Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Bookish (and not-so Bookish) Thoughts #14

Good morning friends! Its been awhile since I wrote one of these. Back to it :)

But first - happy almost Thanksgiving! I won't be blogging tomorrow so I'm saying it now. Do you have any awesome plans? I'll just be chilling with Andrew and my family, eating too much food and then feeling bad about it and then eating more food. It'll be awesome.

Pusheen Thanksgiving

1. I've been sort of in a reading slump lately, but the last book I finished was Choose Your Own Autobiography, by Neil Patrick Harris. Overall it was a fun read, but nothing I'd really write home about (but would apparently blog about...huh). I enjoyed his writing; it's funny and clever, but the layout of the book is what got to me. It's set up like a Choose Your Own Adventure Book, which in theory sounds really cool. Unfortunately, if you're actually interested in learning about the life of Neil Patrick Harris, it's not the easiest format to work with. It hops around from different points in his life, with a bunch of humorous fake chapters thrown in, and unless you start the book over and over again you're never going to get the full story. My favorite parts were when he wrote about his career in theatre and hosting the Tony Awards multiple times :)

Choose Your Own Autobiography

2. I got my first smart phone last week! Yeah, welcome to the 21st century, Natalie. On the downside, I'm not on my parents phone plan anymore...#adulting. Also, my new phone is strangely huge. It's kind of nice having such a big screen, but the phone doesn't fit in any of my pockets! So if I want to bring my phone with me I either have to bring my purse, or just hold it in my hand (first world problems, I KNOW).

So animal multi-tools are a thing. I totally don't need one, but aren't they fun to look at? I can't stop watching this gif! You can get one for $20 on

4. Can someone tell what the big deal is about Snapchat? I don't get it. I installed it last weekend because I wanted to enter the Quirksgiving Challenge, and one of the challenges I needed to do was send them a snap of some of my Quirk books (which I also posted on Instagram, because idk). So I took the picture and logged into Snapchat and tried to look where to upload the picture I took. Then I realized that the point is actually to take the picture with the camera IN Snapchat, not to upload your own. Luckily I finally figured out how to upload my own anyway. But again, I don't really see the point. You're just sharing pictures, pictures that don't even last, because they delete themselves after people view them, or something like that. So doesn't that just make it like Instagram?! Like what's the upside of all my Snaps disappearing? One of the things I like about taking pictures and using Instagram is documenting memories. OR if you just want to send the picture to one specific person, why wouldn't you just text it to them? Help me figure this out, guys,

5. One of the first apps I put on my new phone was the game Fallout Shelter, which I've been wanting to play foooorrrrrrrever! There's not much to the game, but it still manages to be super addicting. It's basically like The Sims, but you don't create your characters and there's a lot more of them to take care of. It takes place in the same universe as Fallout, but you act as the overseer of your own vault. You build it however you want, and you attract new dwellers to your vault, and you have to assign them jobs to keep the vault running properly while also keeping them really happy. The other day they added some holiday touches to everyone's vaults so your dwellers can enjoy Thanksgiving, too :P Here are two closeups from my vault:

Fallout Shelter

That's from the water treatment facility. The dwellers with higher stats like to get a little salty sometimes >_> Below shows some of the Thanksgiving stuff in the dining room! There's more decorations in the sleeping quarters, but there weren't any people inside there at the time, which is boring. Hahah.

6. I just finished (like literally, 15 minutes ago) volume 1 of the comic series Kill Shakespeare.

"What Fables does for fairy tales, Kill Shakespeare does with the greatest writer of all time. This dark take on the Bard pits his greatest heroes (Hamlet, Juliet, Othello, Falstaff) against his most menacing villains (Richard III, Lady Macbeth, Iago) in an epic adventure to find and kill a reclusive wizard named William Shakespeare."

Kill Shakespeare volume 1

It sounded really interesting, but right now I'm still pretty "meh" about it. The writing is good (if you're into Shakespeare) but I wasn't really into the art. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't particularly interesting, so it got pretty boring after awhile. Another thing I wasn't sure about was how the original Shakespeare story lines work in the Kill Shakespeare universe. I mean three of our heroes (Hamlet, Juliet, Othello) very clearly died in their plays, but here they are. Same thing goes for almost all the other characters we meet. So I thought, ok, maybe this is before all that happened. But later in the story when Othello and Iago meet up, there's some tension that's very clearly caused from the events in the play. So, I don't know. I imagine this question has already been asked/answered somewhere else so I'll go look into that.

I guess that's all for today. Have a good Thanksgiving! And stock up on peppermint tea in case you eat too much!! Booking (and not-so Bookish) Thoughts is hosted every Wednesday on Bookishly Boisterous :)

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