Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Bookish (and not-so Bookish) Thoughts #17

I Want to Believe Again X-Files
Art by xoGeek (who is awesome)

1. I really like February. It's still early in the year, but late enough that people aren't shoving their "2016 goalsss!!!!1!!1!!" down your throat anymore and making you feel lazy and unmotivated.

2. On the topic of goals, I didn't make any. Except for a reading goal which so far isn't going great, because according to my Goodreads page I'm already four books behind schedule. Stop rushing me, Goodreads, I haven't found a new comic series to binge read yet! I'm open to recommendations, as long as they have at least a few volumes out already. Tired of getting addicted to a series and then having to wait almost a YEAR for the next issue. A long wait for the next volume? Whatever. For the next issue?! Come ON. That was a jab at the Afterlife with Archie series, because issue 8 was released back in May. Spend less time making new variant covers and more time working on your comic! Oh - and I'm currently reading Billy Joel: The Definitive Biography, if you were wondering :P

Billy Joel: The Definitive Biography
I'm really into the new cover they made for the paperback edition. 

3. I'm not normally a have-to-see-all-the-movies-in-theater person, but this month is going to be a problem. I still need to see Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (then I'll probably write about it just because Kokoba hates Jane Austen and she's crazy), and of course there's Deadpool, and I'm not even embarrassed by how much I need want to see Zoolander 2. Thank goodness for $5 Tuesday. I was originally excited for Hail, Caesar! but I've read a lot of negative reviews so I might wait on that one.

4. "Natalie, why haven't you blogged about the new season of The X-Files?" Awe, thanks for asking. I've decided to wait until all six episodes have aired before really delving into it. But I've been posting a lot of alien selfies on Instagram and other X-Files nonsense on Facebook, in the meantime :P

This weeks alien selfie was extra special because I also bought GIRL SCOUT COOKIES that day! #Blessed

I should be getting my engagement ring back from the jeweler this week! Yayyy! I've also been working on a post about ring shopping that I've been adding to bit by bit, every times someone asks why I didn't want to go to Tiffany & Co or tries to recommend a store in the mall -__-

6. I really wanted to make this post longer, but it's late and I have work in the morning (by the time you read this I'll already be at work, aaahh!). So goodnight/good morning, friends!

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