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My #Nerdvember Outfits! ~ Part 2

We're back for part twooo! Last month I explained how I was participating in a month long challenge called #Nerdvember, where you dress in nerdy themed outfits every day of November! You can read more about this and see my outfits from days 1 - 10 in my last #Nerdvember post :)


Today I wanted to share the rest of my outfits I wore during the month! Some I'm really happy with, some were rushed and I'm kind of meh on. BUT I still managed to participate in more days than I did last year (23 days last year, 26 this year), which was a goal I was hoping to accomplish. This recap is a lot longer than the first one I wrote...I didn't want to make the first one too long because at the time I didn't have much confidence that I'd continue through the rest of the month, and I didn't want to second recap to be like, two paragraphs, hahah! So this post is longer, but I guess it's better than the alternative...

Day 12 - Rocky Horror So Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday was a crazy busy few days for me. My outfits phoned it on those days...embarrassing, but it is what it is. On day 12 I wore my Rocky Horror hoodie, that I got from the theatre when we did Rocky Horror last year (we did it this year too, but the hoodie is from last years show). I think wearing buttons on hoodies is weird, so I pinned my Rocky Horror Picture Show button on the strap of my bag!

Day 13 - Dr. Seuss The reason I was busy those four days was because we were putting on Seussical the Musical at the theatre, and I had my "regular" job to work on top of that. I usually try to schedule them so I only work one of my jobs each day, but that's not always the case. Anyway, day 13 was opening night of the show, so I wore my Horton Hears a Who button to go with the theme.

Day 14 - Aquaman My favorite superhero! I wish I had more Aquaman stuff, but obviously Aquaman stuff is a little harder to come by compared to, like, Batman and all those guys. Lame. I paired my Aquaman t-shirt with my fishy earrings :)
Shirt: Thrifted (similar, different colors but same image) / Earrings: Betsey Johnson (old)

Day 15 - Camera Fail So there's no picture for day 15, but I just wanted to take a sec and SWEAR I actually did something! I was wearing my awesome Tolkien tank from Jordandene, and I had a little leaf pendent on. And then what happened? My camera stopped working. The camera in my brand new phone; I was so upset. I have a regular camera, but by the time I'd realized my phone camera wasn't working I was already stuck at the theatre for the day. By the time I got home I was feeling tired and lame, and...honestly, I kind of forgot by the time I got home. It was late, hahah. (Also, my phone's camera is fixed now, yay!)

Day 17 - Arrested Development - Another rough day, so when I got home from my "regular" job (with a dress code, so I can't really nerd it up over there), I just threw on my softest t-shirt. I love Arrested Development, Gob is my fav.
Shirt: Target (no longer at Target, but it's on Amazon now!)

Day 18 - X-Files I love, love, loooooooooooooove my I Want to Believe shirt from Jordandene! I also want to order the The Truth is Out There shirt (in green!),  but I'm making myself wait until after I've finished Christmas shopping. I paired it with two X-Files bracelets I made last month.
Shirt: Jordandene / Bracelets: handmade, but here's the glass beads I used.

Day 19 - Fullmetal Alcehmist I wanted to start trying to make a few "closet cosplay" type outfits, rather than just being like "hey look at this cool t-shirt I have." It's harder than I thought! For day 19 I tried copying Edward Elric from my favorite anime, Fullmetal Alchemist. He wears black with a red cloak type thing, so I went with a black top and my plain red hoodie (the only remaining piece of red clothing I have from working at Target two years ago). He also wears his hair in a braid. My hair is a lot more layered than I remembered, so when I started braiding I realized I couldn't make the braid very long or pieces of hair would stick out all weird, hahah! And of course Edward isn't complete without his brother Alphonse, so I added a pin of Alphonse holding a kitty <3
Pin: garage sale / Hoodie: Hanes

Day 20 - Gamer Geek I had to keep things subtle that day, so I put on my Gamer Geek necklace from Femmecraft Jewelry! You can't tell in the picture, but the red background is glitter! I wrote a whole post on this awesome shop last year, check it out if you want to learn a little more. I was browsing the shop again the other day and found this jellyfish necklace! I'm obsessed with jellyfish, I love going to the aquarium just so I can stare at the jellyfish all day. You can customize the colors too, so I was thinking keeping the blue background, but making the jellyfish a light purple? Yet another thing that has to wait until after the holidays...

Day 21 - Aquaman (Round 2) On the 21st I woke up and said to Andrew, "I feel like being Aquaman today." So I pulled out my Aquaman leggings and top, which I love to wear but don't often wear together anymore (unless I'm specifically trying to dress in costume). Instead of Aquaman's black underwear I went with a regular pair of denim shorts though, hahah. I wish I had remembered to wear my jellyfish earrings, too!
Shirt: Hot Topic website, same one here. / Leggings: Etsy

Day 22 - Sealab Another one of my favorite-no-longer-running-shows (the list is long *sadface*) is Sealab 2021. I stole the Captain Murphy shirt from Andrew a couple years ago, muahahahah. I matched it with a few more of my underwater themed accessories. Can you tell that my earrings are octopus? Whenever people see them they either like "cool, octopus!" or, "what is that sqiggly blob thing?" Hahah.
Shirt: Stolen (Andrew says he got it at Hot Topic a long time ago) / Earrings: Thrifted (but here's a cooler version from Etsy) / Pin: Gifted (similar)

Day 23 - Darth Vader Man, I sure bought a lot of clothes when I still worked at Ross. I had originally bought this Darth Vader shirt for Andrew, but it was too short for him. Since I have literally never had the problem of something being too short on me...another piece in my closet. If it's hard to see, Vader has two ATAT's as pets, and is taking them out for a walk like any good pet owner. I think it's cute...even if it's implied that the ATAT's are like dogs (I hate dogs).
Shirt: Bought at Ross, but here's the same one in blue.

Day 24 - Dana Scully (aka X-Files Round 2) Like I mentioned earlier, I was trying to pull together more closet-cosplay type outfits. I don't know why I didn't realize I already had the pieces for Scully?! I made the badge months ago, for no reason other than I wanted one. It was easy, I just found the ID image online and laminated it :) Even though it's one of the easiest, I think this is my favorite outfit/picture from #Nerdvember!

Day 25 - Lumpy Space Princess My shirt was the wrong shade of purple, but I made that star necklace to make up for it! I thought I HAD to have something with a yellow star around SOMEWHERE, but I didn't, so I whipped up a little star pendent out of seed beads.

Day 27 - Hello Kitty (Round 3) MORE Hello Kitty! I know Croc's are supposed to be a big fashion no-no, but I can't help it (also I just don't care enough) - I LOVE my Croc's. I've always hated wearing "real shoes," and even in the middle of winter I leave the house in flip flops if Andrew doesn't catch me and be like "this is why you get sick!!!" But ever since I got my Croc's this Summer I haven't worn my flip flops ONCE. Croc's are everything, you guys. They also sell these things called Jibbitz, which are basically little bling you can put on your Croc's. There were so many options, but I decided to go minimalist Hello Kitty by just getting her bow. I kind of want to get this Star Wars pack, though!
Crocs: Classic (in black) / Bow Jibbitz: Hello Kitty Pearl / Earrings: Michaels (similar)

Day 28 - Plants vs Zombie Pirates This is such an awesome video game, but what I love the most are all the creative zombie designs! It's not super duper clear that I'm wearing the pins in the picture, but I am! I just wanted to take the picture further back so you could see my pirate flag, hahah.
Pins: Won in a giveaway! Saw a bunch on Ebay, though. / Vest: Mossimo Supply Co. (aka Target) / Striped shirt: Old Navy (similar at Target, in "heather grey/crystal pink.") 

Day 29 - Starry Night Star Wars This is one of my favorite shirts, but I don't wear it as often as I want because it hangs low in the chest, hahah. I'm in love with the design, though! It mixes two things I love, Star Wars and art :) I've seen a lot of artsy people complaining about the whole art being incorporated into pop culture stuff trend, but honestly, I love it. I feel like the trend started with "Vincent and the Doctor," but who knows. My mom was an art teacher, and growing up we spent a lot of time learning about artists and going to museums. Having that aspect of my life meet up with my favorite fandoms is really exciting! The other day when I was scrolling through the #Nerdvember tag on Insta I saw a girl with a Star Wars + Gustav Klimt shirt. It was so badass! I wish I remembered who was wearing it... >_< I also found this Batman Starry Night shirt (ON SALE) which I'm totally obsessed with, and totally almost bought. But guess who doesn't need to spend more money on herself? (Answer: me.)
Shirt: Fifth Sun (similar - same design but not the same tank) / Earrings: Target (it's a set of three pairs!)

Day 30 - Charlie Brown I was hoping to end #Nerdvember with a bang, but being extremely cold and tired won out. It's always fun going places in my Charlie Brown shirt (or sometimes it's awful, depending on my mood and willingness to talk to people that day). People always recognize it and say "hey, you're Charlie Brown!" Hahah.
Shirt: Charles M. Schulz Museum / Vest: See the one from the Plants vs Zombies image :P

Phew, and now that it's December, I'm finally done! Twenty-six days of nerdiness = complete. I had a lot of fun, but right now I'm wearing a cozy, super boring outfit...and it feels pretty awesome.

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