Tuesday, January 5, 2016

5 Things to Do While You're Waiting for The X-Files

X-Files I Still Want to Believe Poster
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Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!! The wait is almost over, friends! January 24th is only a few weeks away. In the meantime I've collected a list of things to help keep you sane occupied. Be sure to read to the bottom for a little extra fun :)

Get creative with some X-Files coloring pages. I hope you're on board the adult coloring book train, because I totally am. The only issue is that I'm super picky. I feel like all the coloring books I see in stores are either for little kids, featuring children's shows I don't know about, OR super boring adult coloring books with intricate flowers and mandalas (which is cool, but I find really boring after awhile). Anyway, the official X-Files twitter shared this coloring page a few months back as part of #TheXFiles201Days campaign (which I am almost caught up with), inspiring me to look for even more. Unfortunately I've only been able to find a few more free ones since then. Check them out here and here! If you're interested in spending a bit of $$$ on more, here's two more options.

X-Files Coloring Page

Get your (not so) casual cosplay on with your own Mulder and/or Scully FBI badge. I've been asked a handful of times where I bought my Dana Scully badge. Natalie, is this something that you regularly wear out, often enough for people to ask where you got it? Yes, yes it is. So I'm here to tell you that I didn't buy it anywhere. I found a badass template on DeviantArt. Here's Mulder's, and here's Scully's. When printing, I found out I had to shrink the images down a bit so they'd be the right size. Unless you prefer them bigger. Go crazy! You can either print it, cut it out and laminate it, or just get one of those clear ID badge sleeves and slide it on in. I laminated mine and attached it to an ID holder because I'm obsessed with laminating things. I also found printables (not as good quality, but at least they're there) for Doggett, Reyes, as well as The Lone Gunman press badges. Have fun :P

X-Files FBI Badge

Read some comics. 
I'm not going to shut up about The X-Files Season 10 comic books until you've read them, so you might as well get it out of the way now. Another good option is The X-Files: 30 Days of Night. It's slow to start but give it some time. Everyone loves a good crossover, right? If you're more interested in the series mythology start with Season 10. If you're more interested in "monster of the week" episodes, go with 30 Days of Night. If you equally enjoy both then read all of it in one day with tea and your favorite snack.

X-Files Comics

Play a board game (and invite me over?) I only recently learned about The X-Files board game, but it sounds SO fun! One person plays as The Syndicate and the other players are FBI agents. The FBI agents try to solve X-File cases while The Syndicate tries to hide the truth. I'm tempted to buy it myself, but I'm not sure how many people would play it with me :(

X-Files Board Game
Left two images from birthmoviesdeath.com

Enter my giveaway! Yay, giveaways! Just a small one this time, but still fun (I hope). I made a handful of these "I want to believe" pins, and I want to share them with THREE lucky winners! They're a simple plastic laminate (told you I'm obsessed with laminating things) with a bar pin glued on the back. Maybe a little tacky, but I think they turned out cute :) I'd love it if you wore it while watching The X-Files on January 24th, or whenever you decide to start watching the new episodes. It'd be like we're in our own little alien club. So if you win, be sure to send me a picture!

I want to believe

Simply enter using the widget below. The giveaway is only open for a week to ensure I have time to mail it and have it arrive on time. Open internationally! Good luck :)

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