Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Bookish (and Not-So Bookish) Thoughts #19

1. I'm seeing The Book or Mormon this month! I'm so pumped! We actually got the tickets months ago, but now that's it's happening so soon I can't help but tell everyone I know. I'm going with my mom, brother, and two of our family friends. My mom and I are huge theatre fans, while my brother is just so-so. I'm really excited for him to see it though, because I'm certain that he'll love it! Andrew was a little bummed that he can't go, but I'll be buying him an (overpriced - blah!) Book of Mormon t-shirt ;)

2. This month Outlandish Lit has a cool reading challenge going on called the Month Long Weirdathon! Basically you just read weird books during the month of March and write about them! What counts as "weird?" Anything you want! For me this means topics I don't normally read about or find generally strange. Maybe something that makes me uncomfortable, or in a format I've never experienced. I only have one of the books picked out so far, so I guess we'll see what happens. Technically it's too late to "officially" sign up, but if you want to unofficially join in I don't think there'd be anything wrong with it! I'd love to have some blog friends doing this with me! As far as I know, the only difference is that you won't be able to enter the giveaway. I don't have a set goal of how many "weird" books I want to read (because PRESSURE and all that) but I'll get though as many as I can! Or maybe I just thought this would be a good excuse to get weird here on the blog ;) I'm HOPING to post Weirdathon updates on Saturdays, so keep an eye out :)

3. On the 5th I wrote about some of my small goals for March, and I'm happy to report that I'm already making fairly decent headway on them [knock on wood]. I'm almost caught up with Ms. Marvel (I just have volume 4 left to read). I've been exercising (for very short periods of time, but still). I already finished playing Firewatch, which is a two part goal because the Indie Game Gang discussion hasn't started yet. I've sort of been cooking in like, making rice with some random meat thing or frozen lasagna with a side of veggies...which doesn't sound like much, but compared to getting fast food or sitting around while Andrew cooks (hahah) it's a step up. Now I just need to buy a new slow cooker!

4. Although of COURSE a few days after making that list, I got myself sick. How?! I've been so good(ish) lately.

5. I just wanted to show off these badass Cute But Deadly magnets that Ashlee sent me after I drooled over her own set. HOW CUTE ARE THEY?! All of them are characters from Blizzard games (World of Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo). Chibi angry Illidan is to die for. Blog friends are the best!

6. I think I need a new keyboard. All my keys keep getting all janky and stuck, even after popping them off and giving it a real good clean out! How often do you clean out your keyboard? That shit gets nasty. It sounds like a stupid question, but you'd be surprised by how many people have never even thought about it. A few months ago when I was at work, my coworker was complaining about the F key not working, so she just started shaking it around. I was like, "you need to flip it upside down and shake it out!" So she did, and by the amount of CRAP that fell out of the keyboard (because maybe we spend a lot of time eating in front of the computer at work) you'd think it had never been cleaned since coming out of the box. So go ahead and flip your keyboard over and give it a good shake.

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