Sunday, February 7, 2016

The "Totally Should've" Book Tag

Yay book tags! I don't do very many of them, but I thought this one looked like a lot of fun. I first saw it on the blog Unlucky Primes. Onward!

Totally Should've Book Tag

1. Totally should've gotten a sequel
Horrorstor, by Grady Hendrix! Because you know some serious shit went down during the Planet Baby 24 hour sale (um, that sounds really weird out of context).

2. Totally should've had a spin off series
The first title that came to mind was A Series of Unfortunate Events; but that already had a spin off series - All the Wrong Questions. What I had in mind was something that delves into the mysteries of V.F.D., but the more I thought about it, I wasn't sure if I wanted to know those things. So much of the story is built around this mystery, and knowing too much might ruin it. Anyway, I thought of another series that could have an interesting spin off - The Gemma Doyle Trilogy! It could be told from Kartik's point of view, and he'd teach us about the Rakshana. Or it could be from the perspective of Gemma's mother, Virginia, when she was attending Spence Academy.

3. An author who totally should write more books
Dear Ai Yazawa,

Can you please finish writing "Nana?" You don't even have to illustrate it. I just need to know what happens. And can you kill off Takumi while you're at it?


4. A character who totally should've ended up with someone else
Ok, so, I'm definitely not a huge Twilight fan...but Bella totally should have ended up with Jacob. #SorryNotSorry.

5. Totally should've ended differently
Tess of the D'urbervilles, by Thomas Hardy. This one was hard, because it's a classic and on one hand I love this book and feel like you shouldn't mess with major plot points, but on the other hand, how badass would it have been if Tess was like F**K IT I DON'T NEED NO MAN, and runs off to build a clubhouse on a secluded island for strong independent woman or something like that.

6. Totally should've had a movie franchise
Shanghai Girls and Dreams of Joy, by Lisa See. I wonder if I'm attracted to books about sisters because I don't have one. I bet they're a lot more annoying in real life, hahah. Fun fact - I don't have any female cousins, either :(

7. Totally should've had a TV show
Last year I read The Night Circus, and there were parts of it I really enjoyed, but the book as a whole was such a chore to read. Between all the different time periods and ten thousand different points of view, keeping up with the story was exhausting. I think it might be a lot more entertaining as a mini-series type thing, where you can actually see the circus (which is the most interesting part of the book). They could clump some of the chapters together to make one episode (like, an hour long episode from Celia's PoV would take place for 5 super short chapters from her PoV in the book), and then each episode would be told from a different POV. Too much? I dunno.

8. Totally should've had only one point of view
I was going to say The Night Circus (because all the PoV's are confusing), but then I had my genius TV show idea.

9. Totally should have a cover change
Night Over Water is my favorite Ken Follett book (if you take out a couple cringey sex scenes), but the cover is incredibly boring. I've seen maybe six different covers for it, ALL boring!

10. Totally should've kept the original covers
The original Cloud Atlas cover is sooo much prettier than the second edition cover (which I have, boooo). Although they're both better than the movie cover edition (which I always hate), so there's that. Here is the original, and here is the second edition.

11. Totally should've stopped at book one
When I first read Damned I thought it was a lot of fun with an entertaining, dark twist. With the type of ending it had I knew I was going to be reading the sequel, Doomed, which unfortunately sucked and I couldn't even finish it :( The scene in the rest stop bathroom was too much and I stopped right there. You could say that every Chuck Palahniuk book is "too much," but I find this even more so with his newer books. In his older books he'd cross many lines, but they still usually MEANT something, or at least played a contributing factor to the story. Now I feel like he's just trying to hammer out more shocking and gross stories because that's his "thing," even if an actual good story is sacrificed.

If this book tag is something you're interested in doing then I'm officially tagging you right here and now!! Be sure to send me a link so I can see how awesome you are :)

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