Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Day in the Life

Happy (late) Tuesday! I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Now let's get ready for New Years :P

This month I decided to participate in the A Day in the Life Project. You pick one day out of the month, and take a photo for each hour of your day (the hours you're awake, anyway). I decided to try doing this on Christmas Eve, because every holiday I kick myself in the butt for not taking enough photos, and I thought this might be a fun reminder. So how did I do? Well.....now great. And the pictures I did take I don't find super exciting. I'm still glad that I at least I gave it a shot, so I decided to share my efforts anyway. Maybe this challenge will help me work on my photography skills? Ah, well...let's see how this goes.

7:00 am

Even though I really wanted to sleep in, I subconsciously woke up early because that's all I'd been doing for weeks. I decided to pick up my book and see if reading could help put me back to sleep again (and it did). Right now I'm reading Library of Souls, by Ransom Riggs.

9:00 am

When I woke up again, I made some coffee and started wrapping the gifts I was taking to my families house later that day, which is where Andrew and I would be spending Christmas Eve. As you can see, I'm really great at wrapping gifts.

10:00 am

Then, since I was watching The X-Files while wrapping gifts, I got caught up in a 2-parter and had to watch another one. Of course.

12:00 pm

After brunch, Andrew and I exchanged gifts! Since we'd be spending the rest of Christmas Eve (and Christmas Day) with my family, we decided to keep one part between us and opened our gifts to each other early. One of the things I got Andrew was the board game Arkham Horror, which he'd been wanting for a long time but never bought himself because WHY are board games so expensive now?! I didn't think to take a picture while we were opening gifts, but afterwards we opened up his game to check out the pieces.

4:00 pm

This is when my picture taking went really downhill. After exchanging gifts, Andrew and I just kinda hung out (I was feeling especially lazy because I was sick) until we needed to get ready to go to my families house...so here's an awkward shot of my legs and purse in the car with the gifts by my feet on our way over.

5:00 pm

My family decided to forgo tree ornaments this year and instead scattered plush toys all over the tree. Half of which are Snuggle Bears, hahah.

6:00 pm

I think it's safe to say that a big part of any holiday is FOOD :) My families thing is to just hang out with each other, playing games or whatever, eating sweets and finger food until we go to church that evening. Please note the THREE different types of fudge on the table.

7:00 pm

My younger brother was super excited for us to open the gifts he made us, so convinced us that it'd be ok to open them before church (we usually open gifts after). He's been learning how to do all sorts of things using GIMP and used his new skills to make pictures for all of us, each featuring our cat, Leo. This is the picture he made for our older brother! I sort of cheated here by uploading the digital copy of the picture...but wouldn't you rather see the better quality one, rather than a picture of a picture? Yeah.

11:00 pm

Here's where I messed up, again. I meant to take some sort of picture signifying "this is when we were heading to church," or something like that around 9pm. And I forgot. My close friend and her family went to our church that night, so I though "awe maybe I can get a nice picture of her and I together afterwards." And I forgot. I didn't think to take another picture until after we got home, after we all exchanged gifts. So here's a couple of this things I got. I can't wait to play Star Munchkin!

12:00 am (woah it's getting late)

My parents got themselves a La-z-Boy recliner for Christmas and were eager to use it. So here's me being a jerk and taking pictures, while it took four people to put the chair together :)

12:45 am

After the chair thing, Andrew and I headed home. I was way overdue for a dose of Nyquil and I had to get some sleep if I was going to make it back the next day. Before going to bed we added the ornament my mom gave Andrew for Christmas onto our tiny Charlie Brown Christmas tree! Isn't Yoda cute?

Then I took my Nyquil and slept like a baby. The end :) 

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