Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bookish (and not-so Bookish) Thoughts #10

Happy Wednesday! The week's half over, yyyyeeesssssss!!! I don't know about you, but for me this week has kinda been the worst and I'm ready for the weekend. So aside from that, here's whats been on my mind lately :)

1. I'm looking for an online book club to join! Obviously there are a million of them out there that I could join, but, I don't know. None of them are speaking to me. Or I tried joining and it didn't work out for some season. Well, maybe you're the problem, Natalie...errr, maybe I am. But not entirely, alright? I've already joined four different ones that seemed AWESOME, and then when it was time to actually discuss the book, no one seemed to care. Like, they just all read the same book at the same time for no reason. Why?! So if you're in an online book club that you wouldn't mind me joining, let me know. Here's an idea of what I'm looking for:

- A group that actually discusses the book, obviously.
- A group that doesn't read too much YA (some is ok, but if the majority is YA then no thanks).
- A group that isn't too small, so no one will notice if I don't manage to read the book that month. (Sorry, just being real here).

What I really want to do is join an IRL book club, like the ones in movies where they drink all night...
...but I haven't found one yet. 

2. I really need to see the movie Yakuza Apocalypse! It looks super badass, in an over-the-top-don't-take-it-seriously kinda way.

3. I recently learned about the Deadpool Killogy series, and um, woah. I haven't started reading it yet (I just finished reading The X-Files Season 10, and now I'm about to start reading Season 11!!!)...but it sounds awesome. I'm especially interested in the second part, called Deadpool Killustrated; but before that I have to read part one, Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe! Has anyone read these yet? What did you think of them? Maybe I should just join a comics book club, hahahah.

4. Since my last Bookish post, I went to a Billy Joel concert! If you follow me elsewhere then you already know this, but I haven't been able to stop thinking about it! I'm a huge Billy Joel fan, so seeing him live was a great experience. Our seats were really far back, so from where we were he looked liked a tiny ant onstage, but it's ok! We could still see him on the jumbotron thing, and obviously he still sounded perfect :) Since we hadn't read about there being an opening act, we just figured there wasn't going to be one. Then as were fighting through the crowd to get to our seats, we heard Gavin DeGraw start singing?! So yes there was an opening act, and also where has he been all this time? I had planned to buy a t-shirt at the concert, too. I had looked at them on his website and they were reasonably priced, but at the concert they were all WAY more expensive (in hindsight I should have expected that). I thought about getting one anyway, but I saw the line that would have literally taken hours to get though, and I sadly decided I'd just buy one online later. But! As we were leaving the concert there was a sketchy guy outside selling tour shirts. I knew they were probably fake, and I felt bad about doing it...but I bought one. I mean, they were only $10! If I bought it online I would have spent $25, plus shipping, on a shirt that looked identical. I'M SORRY. Anyway, the concert was held at AT&T park in San Francisco, so it was outside. And even the weather was perfect! Everything was perfect <3

5. If you happen to read this before Wednesday 10am Pacific time, run over to Steam and grab a copy of Amnesia: The Dark Descent for FREEEEE! Although if you can't sleep after playing it it's not my fault. I went ahead and download it (because FREE), but I don't know if I'll actually be brave enough to play it ;_; Someone said I should play it while streaming on Twitch, so people can laugh every time I get scared and start crying. Jerks >_>

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