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Favorite Authors + Week 3 of The Blogger Book Drive!

Happy Monday! Here we are at week 3 of The Blogger Book Drive and we couldn't be more excited! So far we've raised $60, which is 30% of our $200 goal! We can do this, you guys!!! I'd like to give a special shout out to our week 2 donors: Her Story Arc, Emilie Lima Burke, and Cindy! You guys ROCK! If you're new to the party you might be interested in checking out our week 1 and week 2 posts! But to summarize it, this month Amanda, Pam and I are running a virtual BOOK DRIVE! To go along with it we're also writing about various book topics every Monday, with a link-up if others want to join in as well! Our opening topic was about our favorite children's books, and for week two we shared some of our favorite book quotes! Our goal is to raise $200 for First Book, an organization that provides books for kids in low-income families. The three of us would GREATLY appreciate it if you could help us spread the word, either by writing posts and linking up with us, or just a simple tweet or Facebook share! If you'd like to donate, check out our donation page! Click the obnoxiously large hyperlink to find it, right here! (Yes, I'm going to do that every week.)

This week we're talking about our favorite authors. If you've been reading here for awhile then you'll probably be able to guess who a few of mine are, but I don't think I've ever written about all of them in the same post before, surprisingly?! I want to know who your tried and true are, so be sure to share in the comments or link up! Here's my top five, in no particular order.

1. Nick Hornby

Nick Hornby is the author of one of my favorite books, A Long Way Down. My second favorite one is probably Juliet, Naked. Most of his books are about uncanny friendships and love, with a lot of dry humor and music references. He's also written seven other novels, which I've also loved. Six of his books have been adapted for the screen (five movies and one TV series), which I think is pretty impressive. He also wrote the screenplay for the movie Wild...which I still need to see.

Nick Hornby Books

2. Lisa See

For some reason I've always been really into Asian historical fiction, and Lisa See is my absolute favorite author in the genre (though if you're also a fan I recommend Jamie Ford, too). All of her books focus on female protagonists, who are all very strong despite China's oppressive past. My favorite of hers is Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, with Shanghai Girls as a close second.

Lisa See Books

3. Daniel Handler

Surprise, surprise. Hahah. Aside from The Series of Unfortunate Events books, I also really enjoyed The Basic Eight. I had trouble getting into his YA novel, Why We Broke Up, but I still enjoyed the writing style. His children's picture books are also hilarious, such as The Composer is Dead and The Latke Who Couldn't Stop Screaming (it's a story about Hanukkah, and while I'm not Jewish I do love latkes). I'm still on the library hold list for his newest novel, We are Pirates, but I'm really excited to read it!

Daniel Handler Books

4. Ken Follett

Ken Follett books are my guilty pleasure and personal form of "beach read." Most of his books are thrillers and historical fiction. I actually feel a little silly talking about it. I've read EIGHTEEN of his books...which I think is more books than I've read from any author, but I don't think any of them are literary masterpieces or anything. It's a weird feeling, hahah. I also collect the old small/fat paperback editions. Every time I'm at a used bookstore I check if there's any to add to my collection. I only have a handful of them at my apartment (left photo), so I bugged my brother to go find the rest of my collection in my old bedroom and send me a picture (the one on the right). I tried convincing him to make the picture a little more Instagram-able, but he wasn't having it so I took what I could get, hahah. There's actually still a few missing, but he said he couldn't find anymore so I let it slide ;)

Ken Follett Books

5. Ai Yazawa

Going a bit different for this one. Ai Yazawa is my favorite manga-ka! Meaning she's the author of manga's. Particularly my favorite manga series, Nana! Unfortunately I've already given up hope on her ever finishing the series :( After writing 84 chapters she took a hiatus in 2009 due to an injury and hasn't continued the series since. It's a beautiful story about two girls with the same name (Nana!) who are moving to Tokyo at the same time and meet on the train ride there. They run into each other again after getting to Tokyo, and decide to get an apartment together and eventually they become best friends. The only downside is that it ends on such a sad note, as Yazawa obviously hadn't intended to stop writing leave us hanging at the time.

Nana manga ai yazawa

So there you have it! Something I went back and forth on was including the authors of my favorite books, even if they only had one book, or I had only read/liked one book written by them. As you can see, I decided not to count them. This doesn't mean I think less of their writing, but I think for someone to be a FAVORITE author then you need more exposure than just one book. If someone writes one book I love and five books I hated, I wouldn't consider them a favorite. This is just my personal opinion, though! So for example David Mitchell isn't in here, because as much as I LOVE Cloud Atlas, I haven't read his other books yet. For all I know I might hate them (I doubt it, but you never know). Chuck Palahniuk isn't in here, because even though I've read ten of his books, I only really liked four of them.

Now for the fancy linkup tool! We'd love for you to share a post you have about your favorite authors, whether you wrote it specifically for The Blogger Book Drive or you wrote it last year. We want to see what everyone's reading! Our prompt for next week is Top 5 Reading Lists, but with a little twist! Each of us needs to pick a different theme to base our top 5 lists on - such as top 5 sci-fi books, top 5 YA books, top 5 manga, whatever! You do you! :)


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