Thursday, December 17, 2015

Bookish (and not-so Bookish) Thoughts #15

It's almost Christmas! It's almost Christmas! Aaaahhhh! Are you ready yet?! I'm not. Hahahah. Sorry I'm posting this on a Thursday instead of a Wednesday, I was too tired to finish it last night :P

Star Wars Christmas Stocking Boba Fett

1. I'm so close to meeting my 50 book reading goal for the year! So close. I may or may not have picked up some graphic novels from the library to make sure I finish it before the year's over.

2. Another reason I'm reading a lot of comics/graphic novels right now is because I learned that the library I order most of my comics from won't be in the same library system as my town anymore. Jerks. So yeah, I have a long list to catch up on. I hope you like comic reviews!

3. Did you know that Litographs - one of my favorite companies that I don't actually own anything from - has its own book club? You can choose between four different books, because yay variety!

Litographs Book Club

4. Don't buy this. Buy a bottle (or two, or three) of Seche Vite Dry Fast top coat instead. I don't know why I bother trying new top coats or whatever new "long lasting!" polish anymore, I always go back to Seche Vite -_- The gold (named Game of Chromes, heheh) IS pretty, though...I'll continue to use it on the days I don't feel the need for super long lasting polish.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

5. More on nail polish - can anyone recommend a a neon/highlighter yellow polish that ISN'T super streaky and requires five million coats? Life is hard.

6. I have, like, ten things being shipped through FedEx right now (Christmas shopping, yay). First of all, they're taking FOREVER to get here. I know it's the holiday season and everything, but still. So. Slow. Second - and this is the bigger issue - they keep trying to deliver my things (the very few that have been shipped) at the same time, 10am, every morning! But during the week I'm at work every day at 10am! And the days I am home in the morning are of course the same three days that FedEx doesn't do deliveries. I've tried leaving the little signed slips on the door to just leave the package on the doorstep, for for some reason they aren't doing it...maybe I did it wrong? Anyway, after they threatened to send my package back to the company I gave up and registered for some FedEx Delivery Manager thing, and now I can pick them up from a FedEx location instead. Luckily there is one right down the street from work. Ok, I'm done. Sorry. /rant over

7. The new Fallout Shelter decorations are so cute! Still obsessed with this app.

Fallout Shelter Christmas

8. ...and finally...I'm seeing Star Wars tomorrow!!! I can't wait! This week has been so crazy and
I'm going to be so tired and sleep deprived in the theater, but that's ok! I'd be there at midnight if they'd let me! STAR WARRRRSSSSSSS!!!

Me right now.

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