Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 5 of The Blogger Book Drive + Would You Rather?

Alright friends, this is it. The last week of The Blogger Book Drive!

All month long Amanda, Pam and I have been trying to raise funds for First Book, an organization that provides books for children that can't otherwise afford or have access to them. Books are an important learning tool and can really change lives. Think of how important books were to you as a child, and how great it would be to pass along that feeling! If you'd like to donate, there's still some time and you can do so right here! We're still a long way from our $200 goal, so any and all help is appreciated!

Our four writing prompts for the month were children's books, book quotes, favorite authors, and books in our favorite genres (I wrote about comics!). Since that was a lot of list making, we decided to do something different this week, and we're playing a little game of would you rather! The questions are all related to books, book tropes and other bookish topics. Here's my answers, and if you like them maybe try writing your own? Then link it up at the bottom so we can read them! :)

Would you rather read inside or outside? - Outside is nice (assuming the weather's not terrible), but at my apartment there's not really a good place outside to read. There's a little courtyard thing we all share, but I'm a jerk and don't like being bothered when I read. My bedroom has a nice view of the trees though, which is nice? Hahah. Maybe I need some book covers like these:

Photo from Erin Bowman. You can download the whole set (and more) for free right here!

Would you rather be the main character experiencing all of the conflict or a side character watching all of the conflict? - I guess it would depend on the story. But for something really intense or high action, I'd rather stay on the sidelines. I'm not that brave and I hate making important decisions! Eeek D:

Would you rather read a book written in first person or third person? - I enjoy both, but I'm more picky when it comes to first-person books! I have to really like the character. I mean, if I'm going to be in a characters head then I'd rather NOT want to kill them.

Would you rather read a comic book or a magazine? - Comics! I do have a few magazines that I enjoy, but I only pick up issues if I know there's a specific article I want to read in it. The last magazine I bought was at the beginning of July, and it was Entertainment Weekly because Mulder and Scully were on the cover and I needed to read about the new season! So that was pretty cool, but I read comics all the time! I'm actually reading X-Files comics right now. Hahah.

Entertainment Weekly X-Files

Would you rather be stranded on an island or lost in outer space? Alone? I think I'd last longer on an island! Not much longer, but, you know...

Would you rather fall in love or go on an adventure? - Can't I go on an adventure while falling in love?

Would you rather have a book suggested to you or judge a book by its cover (front and back)? - I love getting new book suggestions. Sometimes it takes me forever to get around to reading the suggested book, but I promise I still appreciate it!

Would you rather be the princess or the hero in a fairy tale? - Superhero Princess! BAM!

Wonder Woman

Would you rather read a novel or a short story? - I usually read novels, but short stories are a bit more satisfying in a way because it doesn't take forever to read them. On the other hand, in novels you can usually get to know the characters better, which I like!

Would you rather read the book or watch the movie first? - I usually try to read the book first, unless it's a book I already know I won't care for. Sometimes in those situations it's nice to just watch the movie, so you can get an idea what the hubbub is all about without actually reading the 300 page book. I feel like that makes me a bad book nerd, so I'm sorry ;_;

So there you go. Now it's your turn! Link up, link back, and enjoy! Thanks for sticking with us through The Blogger Book Drive!


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