Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Highlights

Another year come and gone. Something I always like to do as the year comes to a close is take a look at some of the things I did that year. Scrolling through my photos, reading old logs I wrote, or spur of the moment Twitter rants. I think we can all agree that 2016 had some rough spots, but I still try to reflect on the good times as well. Times with loved ones, receiving exciting news, taking new steps forward, or just being excited about that last episode of Gotham (damn you, mid-season break!). Here's some of my highlights from 2016 :)

1 / Here's the first picture I took in 2016 :) Partial pic of my fam getting #lit on NYE, hahah. Andrew and I aren't one for big parties, so we usually keep it simple and either stay home or go to my families house. This year was even more simple than usual, because my mom was out of town, and my older brother decided to spend it elsewhere, so it was just me, Andrew, my dad and my little bro. It was cool though. More Martinelli's for us ;) We also played Star Munchkin!

2 / That same month Andrew and I went to Maryland, and got engaged in a jellyfish exhibit at The National Aquarium! I really like this picture, even though it's super grainy and we're not looking at the camera. It's the only picture we have of us with the jellyfish after it happened! Hahah. If you'd like to read more about it, I wrote a big long post about our trip!

3 / In March my mom took my brother and I to see The Book of Mormon! We all had a great time. I also bought my new favorite shirt there. You can read more about our evening here! Everyone I told was like, "Wow, I can't believe your mom wanted to go with you to see that." It was her idea!!! She also took me to see Avenue Q for my 16th birthday. Basically my mom is the best.

4 / In April I started my very first Facebook group - The Powerpuff Bloggers! For 2016 I made a resolution to start practicing healthier habits. In the end I am hoping to lose some weight, but instead of making a goal like "lose xxx pounds" I wanted to get into the habit of just living a healthier life. So even if I don't lose any weight, I can still say I'm eating better, staying hydrated and getting up and moving more than I was before. Anyway. I thought a great way to help keep myself mindful and motivated was to have like-minded peers to share things with and talk to. I already knew that many of my blog friends had similar goals, so why not start a group for us all to work on our goals together? I'm so happy I started this group, and I'm so thankful for everyone in it. If you'd like to share your health and fitness goals with a bunch of nerdy blogger gals, join our group!

5 / In that same vein - I started doing yoga! The group and I took on the 30 Days of Yoga Challenge together and we had a lot of fun. I'm still not super great at it, but that's ok. I'm getting better at it and I'm enjoying myself. I try to do it at least three days a week!

6 / I also turned 25. I'm officially in my mid-twenties T_T I'm not super big into birthdays, and I don't especially like getting older, but I had a fun day. One of my bff's and I share the same birthday. We were both working on a production of The Little Mermaid at the time but we still celebrated and had a nice day :)

7 / Spending time with friends (just like, in general). Something I wanted to work on in 2016 was spending more time with friends, saying "yes" to more invites (rather than staying home and watching Netflix), and just putting myself out there a bit more. I've struggled with depression on and off for years - and a big part of it was feeling lonely a lot of the time, even though I had plenty of great people around me. In 2016 I spent more time with friends than I have in...well, a really long time. I said "yes" to outings that I probably wouldn't have before (like going to the fair in 90 degree weather to pet cows and baby goats), I've strengthened my old friendships and I've built new ones. I've even started hanging out with my co-workers!

To wrap things up, here's a photo collage with more great moments from 2016!

1. Going to the Bay Area Book Festival & meeting Gene Luen Yang. 2. Cows! 3. Hiking?! 4. Valentine swap with the Geek Girls x Bloggers!
5. Music in the park! 6. Getting Jesse hooked on Pokemon Go! 7. Jesse graduating HS! 8. Wedding! 9. Winning this amazing alien set handmade  just for me by The Fangirl Crafter! 10. Getting to wear cat stuff all week while working on CATS! 11. Christmas Day selfie with my love <3
12. Matching X-Files shirts with Alyssa! 13. Pokemon Go in the park! 14. My birthday! 15. Going to Rocky Horror in my Jughead costume on Halloween! 16. Making my first heart for I Found a Quilted Heart!

Have a great 2017, everyone!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

I Made Macaroni in a Crock Pot & Everything Turned Out Ok

If you've been following me for awhile, you might have noticed that even though I hate cooking, every winter I get the sudden urge to do ALL THE THINGS with my crock pot. This year was no different. In the past most of my crock pot dishes didn't turn out very well, but I've learned a bit from my mistakes and this year was determined to actually find a recipe I both liked and tasted good. My mom is big on using her crock pot and sent me a few recipes to try. One of them was for macaroni and cheese! What?! I love mac and cheese, but making it in a crock pot didn't sound like a great idea. One year I tried doing spaghetti in the crock pot and it was literally the most disgusting thing I've ever made (in both looks and taste). I swear it transmuted itself into a monster. To this day Andrew and I call it The Spaghetti Crock Pot Fiasco of 2014. So when he wasn't sold on the idea of me putting noodles in the crock pot again, I wasn't exactly surprised. Still wanted to give it a try though, as this recipe was both mom and lil brother approved.

First, I had to go shopping. Compared to other macaroni recipes I've tried (and by that I mean, either throwing a brick of Velveeta in noodles, or Kraft macaroni) this had a lot of ingredients. Since I don't cook much, my cabinets and fridge are never very full, aside from the things I eat on a super regular basis. I'm trying to work on that, and maybe someday I can just decide I want a certain food and then MAKE IT because WOW I already have the ingredients (much adult, very grownup)!! Anyway, I got the ingredients and the following night we tried it out. After you boil the noodles you mostly just throw the rest of the stuff in the crock pot, leave it for 2 hours, and you're good to go.

crock pot macaroni and cheese

It turned out great! I was so, so happy. 50% because I love macaroni, 50% so Andrew would stop doubting any crock pot recipe with noodles. The picture doesn't look great, so you'll just have to take my word for it. I still don't know how to make food pictures not look weird. (Food bloggers, help me out.) I wrote the recipe below...but if you're dairy sensitive then tread with caution. It's VERY CHEESY. I think next time I might even add some extra noodles to even it out a bit. If you try this out be sure to let me know how you like it :)

- 2 cups elbow pasta (although like I said, I think I will add extra next time)
- 4 Tbsp butter
- 2 1/2 cups grated sharp cheddar cheese
- 1/2 cup light sour cream
- 1 (10 3/4 ounce) can condensed cheddar cheese soup
- 1 cup 2% milk
- 1 teaspoon salt
- 1/2 teaspoon dry mustard
- 1/2 teaspoon black pepper

1. Boil elbow pasta in water for 6 minutes. Drain and set aside.
2. In saucepan on medium-low, melt butter and grated cheese together. Stir until cheese melts.
3. In crock pot, stir together melted cheese, sour cream, cheese soup, salt, milk, dry mustard, and pepper. Add in the noodles and stir again.
4. Cook on low for 2 hours, stirring occasionally as it cooks.

Friday, December 2, 2016


I guess I've been on a bit of a blogging hiatus. It wasn't intentional, but I think the cold weather just leaves me uninspired??! When you follow so many wonderful bloggers, it's easy to get caught up with the idea that you always need something "cool" to write about, or that everything needs to be an "article" or something. I don't always (or rarely ever, tbh) have particularly cool things to write about, and I always let that deter me from writing ._. But not today! I still don't have anything super exciting, but I wanted to write about my Thanksgiving :) It's more of a journaling piece, really. But isn't that how blogs started out, anyway? :)

Photo courtesy of new bud Ultraman.

On Thanksgiving Andrew and I went to my families house. I have two brothers that were also there, along with my older brothers longtime girlfriend. We kept things a little more casual this year. I don't can't cook, so my food contribution was an apple and pumpkin pie from the grocery store ;) I don't even like pie, but I understand I'm the minority and that it's a traditional Thanksgiving thing so whatever. When we got there Andrew made the mashed potatoes (he has for the last few years, but they came out particularly good this year). As we ate we did the whole "go around the table and say what you're thankful for" thing. Things have felt a little bleak lately *coughTRUMPcough*, but even so I think it's important to be mindful and thankful for the blessings you have. Just a few things I'm thankful for this year:

- My wonderful friends and family (typical, but couldn't leave them out obviously)
- Having two jobs that I'm happy with.
- Finally getting referred to an ear specialist (I have a lot of ear issues lol)
- The candles from Bath & Body Works going on sale fairly often (#bless)

My family is really into board games, card games, RPG games (well, some of us are hahah) and all that stuff. So after we ate and let the food digest a little, we played a game my mom has, called Geek Out! After playing that for awhile (we don't really keep score, we usually just keep playing until we start argue over the semantics of a card) we tried out a game I recently bought, The Oregon Trail Card Game. It's a Target limited time exclusive, so hurry and pick it up (plus it's only $11.99 - a great deal compared to most other tabletop games)! It's modeled after the classic computer game, but you get to play it with your friends which makes it even better :) Our wagon made it almost all the way to Willamette Valley, but in the end we all died :( Maybe we'll do better next time hahah. The rules were a little confusing, but again hopefully we'll do better next time :P

After we left my families was time to go shopping. I picked up a 3DS on Thanksgiving. I'm always so torn on Thanksgiving/Black Friday shopping :( On one hand I hate how stores force people to work on the holiday, but on the other hand some people actually WANT to work on holidays and that's cool too. I don't know if all places are the same, but when I used to work at Target we were paid time and a half on Thanksgiving, but regular pay on Black Friday; so many of my coworkers wanted to work on Thanksgiving. I understand that technically Black Friday is just a regular day. I just think it's silly that you're paid your regular amount to work on the most stressful shopping day of the year, and time and a half on, like, Independence Day or something. Not that Independence Day isn't important, but I've worked plenty of retail and I can promise you that working on Black Friday is 1000x worse than working on Independence Day.

My beautiful new DS.

As I was saying...the 3DS. I had to line up outside of Target an hour before the store opened. It wasn't pleasant, but I had my friend who still worked there take a look and he told me the store was only sent eighteen of the 3DS's. Eighteen. Wtf? And I definitely wasn't going to pay full price for one, so I knew what I had to do. I knew exactly where the 3DS's were, so as soon as the doors opened I sped over. They were in a locked up case, and as a Target employee went to go get the key for the case, a line (more of a group/huddle since I guess we don't know how lines work) started to form around me. As the employee starts unlocking the case I feel someone leaning behind me (gross) and is shoving his hand in between me and the case that I was sandwiched against, trying to grab the DS that the employee is about to hand me (RUDE). This next part I'm not proud of - I shoved him back with my elbow (seriously, he was full on AGAINST ME) and said "Can you chill out? Back up." I mean. Really? Can you chill out? Out of all the badass things I could have said, and I said can you chill out? I am appalled at my behavior, but also disappointed to know that I will never be a hardcore badass fighter with witty one-liners. Ah, well. After nabbing my DS we went to look for the Chromecasts, which were also on sale. I wasn't entirely convinced on the need for a Chromecast (mostly because I hadn't done my research, but I love it now, more on that later) but Andrew had been talking about getting one for a few months now, so we figured we might as well get it while it's on sale. The weird part was that even though it was one of the "door buster deals," NONE of the Target employees had any idea what a Chromecast even was. If the Chromecasts had been sitting where they normally sit then this wouldn't have bothered me. But they weren't, so we kinda wandered around the electronics dept in circles, looking around and asking "excuse me, do you know where the Chromecasts are?" to every employee we saw. Luckily we found them ourselves, eventually :)

I also picked up Pokemon Sun that night. It wasn't on sale, but how could I get a 3DS and not get Pokemon Sun? (The only correct answer is that I couldn't, unless I was getting Pokemon Moon instead.) I'm really enjoying it so far. The graphics are fresh and so different from the Pokemon games I'm used to (the last one I played was Pokemon Black). Also I am obsessed with my starter Pokemon, Rowlet. HE IS SO CUTE.  There's a feature to clean up/take care of your pokemon after battles, which I do whenever I can because then Rowlet smiles and does a little spinny dance! Sigh. Another DS game I want to try is Monster Hunter. Aside from Pokemon, Monster Hunter is one of the main reasons I've wanted a 3DS. I haven't played any of them, but I've been following it for a long time and that type of game is right up my ally. It kind of sounds like Dynasty Warriors...but with Monsters. I asked Andrew to get me a Monster Hunter game for Christmas, but I'm not sure which one I want?? I kind of just want to start with 4, but some people say I should start with 3. If you've played this series please weigh in ;)

Now, back to Chromecasts. Basically what it does is make it really super easy AF to stream things from your computer to your TV. So if you watch a lot of shows online/on your PC then you may find this useful. Last year Andrew and I were gifted a super badass 4k TV. Since we don't have cable we mostly used it to watch Netflix and play XBox, so the super badass TV just wasn't being utilized as well as it could be. For current shows we always had to watch them on our computers, which was a little frustrating when we wanted to watch shows together. Bring in the Chromecast! Now all the shows we watch on our computers, we can watch on our TV while snuggling on the couch.

Annnnnd that about sums up my Thanksgiving. This post turned out a lot longer than I expected, hahah. Now I'm off something. Maybe I'll watch Bridget Jones Baby. I totally meant to see it in theaters (no shame) but I guess it was a total bust, because when I was trying to go see it, it had already left theaters??? Disappointing.

Monday, November 7, 2016

November Goals + October Check-In

October is my favorite month. Just a few reasons - Halloween, it's starting to cool down, I get to do The Rocky Horror Show at work, I can start wearing all the hats my mom knits me, and lots of Fall scented candles hit the shelves (my favorite kind). It's also mine and Andrew's anniversary month (six years on the 16th)!! I didn't set many goals for October, but I managed to do a lot of cool stuff anyway. Here's how I did on my goals (and some other things).

1. Make/gather the pieces for my Halloween costume. Success! My costume was simple, but I'm pleased with it nonetheless. I was Jughead Jones :) My mom knit the hat for me, I made the hat pins, I bought a red S shirt on Redbubble (I should have taken full outfit photos, sigh). And because I was running around on a cold and rainy October night, I threw on a black hoodie and denim vest to make it the Fiona Staples version. I'll definitely be wearing this hat for the rest of Fall/Winter ;) I spent the evening causing havoc with my friend, who was dressed as The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt!

2. Get back into drinking more water. Yeah! I got sick, and when I get sick I drink ALLLLLL THE WATER so this one kinda worked itself out >_> One of my co-workers found the same 72oz water bottle I use (and that everyone teases me about, but w/e) at Marshall's, so she bought one and now we have contests every day to see who drinks the most water by the end of our shifts.

3. Host a giveaway. Done! Participation was a lot smaller than my last few giveaways, but I guess X-Files is sort of a niche interest, and that's ok hahah. The winner was Gladys from Usagi in Wonderland!

Some other things I did...

Finally started doing some legit wedding planning. Nothing is set in stone yet, but I've finally started seriously looking at locations, and even e-mailing some of them with questions!!! Andrew and I are finally finding a lot of options we agree on which is fun too hahah.

Caught a Snorlax in Pokemon Go. Snorlax is my favorite Pokemon and I've been trying to find him since DAY ONE. It only took me four months...

Found a place in town to get really good ramen. It was SOOO GOOOOOOD. Can't wait to find an excuse to go back.

Voted! #RockTheVote and all that.

Start Christmas shopping.
I know, it's early, but I hate leaving it all for December because then I end up doing it all at the last second. Even if I don't actually buy any of it this month, I want to at least get a list started.

List some bags/purses on Poshmark/Vinted/Something. Back in August one of my goals was to purge/donate items (which I did)! However I have a large purse collection that I held on to in hopes that I could sell some of them instead. Do you have any favorite sites for selling your items? I used to have a lot of luck with Poshmark, but once they stopped doing all the free/discounted shipping days it's been a little harder.

Start a morning routine. I've always been a night owl, but I have to admit that when I get up earlier I feel much more productive. I'd like to make a bit of a routine for myself, that isn't just "drag yourself out of bed and get ready for work." Since I have to be up early anyway, I might as well make the most of it.

Catch new Pokemon! I'm going to Kentucky in a few days, I'm hoping there will be some new Pokemon for me to catch over there. I'm also looking forward to spending time with my family while I'm there, too :P

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Survival International + X-Files

Omaze X-Files shirt
Awkward sleepy eye + X-Files appreciation photo.

Back in August, I saw a photo posted on Gillian Anderson's facebook page! It showed her and fellow X-Files cast mates in matching "the truth is out there" t-shirts. The post said she started a campaign with Omaze to raise money for Survival International. The deal was that there needed to be 500 shirt orders for the goal to be funded, with 18 days to reach the goal. I didn't know what Survival International was at the time, but I was already sold on the idea tbh. Getting a cool shirt while supporting a good cause? Count me in. While I was excited to donate, part of me just wanted to be in their club and have the same shirt as them >_>


"The truth is out there, and when you go searching for it, you should be wearing this shirt. Designed for the ultimate The X-Files fan, this exclusive t-shirt seeks out not only the truth, but justice too. Funds raised from support Survival International, a nonprofit preventing the annihilation of tribal peoples. Survival gives them a platform to speak to the world; they investigate atrocities and present evidence to the United Nations and other international forums; they support legal representation; they fund medical and self-help projects; and they educate, research, campaign, lobby and protest, helping to make a world where tribal peoples are respected and their human rights protected. Maybe you can trust someone after all…" - source

So I ordered a shirt...then I had to wait for the campaign to end...then I waited for the shirts to be printed, and finally mailed out. Then! It showed up at my house. THE TRUTH WAS WITH ME. Everything was right in the world.

That's better.

However there's one part I left out of the story, and that's when my shirt arrived...I was sent the wrong size. I was pretty bummed, but shit happens, it's ok. I double checked my order conformation, and then I e-mailed customer service. Luckily they were SUPER nice; another shirt was sent and I got it within the week! As for the original shirt, they told me to keep it and pass it along to someone else that would enjoy it. So that's what I'm going to do! Enter below to win your own Survival International/X-Files shirt! It's a unisex size L, and super soft! If the winner sends me a picture of them wearing it, I'll even add you into our family photo up there :P

International giveaway! Please be aware that the shirt you will receive is a unisex size L. This post isn't sponsored by Omaze or anything - winner does not get to choose their own size. Please no giveaway-only accounts. Winner will be notified by email ASAP and has one week to respond. If there is no response in that time, another winner will be chosen.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Bookish (and Not-So Bookish) Thoughts #27

1. If you haven't signed up for Litsy, stop reading this post, go find it in the app store, and sign up. Go! It's been available on IOS for awhile, but recently it was added for Android users as well. Hallejuia! Litsy is like if you took Goodreads and Instagram and smushed them together. I using Goodreads to keep track of books I've read (or want to read), but I've never thought it was particularly fun. There's not much to look at. On Litsy you're encouraged to take pictures of books you're reading, or just share a quote or thought about a book. You can mark books you've read (or want to read), but the process is simplified. There are no stars to rate with. NO STARS! I'm ok with this. Instead you can rate books as pick, pan, so-so or bail. I really like the bail option, hahah. So get your Bookstagramming butt over to Litsy and send me a friend request :) My username is NataliePatalie!

2. I finally watched the new Ghostbusters movie! I really liked it. The story was a lot more solid than I thought it'd be, and all the actors were great. The only part I thought was weird was in the beginning, and Kristin Wiig is all mad at Melissa McCarthy about the ghost book and stuff, and she loses her job? But then right after she loses her job it's like she forgot she was mad and is all of a sudden YEAH GHOSTS about everything. I mean, it's good that she changed her tune about ghosts, or else we wouldn't have a movie, just the way it played out seemed weird to me.

3. For the most part I'm usually pretty ok with not having cable. But then fall rolls around and UGH. Also was I the last person to know that Hulu doesn't offer free streaming anymore? I know there are tons of other places to stream, but Hulu was so convenient. Right now I'm watching GothamAmerican Horror Story (Evan Peters where u atttttt) and The Fall. I'm really looking forward to People of Earth at the end of the month, and obviously Gilmore Girls (which luckily isn't on cable TV anyway) next month. I also want to pick up that show about the cowboy robots? I can't remember what it's called...

4. Kind of a stupid rant, but I think there are too many Facebook fan pages out there. I probably get invited to "like" pages made by my friends (or my friends friends) multiple times a day. Sometimes I accept, sometimes I don't. Not everything NEEDS a Facebook page, you know? (Facebook groups are different, however the same rule applies I guess.) Also, if you're not going to update it very often, then it definitely DOES NOT need its own Facebook page.

5. My Fitbit band has been broken for over a week now, I feel so empty without it (#firstworldprobs). Sometimes I'll keep the Fitbit pepple in my pocket so it can still track my steps, but 1) It's not the same, and makes checking the time not convenient at all, and 2) I keep misplacing it. That is EXACTLY WHY I didn't get one of those clip-on Fitbits, even though I wanted one - because I knew I'd lose it all the time. Anyway, I have a new band on the way. After my band broke I contacted customer service, and after a few questions they so nicely offered to send me a new band. My only complaint is that their shipping is slooow (also I'm just impatient). But, I'm getting a $30 band replaced for free, so I'm a very happy camper.

The answer is no.

6. I ordered a Jansport Half Pint from Zappos earlier this week, and I'm sooo pumped for it to get here...hopefully tomorrow? It's just like a regular Jansport backpack, but smaller and cuter. So you have all most of the luxury of using a backpack, but no one will be like "bruh why you carry a big ass backpack everywhere you go?" Because I DON'T FEEL LIKE CARRYING A PURSE RIGHT NOW, OK? Sometimes my hands have more important things to do, like play Pokemon Go. Also I'm going on a trip next month and I thought it'd be super nifty for that.

Leave me a comment with what other Fall shows I need to be watching!

Bookish (and Not-So Bookish) Thoughts is hosted every Wednesday by Bookishly Boisterous.

Monday, October 3, 2016

October Goals / September Check-In

Last month I only made two goals - so i'd be really embarrassing if I didn't do them. Lucky I NAILED IT and did them both. Wahoo :)

1. Continue doing yoga: Yeah! I haven't been doing it every day (I didn't think I'd be able to anyway, so it's not a huge disappointment or anything), but I've been doing it about four times a week. Sometimes I have to opt for shorter yoga videos...buuuttttttt....that's not the point! I've still been doing yoga regularly, hahah! Go me :) I'm really interested in this Yoga for Weight Loss series, maybe I'll tackle that this month.

2. Write about books. Three times! Boo yah. I recapped my summer reading in three different posts. Summer Reading Bingo really got me reading this year! I don't know if I'll be writing much about books this month though, my reading has already slowed down!! I've been so busy with both of my jobs, and every night as soon as my head hits the pillow I am OUT. I've been reading during my lunch breaks, but that isn't very long :(

1. Make/gather the pieces for my Halloween costume. Like the last couple years, I'll be working on Halloween night. But since I work at a performing arts theatre and we put on The Rocky Horror Show every October (including Halloween, at midnight), it's actually pretty fun. But I still like to wear a Halloween costume, even if I'll be working in it! This year I decided I want to be be Jughead, from the Archie comics :) He's definitely my favorite character in the series. While all eras of Jughead are similar, I'm going off of the 2015 Fiona Staples version. I already have the vest, but I need to make the red "S" shirt, unless I find a cheap one online (I haven't yet). My mom is knitting me my own Jughead hat! I'm so excited. But since it's so casual I'm worried that not many people will realize who I am, and just wonder why I'm wearing a funny hat. Even though they're not something Jughead would wear, I'm thinking about getting some Archie/Riverdale pins to put on my vest as a little "hint hint." Or maybe a Josie and the Pussycats button?! Not as obvious of a hint but probably something Jughead might actually have. Idk. We'll see.

2. Get back to drinking more water. I used to be really good at this, but I've been slacking lately. I've been drinking a lot of caffeine @_@ I'm aiming for at least 72oz a day. Ideally it would be more, but it's a good start.

3. Host a giveaway?! I won't get into the whole story right now, but by next week I'll have ended up with two of something that I only need one of - so my online ordering error is your gain!

What are your goals for the month?!

Monday, September 26, 2016

September Popsugar Must Have Unboxing!

September Popsugar Must Have

Hellooo friends :) I'm back with another unboxing post! Maybe someday I'll get the courage to just do unboxing videos like everyone else...but today is not that day! :D Popsugar was super awesome and sent me their September box to try out, so let's do this!

This post contains affiliate links and is sponsored by Popsugar. I received this box for free in exchange for my honest opinion and sharing it on the interwebs. All opinions are my own. Any monetary income usually goes towards feeding my turtle.

The Popsugar Must Have Box is a monthly subscription service curated by the editors of the website, Popsugar. I can't really think of many words to explain what type of themed box this is, aside from, like "women's lifestyle box"...or something. They send you on-trend items for you to use and/or wear (last month subscribers got cute office supplies and a Baggu bag for back to school season - jealous!). While this doesn't exactly cater to my geekier hobbies, what I really like about the Popsugar Box is that everything they send are items that can (and usually will) actually be USED, rather than just sit around and look cute.

The first item I saw when opening the box (it was kinda hard to miss...) was this nice, big, wool hat from Jack + Lucy. Holding it, I thought it looked really nice and I could totally look cool and mysterious wearing it. Instead I looked more like Pharrell at the Grammy' that was too bad. I've seen pics of other ladies in the hat though, and they all look great. So it's not a bad hat, it just fits on my head funny (my family jokes about my little brother having a large head, now I'm wondering if he got it from me *cries*). This hat retails for $58 (woah), so the hat alone costs more than a one month subscription to this box.

Next was this Smith & Cult Lip Lacquer in the shade The Warning. At first I was like, "no way man, that's way too bold for me!" But I gave it a try and was pleasantly surprised. It's more like a really tinted lip gloss. So if you're like me, and like the look of red lips but are not brave enough to actually wear red lipstick - this is a great product for that. I was also a little wary because I stopped wearing lip gloss when I was, like, 15. It can be so sticky and lips aren't meant to look wet 24/7. Again, I was pleasantly surprised. The shine is more of a dewy, rather than glossy look. There is still a bit of stickiness, but it's really not that bad (but don't go making out with your boyfriend right after applying this, unless he's into that sort of thing I guess). I've been dealing with really dry lips lately (I don't know why??? not usually a problem I have) and this has been really nice for that as well. These retail for $22, which IMO is a bit steep for a lip gloss, but honestly I like it so much that I might get another next time I see a good sale or just feel like spending money that I shouldn't. The other color I have my eye on is called The Queen is Dead.

Smith & Cult Lip Lacquer The Warning

Honestly - I'm kinda over the whole gluten free fad. If you legit cannot eat gluten, then you get a pass (also this must be an exciting year for you), but if you don't have a gluten allergy then there is NO REASON for you to not eat gluten. Ok? Ok. Anyway, next up was Gluten Free Bites in the flavor Dark Chocolate Coconut. They claim to be gluten free, non-GMO, vegan, soy free, AND dairy free. So I was like, "well what's left then???" These taste ok-ish, but I wouldn't buy them myself. They are sort of like truffles, but the texture is a bit dry. I only have one friend that is gluten free, and I tried giving these to her, but she's allergic to coconut -_- These retail for $4.99.

This NCLA Mani E.R. Tool Kit is probably what I'll get the most use out of. I usually keep my nails long, so they get banged up on things ALL THE TIME. Having nail tools handy will be super helpful. The tools are good quality, too! I used to have a kit that was similar to this, but the case had a little snap thing to close it (rather than a zipper all the way around, like this one) and it was always getting caught on things! This one is a huge upgrade. I also really like the bright red case :) This retails for $16.

I was surprised to get two full sized beauty products in one box, (I forgot to mention, the lip gloss is full size!) the second being this Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask. My hair isn't actually damaged (#blessed) so this isn't exactly targeted towards me, but I'm going to try it soon and I bet it will make my hair crazy soft. I'll try to report back on that later. Currently all I can say is that it smells like vanilla. This 8oz tub retails for $20.

Admittedly I was not super excited about this F’lint Lint Roller at first glance. The packaging is cool, but like, a lint roller? I don't normally buy lint rollers so I was kinda "meh" about it. However I've been living in black leggings this week (I will probably die wearing a pair of premium black leggings from Torrid, they are everything) and YES they get lint and other things all over them. I used to just brush it off, or pretend not to care, but I started using this lint roller instead and, yeah, it's pretty nifty. I also like that you can buy refills for it! Save the environment! Use less plastic! However the best part is that the lint roll part pops out of the tube like a light saber.

The Popsugar Must Have Box is $39.95 a month, which at first seems really steep for a subscription box. Buuut all together the items in this box retail for about $147 - so if you're interested in this type of thing then that's quite impressive and a really great deal! My favorite items from this are definitely the lip gloss and nail kit...but like I said I'm really excited to try the hair mask, too!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Summer Reading Round Up - Part 3

If you'd like to read Part 1 or Part 2 click here and here! Or if you don't feel like it I'll take a sec to recap :P This summer I took on the Summer Book Bingo hosted by My Life as a Teacup! If you've never played a book bingo, it's pretty simple. The bingo card will have a different type/genre of book in each square. Read the book in that square and you get to cross it off. Five books in a row makes a bingo! We started sometime in June, and ended on August 31st. In that time I was able to make 3 bingo's! Here's the third (and final) card I completed. Originally I planned to throw all the cards into one post, but then the Part 1 post got too long so here we are :P

Summer Book Bingo

Contemporary lit: When Life Hands you a Lemon, by Mike Hansen. This book was not as exciting as I'd hoped it would be! It's about this guy, Dan, who is taken hostage and he has to "confront his fears" and all that. But for a book about being taken hostage, it progresses really slow. A large part of the book focuses on Dan's personal struggles; he suffers from anxiety, among other things. I don't want to belittle anyone's problems (I have anxiety myself), but I just didn't connect with this. I can't really give you any examples without spoiling the story, though! Sorry :P
Rating: 👽 (1 sad alien)

Read in a day: Saga vol. 6, by  Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples. As always, Saga is the best. If you haven't started this series yet, stop reading this post and go get it!!! I ended up reading this volume in a day, because when I ordered it from the library I didn't realize I already read the first couple issues from it on my e-reader...months ago >_>
Rating: 👽👽👽👽👽 (5 aliens)

Non-Fiction: The Big Bad Book of Bill Murray: A Critical Appreciation of the World's Finest Actor, by Robert Schnakenberg. If you're a huge Murray fan, or just want to learn more about him, you'll really enjoy this book. This book goes through the A to Z life of Bill Murray (like an encyclopedia). The format is interesting at first, but doesn't make it easy to reference later on if you're just interested in certain parts. For example all the parts of Bill Murray's early life are not grouped together. There's a lot of talk about his work in Wes Anderson movies, but they are not grouped together either. So the whole book flows a little weird when it's talking about one subject, to a different subject, then back to the first subject again.
Rating: 👽👽👽 (3 aliens)

Book you've been meaning to read: Funny Girl, by Nick Hornby. Nick Hornby is another one of my favorite authors! I've been wanting to read this book but I had some issues getting it from the library. It's set in the 1960's and is about a girl obsessed with I Love Lucy and wants to be a sitcom comedian. It wasn't my favorite of Hornby's books, but I still enjoyed it. His strength has always been writing strong characters (whether they're good people or not), and this book was just another example of that.
Rating: 👽👽👽👽 (4 aliens)

Graphic novel: Rat Queens vol. 3, by Kurtis J. Wiebe, Tamra Bonvillain and Tess Fowler. This volume was not as great as the first two, so that was a bummer. The art has also changed; and while I don't dislike it, having to get used to it was a little distracting. As for the story, that was a little lackluster as well. The gang is going through some struggles right now, and the story has always been at its best when the girls are working together as a team. I hope this arc wraps up in the next volume so the girls can start liking each other again :P
Rating: 👽👽👽 (3 aliens)

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Summer Reading Round Up - Part 2

If you'd like to read Part 1 click here! If you don't feel like it I'll take a sec to recap. This summer I took on the Summer Book Bingo hosted by My Life as a Teacup! If you've never played a book bingo, it's pretty simple. The bingo card will have a different type/genre of book in each square. Read the book in that square and you get to cross it off. Five books in a row makes a bingo! We started sometime in June, and ended on August 31st. In that time I was able to make 3 bingo's! Here's the second card I completed. Originally I planned to throw all the cards into one post, but then Part 1 got too long so here we are :P

Summer Book Bingo Snorlax Plush

New release: My Best Friend's Exorcism, by Grady Hendrix. I loved this book! Grady Hendrix is also the author of Horrorstor, which I loved as well (and reviewed here). I was really excited to pick up his next book. It takes place in the 80's and is about best friend duo, Abby and Gretchen. After a strange night at their friends house, Gretchen is possessed by a demon, but Abby is the only one that believes it. It's like a fun mash up of Mean Girls and The Exorcist. Shortly after I read this, Grady Hendrix did a livestream on the Quirk Books Facebook page, where he talked about the book and shared some stuff about witchcraft and demonology from the 80's (he did a LOT of research!). At the end there was a giveaway and I won a copy of Horrorstor and some My Best Friend's Exorcism stickers!!! I haven't figured out where I want to use them yet, but I really like them. They have pink unicorns and pentagrams :O
Rating: 👽👽👽👽 (4 aliens)

Neil Gaiman: The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains, by Neil Gaiman (duh) and Eddie Campbell. Hate to say it, but I was bored with this book. It's formatted as an adult picture book. I always love when adult books have pictures (and in this case, paintings), but I wasn't feeling them in this book. Just not my style, I guess. It's about a man and the guide he hires to take him up the mountains. That's about all I can say without spoiling anything! I guess that's why I couldn't find a book synopsis to post here :P
Rating: 👽👽 (2 aliens)

Read in a day: Stuff Every Geek Should Know, by Quirk Books. This is a collection of short essays, all written by Quirk Books authors and bloggers. It's not very long but was fun. Some of the essays included How to Photograph Your Books for Instagram, How to Find Friends Who Share Your Geek Passions, and Seven Awesome Female Heroes That Every Comic Book Geek Should Know About.
Rating: 👽👽👽 (3 aliens)

Mystery/Thriller: A Study in Charlotte, by Brittany Cavallaro. We can add this to the list of YA books I don't hate. I didn't love it, but it wasn't awful and was an enjoyable, easy read. It's basically a genderbent Sherlock Holmes reboot. Charlotte is the great-great-great-granddaughter of Sherlock Holmes, Jamie is the great-great-great-grandson of John Watson, and they end up at a boarding school together. A student at the school is murdered, and Charlotte and Jamie are being framed for it so they work together to get to the bottom of things. Charlotte has inherited the detective skills along with the moody and grumpy temper. Jamie's kind of boring, to be honest. I like mysteries, so that part of the book was fun. There's very minimal romance, but there is some. Argh. Is it too much to ask to have a boy and girl as main characters and NOT have them fall in love?? Oh well.
Rating: 👽👽👽 (3 aliens)

This post is a bit shorter than the last, because I used the free space on my bingo card this time! Heheh. Part 3 coming up next!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Summer Reading Round Up - Part 1

Since one of my September goals was to start writing about books again, I thought I'd start with all the books I read this summer! This is just part one. I filled out three bingo cards (I'll explain those in a second), so each post will summarize the books from one card. Originally I planned to throw all the cards into one post, but then this post got too long so here we are :P

I'm starting to realize that I really like reading challenges. As long as they're not super intense - like I don't care for 24 hour readathons. So daunting! I know you're supposed to take breaks and all that, but honestly I don't think there's anything I'd even want to do for 24 hours. I get restless. But anyway.....summer always brings lots of great book challenges, since most of them last all summer. Way less pressure! This summer I took on the Summer Book Bingo hosted by My Life as a Teacup! If you've never played a book bingo, it's pretty simple. The bingo card will have a different type/genre of book in each square. Read the type of book in that square and you get to cross it off. Five squares in a row makes a bingo! We started sometime in June, and ended on August 31st. In that time I was able to make 3 bingo's! Here's the first first card I completed.

Summer Book Bingo

Contemporary literature: Last Call at the Nightshade Lounge by Paul Krueger. I wasn't in love with this book, but it was a fun and easy read (without being YA fluff) and had a new premise that I've never actually read/watched a million times before. Magical (sort of) monster fighting bartenders! After I finished this book I was inspired to learn more about mixing drinks.
Rating: 👽👽👽 (3 aliens)

Read in a day: The Big Needle by Ken Follett. This book was really bad, but I'm still glad I read it hahah. I collect used Ken Follett paperbacks, and at this point there's only a few that I don't have - OR SO I THOUGHT. It's not like they're rare or anything, but since I only buy them used it's just a luck of the draw sort of thing. Anyway, one night I was browsing the library bookstore and found this old, thin novella with his name on it, except I'd never even heard of the title. His books are usually pretty big, so the size also threw me off. On the cover it said it was a reprinting and was originally written under the name Symon Myles. What?! So I spent a whole ten cents on it and took it home to do some research. I learned that it was the first novel he ever wrote, but his agent convinced him to use a pen name because "you might want to write better books later." She was right. The book was bad (it's not even available in print anymore, even the reprinting that I found, so it was a lucky find!) but it was really interesting to see how his writing has evolved over time. It was inspiring in a way. He started off with this shitty pseudo James Bond novella, and now he's a best-selling, award winning author. We all have to start somewhere. In an interview he talks about how bad they are, and said "Looking back, they seem trashy and full of gratuitous sex and violence. But I was doing my best. Every one of my early books was the best book I could write at the time."
Rating: 👽👽 (2 aliens)

Non-fiction: The Rap Yearbook: The Most Important Rap Song From Every Year Since 1979, Discussed, Debated, and Deconstructed by Shea Serrano. This book was so much fun! I am not-so-secretly a huge fan of rap and hip-hop. The genres often get a bad rap (SEE WHAT I DID THERE TEEHEE) and are often stereotyped for just being about shooting people and boobs, which is really upsetting, because that just isn't true (not saying there aren't any songs about shooting people and boobs, but you get it). This book delves deep into what inspired iconic songs from each year. The illustrations are also great, with lots of silly graphs and flow charts to help explain what was going on.
Rating: 👽👽👽👽 (4 aliens)

A book you've been meaning to read: We Are Pirates by Daniel Handler. Oh my god. THIS BOOK. I had so many thoughts and feelings about this book, I don't even know how to articulate any of them. That's why I didn't review this book sooner, even though I had all these feelings, more feelings than I've had about a book in a long time. But for you, I will try. To start off, it's important to know that Daniel Handler is one of my favorite authors. He has been for a very time, from childhood to adulthood. I even went to meet him last year, on his book tour that was FOR THIS BOOK. However I didn't read the book until this summer because hardbacks are expensive, sorry. Anyway. So I guess the fact that I didn't love this book almost felt like a betrayal (yes, I'm being dramatic, but stay with me). And it wasn't for a simple reason like I just thought it was mediocre, or that it just wasn't my type (neither was Why We Broke Up, but I appreciated it for what it was). But this book actually made me uncomfortable, and the fact that a book was making me so uncomfortable also made me uncomfortable, because honestly I don't really get emotionally attached to books. By the end I was repulsed with the characters and was happy to be done with them.

So what went wrong? Well first of all, the marketing for this book was completely off. To give you the premise in one sentence - We are Pirates is about Gwen (a 14 year old girl) and some new ragtag "friends" in San Francisco that steal a boat to become pirates. The synopsis on the book flap and everything plays it off as a fun comedy about some people looking for freedom and whatever by causing a bit of mischief in the Bay Area. I thought it sounded like the premise of an Indie flick. So the fact that I excitedly jumped into this book with that sort of expectation is what started things off on the wrong foot. This book gets really dark. It starts off ok but about halfway through things take a very sinister turn, completely throwing you off guard. Gwen is extremely troubled and you're not rooting for her at all. I know we could use the "not all protagonists need to be likeable" argument, but reading along and slowly realizing that Gwen is less of a normal 14 year old and possibly the next Dexter Morgan was...weird (especially because you didn't realize that this is supposed to be that kind of book).

While Gwen is off causing havoc, her parents are trying to find her, obviously. So there are chapters where it switches to her fathers (Phil) point of view. You'd think you'd at least be cheering for her parents, hoping they find their daughter? Nah. To sum up Phil, here's a quote from a review I really liked: "It is quickly revealed that Phil is actually a passive misogynist prick who thinks the world is owed to him and cares very little of his family beyond the happiness/convenience they can supply him." - source. So even though Gwen embodies evil itself, you can't blame her for running away; just everything she does after running away is a completely different thing. Anyway. As always, Daniel Handler is an excellent writer, whether I liked the actual story or not, but overall this book wasn't a win for me :(
Rating: 💬💬💬💬 (Undetermined)

Graphic novel: Marvel Zombies vol. 1 by Robert Kirkman, Sean Phillips. I don't really know what I was expecting when I picked this up. It says ZOMBIES in the title so I knew things would be dreary, but...I don't know. So in this series all our fav super heroes are zombies (they go into how this happened a bit, but the story starts with them already as zombies). Except for the most part they aren't really super heroes anymore? They're entirely aware of what's going on to them - meaning they still know what's right and wrong - yet all they focus on is finding people to eat? And when they can't they (SPOILER haha) start eating each other?! Wasn't into this.
Rating: 👽 (1 hero eating alien)

Thursday, September 8, 2016

September Goals / August Check-In

Have you noticed that everyone is posting September goal posts (or things similar)  and all like, "YAY FALL! YAY PUMPKINS!?!" Well, I'd like to be like that too (minus pumpkins, they taste gross) except it's still on the warmer side here in CA. Like, it was 95 degrees today. Oh, well. I'm only bitter because I'm jealous. Anyway, I did ok on my August goals. Not perfect, but ok. I did get other things done though, so I'll take what I can get.

1. Keep up with both Powerpuff Blogger challenges. YES! I'd say I did pretty good, if you don't mind the bragging. The step challenge went well. Playing Pokemon Go really helped, hahah. The bigger challenge was keeping up with 30 Days of Yoga, but in the end I didn't do too terribly with that either. I definitely had some bad days, but I didn't skip a single day and I finished strong. Wahoo! Yoga is so much harder than I thought it was and I have a whole new respect for it now. I'm hoping to write a post on that whole experience soon, but you might have noticed I've been kinda lazy on the blog front (typical).

2. Up my daily step goal to 6,000. No :( I realize now that August was a bad time to make that goal. I did continue meeting my previous goal (5,000) most days, but with the yoga along with going to work and other day to day stuff I was kinda wiped. Even though I'm going to continue doing yoga, I'm not going to be so hellbent on doing it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. so I hope it'll be easier to add more steps in this month.

3. See Suicide Squad. Yes! I wish I had more to say about this, but I kinda...don't. I was really excited to see this movie, and while I didn't dislike it, it was just "ok." I liked individual parts of it more than I liked the movie as a whole.

4. PURGE SOME SHIT (OR JUST GET BETTER AT ORGANIZING). Kinda? I started to? I did purge some things, but not as many as I liked. I didn't feel like digging through boxes hahah. I got rid of a few pieces of clothes that I hadn't worn in over a year, and a small stack of books.

1. Continue doing yoga. I started Yoga with Adriene's other video series, Yoga Camp. I'm not going to follow it as rigidly as 30 Days of Yoga, but I like having the videos laid out for me so I don't have to derp around on youtube looking for what video I want to do that day. I just do the next Yoga Camp video. Ideally I'd like to do it every day, but that isn't going to happen (I already missed one day), but I want to push for at least 3 times a week.

2. Write about books. It's been awhile since I've written any book reviews. I kind of feel bad about this, and I kinda don't. While I'm obviously still reading (and enjoying the things I read) I just don't feel the pull to write an entire blog post on just one book like I used to. They took a lot of time (translating my all over the place thoughts into something appropriate and comprehensible) and I felt like not many people actually read them. However, I do still want to write about books some. I think instead I'm going to try writing mini-reviews again. I've done it before a couple times, so I don't really know why I stopped. Bookworms by Design and Sincerely, Sara use this format and I like it. It's talking about books, but is simple and to the point.

THAT'S IT. I'm going to start working another show in a week, so I'll be pretty busy. But I can manage two goals (or live through the embarrassment if I don't).

Monday, August 29, 2016

Casual Cosplay Connections: Scully (The X-Files)

Casual Cosplay Connections

Earlier in the summer I participated in Danielle and Charlie's Casual Cosplay Connections super-blogger-fun-time (read about how it works here), where I dressed as Max Caulfield from Life is Strange for their video game theme! You can see that here! Then the following month came and I literally COULD NOT think of anything to wear for the 90's cartoon theme, so I skipped it hahah. All the other girls looks great, though ;) Anyway, this months theme is strong female characters! So there was no way I was going to pass on a perfectly good excuse to dress up as my biggest girl crush, Dana Scully!

scully sparkle gif

(What's casual cosplay?! In this case it's when you're wearing an outfit meant to be reminiscent of a character, using items from your wardrobe that you already own. So for example you might just use a few elements from the characters outfit, or maybe just be wearing the same color scheme. Like, an Aquaman casual cosplay might be a pair of green pants, an orange shirt, and maybe some seahorse earrings if you're feeling fancy.)

scully cosplay

The white collared shirt was the easiest part. I just took it from Andrew's side of the closet :P I don't have a blazer or trench coat, so I made due with a black cardigan. I added my gold cross necklace, because you never see Scully without hers, but in the pic the gold is kinda blending in with my skin hahah (#asianprobs). Finally, I added my DIY Scully FBI badge, which I realize makes this more costume-y than casual cosplay-y, but I love my badge and when else am I gonna wear it without getting weird looks??!

mulder funko pop

I was also wearing these alien earrings, handmade with love by The Fangirl Crafter! But I couldn't take pictures that properly showed my outfit and the earrings at the same time hahah. I have a matching necklace that I wear ALL THE TIME. You can read more about them in this post!

I wasn't going to share this pic, but it makes me laugh so whatever! I was texting my friend about what I was doing, and sent her the picture of Mulder with my alien earrings, and she said "Where's Queequeg?" (Scully's dog, for like, two seasons.) I'm not a dog person so the only dog item I could find was this super girly, Beanie Baby, plush dog cell phone holder that I got as a gift. The eyes have pink glitter and it's wearing a pink bow. so I snapped a pic with it and sent it her way. Now the gang's all here!

Next month’s theme is Fall TV Favorites, but I don't watch many currently airing shows anymore. I'm excited for Gotham to come back (like REALLY excited!) but that's about it. So I dunno if I'll be able to come up with an outfit for next month, but I'll try!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Bookish (and Not-So Bookish) Thoughts #26

1. Still trudging my way through 30 Days of Yoga. THIS IS HARD. But I haven't skipped a day yet, sooo #smallvictories. Some days I feel great afterwards, some days I fall on my butt (for the millionth time) and start crying (I'm a sensitive person, ok). There are some parts I really enjoy, and others I know I'll never do again if I don't have to. But that's ok. I'm not really sure if I'm getting stronger yet, but that would be cool if I was :O I've been following Instagrammers Jessamyn and Dana (thanks Kayly!) and YogaTuber Body Positive Yoga for inspiration (thanks Katherine!). Oh and I got a yoga mat, which has been helpful. At first I was hesitant to buy one, since I'm so new to this. I thought about it more and decided to go for it, because there were some poses I just couldn't hold very long because my elbows/knees digging into the floor was KILLING me and I didn't want to wuss out on doing moves for a reason that was fixable. Plus I had Amazon credits to shop with, sooo... :D

It's super thick and in my favorite color~

2. Last month Influenster sent me this Zzzquil to try out, and it sat on my desk until last week because sleep aids freak me out and I was too scared to take it. Like, what if I fell asleep and never woke up?! Which is a stupid thing to be scared of, because Zzzquil has been on the shelves since 2012 and no one has taken it, fallen asleep and never woken up (errr...not anyone that took it the way you're supposed to, anyway). So last week I tried it. I didn't have work the next day, so even if I never woke up at least Andrew wouldn't have to call out of work for me. Did it work? I guess? Honestly I'm not sure. On average it takes me 30 mins to an hour to fall asleep. I was hoping the Zzzquil would knock me out in under 30 minutes, but no. If my Fitbit tracked my sleeping right then I didn't fall asleep for about 45 mins. HOWEVER once I did fall asleep, I slept through the entire night without waking up. Waking up in the middle of the night is something I only sometimes have problems with, so the fact that I didn't wake up was nice, but the Zzzquil may or may not be to thank. So basically I have nothing interesting to report about this experiment :P It would have been nice if they sent more than one dose. You can't really gauge how well something works after using it just once. Do you hear that, Influenster? I want to write a better review, but I can't. HELP ME HELP YOU! I mean, I could have gotten a one night sample of Zzzquil at Walgreens without being required to write about it afterwards :P

"When bae catches u sleepin"

3. I'm working on the Harry Potter book tag that Kayly tagged me in, but I swear it is the longest book tag EVER and I'm too lazy to make all my images in photoshop hahaha. I've been doing/adding/writing about, like, one book a day. Also it took me a few days to think of a book that makes me feel "warm and fuzzy" inside because apparently that's just not what I DO.

4. I feel like everyone has that one stupid word that they can just never spell right, no matter how many times they write it. For me that word is APPARENTLY. Which is so dumb because you can pretty much sound it out, just add that extra P. What's your word?

5. The novelty of playing ranked/Hero League in Heroes of the Storm is starting to fade, mostly because all the other people that play ranked (or who I get matched with, anyway) are HUGE ASSHOLES. I should have known better, really. I sound like I've never played an online game before, but seriously. Through all the games I've played, these punks in Hero League have been the worst. You can only talk to your own team members (thank goodness), but as soon as something goes wrong everyone has to find someone to blame. Then everyone spends more time talking shit about their team members and less time playing. Like, how do you expect us to win, guys? I wish I could play Team League instead, but for that you need to form a whole team of your friends to play it with you. I only have three other people I play with, and even then those three people are never online at the same times hahah. But I will persevere, because I WANT THAT MOUNT DAMMIT.

I guess that's all for now. Sorry if today's post is a little sloppy. I usually take my time and write these posts in the span of two days (I take a lot of writing breaks, hahah), but this one I wrote in an hour, as I sit here with my tea, getting ready for bed. Except you'll be reading this in the morning (or some other time) because I'm going to queue it up to post at some random hour in the AM :)

Bookish (and Not-So Bookish) Thoughts is hosted every Wednesday by Bookisly Boisterous <3

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

August Goals + July Check-In

Goals. Minus the sun, because ew.

Happy August! I've always felt like August was a weird month. It's too hot in the day, but too cold at night (where I am, anyway). All the Fall stuff starts hitting the store shelves even though you're standing there in shorts and flip-flops. I'm even seeing Pumpkin Spice stuff already? No thanks. Anyway, July was a pretty good month for me. Busy, but good. I worked a 5 week run of The Little Mermaid, I spent a lot of time with friends, and it was mine and my moms birthday month :) Because I knew I'd be crazy busy, I only made three goals for July. Here's how I did.

1. Fix my blog nav-bar. NOPE. I legit hate working on anything blog related that isn't just writing posts. Laziest blogger evvveeeerrrrr. Maybe I'll do it this month? Idk hahah.

2. Join Hero League in Heroes of the Storm. I did this! I did this! Although joining Hero League quickly taught me that I'm not as good at Heroes of the Storm as I thought I was. Those players are BRUTAL. When I first started playing League I thought being a healer would be a smart move, but everyone else is DAMAGE DAMAGE DAMAGE and it's just too much for one healer to keep up with! Now I play tanks more often, hahah. Has it been like that for everyone else?

3. Start working on another step challenge for The Powerpuff Bloggers. I did this too! We actually started our second Powerpuff Blogger Step Challenge on August 1st. In addition to that we're also doing 30 Days of Yoga with Powerpuff Dina as our fearless leader. The step challenge is going on for 2 weeks, and the yoga challenge is (obviously) 30 days, so there's still plenty of time to join us! ;)

So there you have it. 2/3 goals. On one hand that means I did most of my goals, but considering I only made three...meh. Here's what I'm hoping to do in August.

1. Keep up with both Powerpuff Blogger challenges. Since I'm terribly addicted to my Fitbit, I'm not worried about the step challenge. Yoga, however, is something very new for me. I've always wanted to learn more about yoga, but didn't really know where to start and was kinda scared that I was too fat to properly do most of the stretches. I'm feeling really motivated to stick with it this time, but I will admit I'm already struggling a little (and yes, I am too fat to do some of the stretches. but that's ok, and having such a great support group REALLY helps <3) When the challenge is over (crossing my fingers that I finish it) I'd like to write a full post about the experience.


2. Up my daily step goal to 6,000.
Ok, so, it's most commonly said that the average person should aim for 10,000 steps a day. For some this is easy, for others not no much (here's a short article to help figure out if 10,000 steps is actually a good amount for you). I am the latter. So when I got my Fitbit I decided to change the daily step goal (it defaults to 10,000 unless you change it). After using it for a few days to see what I was averaging without actively trying to meet a goal, I decided to set it at 5,000. Big enough so it was still something I had to consciously work towards each day, but not so high that I'd have too much difficulty reaching it without dying, or beating myself up if I didn't get there. TL;DR - I wanted to set an obtainable goal. Anyway, I'm happy to say that 5,000 is just too easy for me now! Huzzah! It's not always simple to tell how I'm doing with fitness goals; I don't have a scale and I don't take my measurements (I should probably start doing measurements, though). So being able to see my progress via Fitbit is SO exciting for me :)

3. See Suicide Squad. Ok, so this isn't really a goal, and just something I really, really want to do hahah. So hyped for this movie! More than I've been for any DC/Marvel movie in a long time (but not as hyped as I am to see the mighty fine AQUAMOA in the Justice League movie...come on, 2017!). I know the movie already has some bad reviews (I haven't read them tbh) but I'm still really excited to see it and judge for myself.

4. PURGE SOME SHIT (OR JUST GET BETTER AT ORGANIZING). Pretty self explanatory. We have too much stuff and I don't like it...or I at least don't like seeing it ALL OVER THE PLACE. But sometimes it doesn't make a lot of sense to get rid of all your belongings, so I also want to just find better ways to store things. That's kind of why I'm not entirely sold on the KonMari method, where the rule of thumb is "keep only what brings you joy." Like, the coaster at my desk doesn't give me joy - it's old and ugly and warped because I spilled burning hot tea on it - but I still need a coaster because I don't want to stain my desk. You know? Unless I'm thinking about it wrong. Maybe the coaster does bring me joy, because it keeps stains off my desk? I don't know. It's still an ugly coaster, though.

5. Fix my blog nav-bar. Because I should probably start transferring over the goals I didn't complete in the previous month. D'oh.

Ok! Nothing too crazy this month. I can do this!

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