Friday, November 20, 2015

My #Nerdvember Outfits! ~ Part 1

Earlier in the month, I talked about a fun little challenge called #Nerdvember! It's hosted by the blog Set To Stunning, and as the title implies it happens every November ;) The goal is to wear and photograph yourself in a geeky themed outfit every day (or as many days as possible...or as many days as you want, I won't tell you how to live your life) in November. How many days you participate in determines which prize tier you're eligible for. Although just because you complete X amount of days doesn't automatically mean you win anything, #Nerdvember is more about having fun than winning prizes! I participated last year and completed 23 days and was hoping that this year I could top that. So far I've already missed a couple days, so I guess we'll see what happens, hahah.

Anyway! I thought it'd be fun to share a round-up of my outfits so far. Some I'm more proud of than others. The rules state that technically you only need to be wearing one piece of themed clothing to count. I try to make it at least two pieces when I can, but sometimes when I'm in a hurry - or just sick and feeling crappy, as I am right now - a t-shirt is as good as it's gonna get :( Since I don't do a whole lot of clothes shopping, most of the pieces you'll see are relatively old-ish. I'll provide the links to items when I can, or links to very similar items if I can't find the exact same thing (heads up: some of which might be affiliate links - this means if you click on the link and decide to buy something I get a very tiny percentage of the sale, providing me with a few bucks to pay my rent.)

Day 1 - Wicket! Alright so day one was SORT OF cheating, but hear me out. I was at work from 6pm on October 31st to about 3:30am that night/morning of November 1st.. So I left my house when it was technically Halloween, and I wore my Ewok hood until I got home at 4am the next day. So TECHNICALLY I was dressed as an Ewok for four and half hours on November 1st. So it counts. Right?
Ewok hood: handmade by my mom (similar one on Etsy!)

Day 2 - Hello Kitty Pajama Time On day 2 I was exhausted (from day 1, also I hurt my leg being dumb), so once I got back from work I threw on my cozy Hello Kitty robe, socks, and called it a day. As you can tell, #Nerdvember was off to a great start for me.
Robe: Kohl's (similar) / Socks: Gifted (similar-ish)

Day 3 - Beauty and the Beast I love these Beauty and the Beast pins my mom gave me, it's my favorite Disney movie! To go with them I wore my rose printed shirt and rose earrings :)
Pins: Gifted / Earrings: Forever 21 (links to similar set also from Forever 21) / Shirt: Merona 

Day 4 - Sailor Moon I'm so in love with my Moon Crisis necklace, but I don't wear it very often because it's so big and I get self conscious. I paired it with my black cat printed hoodie...the pairing was kind of a stretch, but I was imagining the black cats as Luna!
Necklace: Hell Yeah Sweet N Sour / Hoodie: Mossimo Supply Co.

Day 6 - BlizzCon Day 6 landed on the first day of Blizzcon! The Murkidan pin came in my BlizzCon goody bag, and I painted my nails to match!
Pin: BlizzCon exclusive, sorry! Glowstick nail polish: Wet N Wild / Black crackle polish: Sally Hansen (I have this in three different colors, I LOVE it!)

Day 7 - Marceline I only started to get in to Adventure Time earlier this year, and my favorite character is Marceline! I tried channeling my inner Marceline by wearing her signature grey top and red shoes. I don't think her shoes were covered in red glitter but...oh well :)
V-neck: Mossimo Supply Co (I have this shirt in five different colors and practically live in them) / Shoes: Walmart (similar)

Day 8 - Hello Kitty (Round 2) I have a LOT of Hello Kitty stuff, so I'm pretty sure there will be at least one more Hello Kitty day before the month is over! It's hard to see, but in my Hello Kitty necklace she's wearing a pink ribbon instead of her signature red bow. It was being sold last year by The Red Bow, and for every necklace sold they donated $5 to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (I'm not in Canada, but the shop is...) I paired it with my Hello Kitty shoes!
Necklace: The Red Bow (no longer available, but check out the shop anyway!) / Shoes: Vans (but no longer available at Vans, so the link is for them on Amazon!)

Day 9 - Star Wars One of my favorite Star Wars shirts (except I kinda stole it from Andrew), and my space sweat pants! I stayed in that day, hahah. The pants were an impulse buy when I found them at Ross a few months ago. I paid $15 for them, which for Ross I thought was a bit pricey, but I couldn't let them go! I'd never heard of the brand, but I looked it up just now so I could link it here and they're on the site for $40! So I guess it really was a steal. The quality is REALLY great though, and if I had more money to spend I'd totally throw $40 at another pair.
Shirt: Hot Topic / Sweats: Brooklyn Cloth

Day 10 - Snorlax It's funny because on the day I decided to be extra lazy with my outfit I put on a SNORLAX t-shirt. Which wasn't the intention at the time, I just really like that shirt. It says "keep calm and zzz" under the picture of Snorlax.
Shirt: We Love Fine (not avail, but practically identical one on RedBubble)

Day 11 - The Walking Dead The night before I had finished playing season two of Telltale's The Walking Dead game, and they have some evil story writers on that team because I was WRECKED you guys. POOR CLEMENTINE. Ugh. So, I don't own any Walking Dead merch except for this button my mom got me. It has Michonne, who wasn't in the game, but it's still pretty fitting because the upcoming Telltale game is ALL ABOUT MICHONNE.
Pin: Gifted / Denim jacket: thrifted / Shirt: Old Navy Boyfriend Tee

That's all for now :) I'll be posting a second recap post once #Nerdvember is done, but until then you can see what else I've worn so far and keep up with me day-to-day by following me on Instagram! Are you participating in #Nerdvember? Link me to your photos if I'm not following you already! I LOVE seeing the outfits others are coming up with!

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