Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Pura Vida Bracelet Haul!

Pretty Pura Vida stack by carakuulei <3
Bracelets from left to right: Flat Braided Salmon, 1% for the Planet, Gold Infinity, Neon Pink, Seafoam Braided

Hi friends!! I hope your week has been awesome so far. Personally, I'm ready for it to be Friday already, but life goes on. Anyway! As many of you know, I really love to support companies that give back. I recently got a fun surprise from one of my favorite companies, Pura Vida Bracelets, and I thought it'd be fun to show you what's inside and what they're all about! I also wrote about them back in 2014, if you want to read about my first experience with them!

Pura Vida Bracelets

"Here at Pura Vida Bracelets we dream to do more. That was our inspiration behind the Charity Collection. This collection was created to give back to different causes all over the world. We are partnered with over 190 charities and have donated more than $666,721 to date. We are also a member of 1% for the Planet, meaning we donate 1% of our annual net revenue to environmental organizations worldwide. We’re constantly looking to expand our charity line and we try to support as many causes as possible." Pura Vida | Our Story

These five bracelets are all from the original line, but there's also lots of bracelets that donate to specific charities. If there's a charity you're really passionate about you should see if there's a bracelet for it! A couple of my favorites are the bracelets for the Joyful Heart Foundation and Unlock Hope. So here's the ones I got! (If you decide you need a few of your own, be sure to read to the bottom for my discount code!)

Pura Vida Bracelets Wave Catcher

Wave Catcher - This one's my favorite of the bunch, I love the fun, bold colors! I've been finding a way to match it with everything I wear, which is kind of odd since the bracelet colors aren't exact neutral, hahah.

Pura Vida Bracelets Midnight Waves

Midnight Waves - When I first pulled this bracelet out of the pack, I wasn't sure if the colors were for me. I don't wear a lot of lighter colors or pastels. Once I slipped it on I really liked the way it looked paired with some of my darker bracelets!

Pura Vida Bracelets Deep Blue Sea

Deep Blue Sea - The photos on the website do NOT do this bracelet justice! In person the different shades of blue are more pronounced. You can see them a little better in my photo at the top of this post (bracelet on the far right), but really it looks best in person. I love this one! The colors in this bracelet are the most neutral of the bunch, so it's easy to match it with anything :)

Pura Vida Bracelets Solar Power

Solar Power - Aaaahhhh, the brightness, it burns!! Hahah. Again, these aren't really my colors, but I really like it paired with something not so crazy and bold.

Pura Vida Bracelets Arctic Chiller

Arctic Chiller - This one also looks a lot prettier in person!! The darker shades of blue are closer to a cobalt blue. This one is probably my second favorite of the bunch!

What's with all the beach names? Every Pura Vida (which translates into "Pure Life," btw) bracelet is handmade in Costa Rica, providing 100+ jobs to local artisans! Sweet deal. The quality of these bracelets are also awesome! Some of my older bracelets are almost two years old and are still holding up perfectly fine. Each bracelet is wax coated, making them 100% waterproof. Even if you leave it on for three months straight they're not going to get that mysterious stink that our beloved friendship bracelets get. Now, as a little "thank you" for reading this far, here's a little discount in case you want some of your own!

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The code never expires and you can use it as often as you want! FYI - using this code brings me in a small commission. You get a discount, I get a couple bucks, you and all your loved ones get cool bracelets; everyone's a winner!

Do you have any Pura Vida Bracelets? What are your favorites, or which organizations would you like to see them partner with next?

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