Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Geek Girl Bloggers Valentine Exchange!

Last month I participated in a card swap and lived to tell the tale! Heheh, just kidding about that last part. It was a lot of fun :) I haven't done a Valentine exchange since I was a kid. When I heard that Dina was interested in putting together a card swap for the Geek Girls x Bloggers group I was sort of intrigued, but also a bit like, "that's going to be a lot of postage stamps." Hahah. Buuuutttt I thought it would be a fun to get to know my bloggy friends a little better, so I went ahead and signed up (and the book of stamps was under $10, so I just skipped the Dutch Bros run for the day).

I LOVE Valentines Day. I don't always say so, because we all have a friend or two (or three or four) that's super bitter about it. I try to explain that the things I love about Valentines Day don't actually have anything to do with being in a romantic relationship, which usually doesn't really help because then people are like, "yeah well that's easy for you to say, you're not single" and don't care about what I have to say because they're hellbent on being bitter about it. Here's just a few things I love about Valentines Day (and then just TRY telling me I only like Valentines Day because I'm not single).

1. Heart shaped candies (I'm a sucker for holiday themed candies, they're so cute)
2. Cheesy Valentines Day cards (because they're SO PUNNY YOU GUYS)
3. Lots of glitter (that's a nightmare to wash off, but #priorities and all that)
4. Being able to find literally any object imaginable, but with A FACE ON IT, because everyone knows that when you add a face to something it's automatically more cute (some of the valentines I sent out featured anthropomorphized slices of pizza).
5. Finding uber kawaii pictures and valentines of your favorite TV/video game/movie characters being all cute and in love and shit.

Heroes of the Storm Lt. Morales
This Heroes of the Storm Lt. Morales valentines fits items both 2 and 5.
She's talking about prescriptions and vitamins because she's a healer. GET IT?! So punny.

So yeah, I love Valentines Day. Getting all the little cards in my mailbox for two weeks straight was a lot of fun, and each day I'd add it to my little valentine gallery wall I have going on by my desk. I do this with Christmas cards every year, but this was my first time doing it with Valentines Day cards. Unlike the Christmas cards, I think I'll leave them up for awhile. Looking at hearts in the middle of July is not as weird at looking at Santa Clause and polar bears in the middle of July (I don't know if I'll actually leave them up all the way through July, but you get the idea). Anyway, check out some pics of my wall!

Sorry the photos didn't turn out so great. Apparently I hung them in the perfect spot to view from my desk, but the absolute worst spot to photograph. Next time I'll hang them closer to a natural light source! Live and learn. Anyway, I love all the valentines I received! I was also glad that I wasn't the only one that used a set of boxed children's Valentines, hahah :P

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