Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Bookish (and not-so Bookish) Thoughts #8

Lucky number eight!

1. I recently fished reading Etiquette & Espionage by Gail Carriger! It was entertaining enough, but I'm not sure if I'll be continuing the series right away. I definitely enjoyed the steampunk elements, though! It was a fun change of pace from my normal reading, and sometimes I do missing reading a series rather than standalone novels, so even though I won't be continuing right away I can see myself picking it back up later.

2. Finishing Etiquette & Espionage also checked off my final square for my Summer Reading Bingo! The challenge was made by Bookworms in Dresses, and while I was originally hoping to fill at least two bingo cards, I'm happy I still got this one. Finding some of the books was harder than I thought! Thanks for hosting, Jess! I was a little overambitious and still have two more blank bingo cards, so I guess I'll just same them for next year, hahah! Here's the books I read for each category:

- Hardcover: The Sweet Far Thing
- Book Published this Year: Warren the 13th and the All-Seeing Eye (It's officially coming out this November, but I read and reviewed an ARC copy which you can check out right here!)
- A Book with a Purple Cover: Tolstoy and the Purple Chair (ugh)
- Graphic Novel or Manga: Rat Queens, vol 1
- Young Adult: Etiquette & Espionage


3. On the gaming front I recently finished playing Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell! It had a few buggy issues (mainly with the co-op feature) but overall I had a LOT of fun playing it. Nowadays Saints Row fans are in two separate categories. There's the "Saints Row III ruined everything / it just went downhill from there / why don't they take themselves more seriously like GTA" party and the "Saints Row III is ridiculous and I love it" party. If you're the latter (like me) then definitely check this game out. It's not a full game, but it's much longer than the DLC missions (such as How the Saints Saved Christmas, Enter the Dominatrix, etc.) and unless you're purposefully trying to rush your way through then you'll get a good chunk of game time from it. The regular price isn't terrible for what you get, but Steam puts it on sale a lot so keep an eye out for that. There's a bunch of different endings for this game, and after I play through a few more of them I hope to write a full review of the game here!

Gat Out of Hell
The game has a musical sequence. A MUSICAL SEQUENCE YOU GUYS.
(Photo source)

4. Last week I said goodbye (for now) to my friend moving for college. I've known her for a long time - we met when I started working backstage for the community college theatre, way back when I was sixteen! I think I was sixteen, anyway. Maybe I was seventeen? Either way that makes it seven or eight years ago. We didn't really start chilling outside of work until a few years ago, though. Now I wish we had started much sooner, because we get along so great. Anyway, on her last day in town we went to Chevy's for happy hour (because margaritas), and I tried a prickly pear margarita for the first time. 10/10 would recommend. Have fun at college, Stephanie! (But not too much fun.)

Prickly pear margarita's are super pink. Hahah.

My new favorite earrings are from boutique <3 At first I was worried they'd be too big and I'd be scared to wear them, but they are gorgeous and just the right size. They look even better in person, because when they catch the light they're sparkly and perfect. $1 from every product sold gets donated to the Alzheimer's Association, AND they're super affordable! I was really tempted to get this blue and purple pair (because they reminded me of space and Saints Row IV), but I ended up choosing the gunmetal pair instead, because they match with everything. EVERYTHING.

Photo from boutique, because her camera is better than mine.

 Is anyone here following along with 201 Days of The X-Files? I am, but every now and then I fall an episode or two behind. I don't know anyone else doing it, but it's still kind of fun watching it every day, knowing thousands of other people are doing the same thing and are just as excited for the new season as I am! Even if I don't know them personally.

7. (Self promotion ahead) Have you checked out my latest post for The Blogger Book Drive? I wrote about some of my favorite comics, and included something for all different age groups. Because everyone deserves a good comic to read! There's also a giveaway at the end of the post so be sure to check it out ;)

8. Currently I'm really into battle pets in World of Warcraft ^_^ With all the different things I could be doing in WoW it seems kind of silly to be doing battle pet stuff, but I can't help it! It's so easy and relaxing, hahah. Lately I'll start my day by drinking coffee while doing pet battles.

9. I know we all hate hearing about the weather, but I am SO ready for Summer to be over. Unfortunately it won't REALLY cool down here for awhile...but I can dream. I've never been much of a Summer person. The only upside was Summer break, but I haven't been in school for awhile now so that doesn't even matter, hahah. I just want to wear my kigurumi and drink hot drinks while smelling candles, dammit! Although I'd like to point out that I don't like pumpkin spiced ANYTHING so I'm not particularly excited for that (but good for you guys, I guess).

10. I'm out of things to say so here's a picture of kitties I found online and am really obsessed with right now <3 Pretty sure my cat would never let this happen.

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