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5 Favorite Comics + Week 4 of The Blogger Book Drive!

Happy Monday, friends! Here we are at week FOUR of The Blogger Book Drive! After this we only have one more topic left :( This week we're writing our Best [Insert Topic Here] Books lists. Basically we all chose different genres that are important to us, and made a list of our favorites! If you're new to our Blogger Book Drive party, let's catch up. This month (and a little bit of next month) my friends Amanda, Pam and I are running a virtual book drive! To go along with it we're also writing about various book topics every Monday, with a link-up if others want to join in as well! Our opening topic was about our most memorable children's books, for week two we shared some book quotes, and last week was all about our favorite authors. Our goal is to raise $200 for First Book, an organization that provides books for kids in low-income families. So far we have raised 30% of our goal! We can't do this alone, so the three of us would GREATLY appreciate it if you could help us spread the word, either by writing posts and linking up with us, or just a simple tweet or Facebook share! If you'd like to donate, check out our donation page! Find it by clicking this very large link that you can't possibly miss! 

First Book

Alright. So for my list I decided to write about comic books! I chose this topic for a couple different reasons. One of them is because I LOVED comics when I was a kid - and our First Book campaign is all about providing books for kids! I mean, I still love comics now, but I think it's really amazing how some hobbies can grow and stick with you as you age. I'm not reading the SAME comics as I was when I was 12, but I'm definitely still reading comics and love them just as much. As a kid I was definitely a bookworm, but not all my friends were. The only exception was comics! Almost every kid I knew read at least one comic, whether it was about superheroes, magical girls, or lasagna eating cats. When I was a teen all my friends were reading manga (Japanese comics!) so my interest in comics only expanded from there. Even when I didn't have someone to discuss the latest novel I read, I always had someone to talk about comics with. Being able to discuss what I'm reading with other people has always been important to me (that's why I sometimes read awful-yet-somehow-popular books, because people aren't always reading what I like, and if I have to read whatever dystopian fiction that's popular right now to get you to talk about books with me, then dammit I guess I will...this time, anyway).

Another reason I chose this topic was because I was feeling inspired by some of the comic-related charities and programs I've been reading about lately, such as ComiCareComics4KidsReading with Pictures and The Comic Book Project. If you support comics, kids reading them, and even learning about them in school (gasp), these are all great programs to check out.

So here's my list. I wanted to make a list that could (hopefully) appeal to lots of different people. There's some for the kids, some for the adults, comedy, drama, fantasy and just regular real life stuff. Maybe I didn't meet all those categories perfectly but at least I gave it a shot, hahah.

1. Runaways - Not the most mainstream Marvel comic, but definitely one of my favorites. Runaways is about a group of seemingly normal teens - Alex, Karolina, Gertrude, Chase, Nico and eleven year old Molly - who are lumped together during an annual "charity event" and find out that their parents are in an evil organization called The Pride. And that they also have superpowers, so they're basically supervillians. The group decides they don't want to live with crazy evil parents, so they run away together and soon discover they have their own powers, too. And a dinosaur! I'd recommend this for ages 13 and up. Most of it is fine for even younger, but there's some language and (spoiler) in the later issues they talk about Nico sleeping around a little and stuff. A lot of the characters are angsty teenagers, but I guess I would be too if I found out my parents were evil.


2. Afterlife with Archie (or just Archie comics in general) - I'm obsessed with this series right now. OBSESSED. I wish there were more of it out already. If you're a fan of classic Archie but are interested in a darker twist, you'll love this. Or even if you've never read an Archie comic, but you like a good action-drama about the world ending and zombies, you'll love this. Afterlife with Archie begins with Jughead's dog, Hot Dog. Hot Dog gets out one night and is hit by a car, so Jughead carries him to Sabrina's house (because she's a teenage witch and all) to see if she can bring Hot Dog back to life. Turns out bringing back the dead is some crazy dark magic, and in doing so she turns Hot Dog into a zombie. And if we know anything about zombie's, it's that they don't fly solo for very long ;)

If this is 100% not your type of thing, I still want to take a second and recommend Archie comics in general. The regular series is classic fun and can be enjoyed by all ages :)

Afterlife with Archie

 3. Teen Titans Go! (or Tiny Titans for an even younger crowd) - If you're looking to dip your toes into the massive and often confusing DC universe, I think Teen Titans Go! is a fun place to start (I also love the show, but we're talking about comic books today)! The Teen Titans are a group consisting of characters you probably already know - Robin, Beast Boy, Starfire, Raven and Cyborg - but as the title implies they're all teenagers in this series. Teen Titans Go! is a really easy series to get into, as a lot of the issues have their own one-shot story. No worries about jumping in wherever if you can't find the specific issue you're looking for. The stories are silly and comedic, and often focus on adventures they have outside from regular saving the world stuff. Teen Titans Go! is great for all ages, but if you're looking for something similar for younger kids that DOESN'T have teenage protagonists, take a look at Tiny Titans! It revolves around the same characters, only younger, and they're all together in an elementary school called Sidekick City! It's adorable. On the other hand if you're looking for something with a little more plot, try the older Teen Titans comics (sans the "Go!" part, which makes a big difference, hahah).

Teen Titans Go!

4. Yotsuba&! - This is one of my favorite manga (Japanese comic) series, fitting into the comedy/slice of life genre. It's about a weird little girl named Yotsuba, and the whole series is mostly just following her around on strange adventures. It's really cute and silly, and also incredibly funny whether you're ten years old or twenty. The main story revolves around Yotsuba, who's five years old, but the stories are also guided by those around her; such as her father, his friends, and the neighbors next door who have three daughters of different ages. The books are all filled with little short stories, so you can start with any of them!


5. Rat Queens - This one I added 100% for me and other adult comic fans reading this. Don't share it with your little kids, ok? Hahah. Rat Queens is another recent favorite of mine, and is about four female, foul mouthed, badass adventurers. It takes place in a medieval fantasy setting that brought me back to my days of playing Dungeons & Dragons. What really makes this series stand out are the unique characters. There's the hipster dwarf, Violet (she started shaving her beard BEFORE it was cool), the hippie halfling/thief Betty, who's always hunting for shrooms and candy, an atheist cleric originating from a cult that worships Cthulhu-esqu tentable monsters, named Dee, and finally the rockabilly eleven mage, Hannah. There's lots of fighting, lots of thieving and lots of awesome.

Rat Queens

...and that wraps up my list! Below you'll find the linky tool thing, if you'd like to share your own list with us! We love reading what you have to say. As an extra bonus, we also have another giveaway this week, courtesy of Pam! Enter below for a chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card :) Maybe you can use it to buy books for you or your loved ones?!


$10 Amazon Gift Card

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