Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Bookish (and not-so Bookish) Thoughts #13

1. How was everyone's Halloween?! I spent it working at the theatre from 6pm - 1am (though my body was saying 2am because the time change and blah blah blah) because we had an 8pm show of Rocky Horror and then another at midnight. I had a lot of fun, though! I wore my Ewok hood, Andrew wore this badass Darth Vader jumpsuit (but had to change before the show started, lame) and our friend was wearing a Jedi robe! Then we realized a girl in the cast was dressed as R2-D2! So year, Star Wars rules. Did you dress up? I love seeing peoples costumes, so tell me all about it in the comments! If you leave a link with pictures I'll show you some internet love, too <3

DIY ewok hood

2. Andrew took me to see The Martian recently, I loved it! I really enjoyed the book by Andy Weir, but I think I like the movie even more. The sciencey stuff in the book was really interesting, but sometimes it dragged on a little so it was easy to get distracted or try to skip parts (shhh...). The movie still has all the sciencey bits, but in shorter spurts and  it'd easier to absorb since it's, you know, visual. I loved the disco soundtrack, too :P

The Martian movie gif matt damon

4. Currently I'm reading Choose Your Own Autobiography, by Neil Patrick Harris. I think I'm almost done with it, but honestly I'm not sure. You read it that same way old school Choose Your Own Adventure type books work, so you flip through different pages and don't just read it all in order. I've already read one of the "endings," but I actually want to read everything, not just one small story line! I'll write about this more soon!

3. #Nerdvember
has started! I participated in the month long challenge (hosted by Set to Stunning) for the first time last year - you can see my first and second recaps right here :) The rules are simple: wear a geeky themed outfit and photograph the evidence for as many days as possible in November! And there's prizes! The more days you participate, the higher prize tier you get added to. Read all the rules and info on how to participate on their blog! This year the biggest challenge for me is figuring out how to use the same pieces without looking the same as I did last year...I don't do a whole lot of clothes shopping, so most of my "geekier" clothes and accessories are just the same ones I used last year. I'll be posting the results here on the blog, but you can also follow along daily on my Instagram! Last year I participated in 23 days, maybe this year I can top that?!

Image from Set to Stunning :)

4. But I do have one new piece, just in time for #Nerdvember! My awesome X-Files Jordandene shirt arrived! How perfect is it? Skully and Mulder definitely approve. Be sure to visit her site and see if there's any shirts for YOUR fandoms ;) And even if there's not you should follow anyway, because Jordan's badass and you never know what she'll come out with next!

X-Files I Want to Believe Jordandene

5. Badass Blogger Babe, Anastasia Amour, is getting ready to release her debut book, Inside Out! Check out her announcement here! Anastasia's blog is all about "no bullshit body image advice" and fearless body confidence, which I think we could all benefit from sometimes! Inside Out is a 14 day body image workbook, so it's designed for you to read one chapter a day and do the small exercise that goes along with it. "But Natalie, I don't have time for a workbook." I KNOW, but trust me when I say one chapter isn't going to get in the way of your entire day. Maybe do a chapter in the morning, then you'll be ready to start your day feeling like a badass. Inside Out comes out on November 14th, and you can use the code NATALIEPATALIE15 at checkout for 15% off!

Inside Out, Anastasia Amour

6.  Ok, so who bought their Star Wars tickets? Andrew and I have tickets for 10:30am on the technically not the premiere, but it was as close as we could get. See, we'll both be working on a show at the theatre on the night of the 17th. We were hoping there would be a midnight showing of Star Wars so we could go straight after we got out of work. Unfortunately none of the movie theaters around here are having a midnight show; they're all between 7 - 8pm on the 17th :( Are midnight movies not really a thing anymore? Its been so long since I've done that (not since like, Harry Potter maybe?) but I remember in the past that the first showing (if it was a big title anyway) was ALWAYS at midnight. Ah, well, it'll still be fun! I'll be in my Ewok outfit (I've never seen a movie in costume before!!!) and I'm trying to convince Andrew to wear his Darth Vader jumpsuit again :P

7. On the topic of Star Wars, remember the awesome Sent From Mars clutch we were giving away back in August? You can now order them with cross body straps! I really wanted one before, but now I need one. Here's a few from her Star Wars collection, just in time for you to bring to The Force Awakens!

Sent from Mars

That's all for now :) Bookish (and not-so Bookish) Thoughts is hosted every Wednesday by Bookishly Boisterous!

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