Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Bookish (and not-so Bookish) Thoughts #12

Friends! I hope you're all doing well. I've missed you. I have been way too busy lately, and I miss writing. October has been a really busy month for me, and honestly I'm feeling really drained. I've also had a near-constant headache since Monday the 12th (yes, I'm keeping track), so that's fun. During the week I'm at my "regular" job, and Fri/Sat/Sun I spend working at the theatre. We're doing The Rocky Horror Show, which I love! This Saturday we're starting our midnight shows, which are always the most fun! The audience is always so happy to be there, and the energy just feeds into the cast and crew. It's exciting. So even if I feel like crap, I'm still doing something I love. I guess that's important :P Anyway, enough whining on my end. Here's a few other things I've been up to!

1. Have you seen Vin Diesel playing D&D with the Geek & Sundry and Nerdist crew? Because it's important. Check out their mini-campaign here. I would totally play on team #DNDiesel!

2. Compared to my usual speed, I've done a really good amount of reading this month. I've finished The Night Circus, Station Eleven, Fangirl and the last two issues of Deadpool Killustrated. I'm on a roll! In fact, I'm even one book ahead of schedule for my Goodreads 2015 Reading Challenge (which is a goal of 50 books). I plan on writing mini-reviews on all of these books later. Only bummer is that by the end, I wasn't in really love with any of these books. They all started off good and then kind of fizzled out for me. But we can talk more about that later.

3. For the last few years I've made cake balls during the holidays. It's no secret that I've always hated baking and cooking, but awhile back I decided that everyone needs their own "thing" that they can make and be the cool kid at parties. So one day when my co-worker brought a batch of cake balls to work I decided  my thing would be cake balls, and here we are. This year I think I'm going to mix it up and try making Oreo truffles instead! You make them pretty much the same way, but with crushed Oreo's instead of cake. Which means you don't have to bake the cake, which means technically there's no baking involved. Score! I got the idea from North East Nerd, who made some cute Halloween themed ones!

Image from North East Nerd :)

4. Back to the topic of books...I'm currently reading Deadpool Kills Deadpool; the last part of The Deadpool Killogy. I've found the whole Killogy to be a bit of a letdown, but I'm almost done so I'm going to finish it anyway. Plus I need to finish a trilogy for a different reading challenge I'm doing ;) I received Choose Your Own Autobiography by Neil Patrick Harris in the mail recently, so I'll be starting that soon. The other day a friend loaned me his copy of Library of Souls (third book in the Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children series), so I guess I'll be starting that, too :P

5. The fifth and final episode of Life is Strange, titled Polarized, came out yesterday! So obviously I stayed up all night playing it. Being the final episode, they had a lot of ground left to cover and I wasn't sure if they'd be able to pull it off. Story wise, they...sort of did. It did leave me a little sad, but we're lying to ourselves if we expected everything to turn out rainbows and butterflies. Unfortunately the rest of the episode fell a little flat for me. But just a little. Like I've said before, I love this series; but if I had to pick the weakest episode, it would be this one. Since it's only been out for two days I won't say any more, I don't want to spoil anything! I do have a lot of thoughts on it though, so I'd like to come back to this topic later :) Have you played Life is Strange yet?!

That's enough for this week :) Tell me what you've been up to! What are you reading? Playing? Eating? Anything! Bookish (and not-so Booksih) Thoughts is hosted every Wednesday by Bookishly Boisterous!

6. Oh, I almost forgot again...happy Back to the Future Day!

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