like a book club but for video games! It's been going on for a couple months already, but this is the first time I've been able to join in. I don't have many girlfriends to talk games with, so I'm really excited to get to know everyone!

I spend most of the game lost in the woods, but I'm getting better. It's such a pretty game!

4. Use less coffee creamer. I'm not trying to ease my way into drinking black coffee, because what fun is that?! But I could definitely cut back. Today, instead of buying the big jug of hazelnut creamer (Andrew and I drink a lot of coffee, ok?) I bought a box of those small individual creamer cups which should hopefully help.

5. Cook more often. Even if it just means putting something frozen in the oven. I know this is a goal I make ALL THE TIME, but I (hopefully) really mean it this time. I'm bad at cooking, which over time has just resulted in me not liking to make ANYTHING. I'm turning 25 this year, this shit isn't cute anymore. As my good friend Walter White would say...

Walter White Let's Cook

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