Sunday, September 27, 2015

Tales from the Bookshelf - Mini Reviews!

Here's a few of the books I've had my nose in lately! I always go back and forth on if I prefer reading and writing long book reviews, or shorter to-the-point reviews. I guess it just depends on what kind of mood I'm in. What kind do you prefer?

Q&A a Day for Creatives

You've probably already seen the highly instagrammed Q&A a Day: A 5 Year Journal. It asks you a question every day of the year, for five for example on July 1st it asks what your favorite pair of socks are. Then next year on July 5th you'll be on the same page again and will again answer what your current favorite pair of socks are. It's a cool idea, and an easy way to document how we change (or don't) from year to year. For Q&A a Day for Creatives, they took the same idea and just made it a little more creative. Instead of asking what your favorite pair of socks are, it might ask you to draw what your dream pair of socks would look like. Most of the prompts are to draw something, which I guess I should have expected. I like the idea, but I kinda suck at drawing.

I haven't actually started using the book yet...I was thinking that since January will be here soon enough (I hate saying so, but it's true) I might just wait so I can start the book fresh on page one. Each page/prompt is dated with the month and day (but not the year, good move), so if I started it right now that would mean all the January - August of this years spaces will be left blank forever, which is lame and sad. Even if I decide not to draw each prompt, I'm still excited to start filling this baby out. The questions are much more interesting and creative than the original Q&A a Day. Also this journal is only 4 years, not 5. I figure this won't be a big turnoff to many people, as most of us have a hard enough just sticking to something for one year, hah!

Geek Anthropology of Loki's Army

This next book is written by one of my wonderful blogging friends, dePepi! Geek Anthropology of Loki's Army is a MUST read for anyone looking to learn more about our favorite tiny Frost Giant, Loki! Seriously, just about ANYTHING you would ever need to know about Loki, his universe, or the universe that's obsessed with him (hey that's us!) you'll find in here.

I've always enjoyed Loki as a character (and Tom Hiddleston definitely isn't bad either, ayyy). I mean, what's not to like? Mischievous characters are always the most interesting. But an expert on the subject, I am not. I've seen Thor, Thor: the Dark World, and The Avengers...but prior to this book that's where all my Loki knowledge came from. Geek Anthropology of Loki's Army really helped flesh out Loki's story for me, and filled in a lot of the gaps since I'm not super involved in the Loki fandom. Now I really want to re-watch all the movies Loki's in, and see if I view him differently!

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe

I had high hopes for the first series in the Deadpool Killogy, and while it wasn't bad, it was just alright. Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe is a 4 part series (making it a series in a series, confusing sorry), in which our favorite antihero sets out to...kill the Marvel universe. I'm not going to tell you why, but I will say it's not entirely mindless killing. He sort of has a reason for doing it (and I'm not saying it's a good reason, but he does have a reason). I'm always up for a good hack-and-slash, but unfortunately the story is severely lacking here. However it nicely displays all of Deadpool's weird quirks, which is what makes him interesting in the first place.

If you don't know much about Deadpool, I recommend at least reading his Wiki page or something before diving into this series. Otherwise some parts seem weird and out of place. For example, most of my Deadpool knowledge comes from cartoons and movies, I'd never read a Deadpool comic before. So I knew that Deadpool talks to himself/has different personalities, but it took me a second to realize how the different color thought boxes in the comic represent the different sides of Deadpool, because I hadn't read these actions before. Semi-spoiler starts here! Another thing that made this comic a little lackluster was how fast paced it was. Deadpool wants to kill the entire Marvel universe, so that's a lot of ground to cover, I get it. But managing to kill all of the X-Men in a two page spread kind of takes the emotion out of it. Semi-spoiler ends here!

Anyway, I'm about to start the second series, Deadpool Killustrated, where he goes to visit (aka kill) characters in classic literature. I love it when modern things have classic lit tie-ins, and Deadpool Killustrated was what got me interested in the Deadpool Killogy to begin I'm hoping I enjoy that one a bit more!

Q&A a Day for Creatives was provided by Blogging for Books for reviewing purposes! Geek Anthropology of Loki's Army was provided by Pepi for reviewing purposes and because she's badass! Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe was provided by the library because they're free! :D

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