Monday, July 13, 2015

Kawaii Box Unboxing!

May Kawaii Box

Happy Monday! Today I'm sharing what's inside my most recent Kawaii Box! Kawaii Box is a monthly subscription service, filled with hand-picked kawaii goodies from Japan and Korea! They offer free worldwide shipping, and every item you receive is 100% original and licensed. Yay! I wasn't sure what month to call this box. On the website it says it's the May box, but it didn't arrive until the very end of June! I imagine it has something to do with it traveling all the way from Singapore. Oh well, hahah. The last one of these I received was the February box, and as much as I loved it, I have to say I love this box even more! Let's take a look :)

May Kawaii Box
There's one item missing, but we'll get to that later.

1. Banana mini plush keychain - Sorry his head got cut off a little in the photo! Rest assured he is still a happy smiling banana.

2. Alpaca and sheep puffy stickers - Is that the right term for these? They're those raised up stickers. You know what I mean, right? They're SUPER adorable! I want to stick them on everything, hahah.

3. Meiji Petit Gum - The packaging is cute, but otherwise this is just regular gum (which isn't a bad thing, I love gum). The pieces are really tiny, so you need to eat a few to get it to the same size as a regular piece. It's a nice big box of them, though!

4. Okitoki Notebook Set - Is Okitoki the name of the bear, or a brand name? I don't know. I put it in Google and the hits were either entirely unrelated or linking back to someone else's Kawaii Box. Anyway, this is a cute little notebook that comes with a pen. I like that the back of the notebook is hard, so you don't have that awkward "can you turn around so I can use your back as a writing surface" moment. It also has a little slot to put the pen in so you don't lose it. Nifty!

5. Panda(?) Pen - Alright, so the little "what's in your box" card says this pen is covered in pandas and called it a "Panda Pen," but I am quite certain these are cats, not pandas. Hahah. Maybe there were a few different variations in the boxes and other people got pandas? Or maybe a translation error? Luckily I looove kitties so this is still awesome <3

May Kawaii Box
Super zoom! I know I have my dim moments but I'm pretty sure these are cats.

6. Alpaca Eraser - I love him and his little bow tie!!! Erasers are always useful, because I always use up the tiny erasers at the end of my pencils.

7. Hello Kitty Squishy Doughnut Charm - It feels like a stress ball!

8. Rilakkuma Mini Letter Set - This mini stationary set will be perfect for attaching notes onto gifts! I also love things that are mini. Hahah.

9. Crepe Charm - Another charm?! This tiny little crepe is really cute and made out of a strange rubbery texture. Yum, crepes <3

10. Chocolate Bar Comb - On the outside this looks like a pink bar of chocolate, then a mini comb and mirror swing out of it like a pocket knife (or a razor - I may have had a short Sweeney Todd moment once I figured this out). In the picture you can't really tell the middle part's a mirror, because when I uploaded the photo I noticed my nose was shown in the reflection and I got embarrassed and blurred it (sorry). I'll be keeping this in my purse for all those times I leave the house without combing my hair.

11. Alpaca Card Holder - With the tiny alpaca, the cat ears and the pretty mint color, I think this is THE cutest item in the box. Unfortunately I can't think of when I'll ever need to use it. I carry all my cards in my wallet, and I can't use this as a wallet because it's too small!

12. Neon Bow Hair Band (Not Pictured) - This isn't shown because I couldn't find it when I took the picture! Turned out it was in my purse the whole time :( I've been wearing it a lot and have been getting tons of compliments! If you're curious, here's a picture of it from the Kawaii Box website!

Overall - I really like this box! Aside from the three charm/keychain things, I know I'll put everything to good use. Don't get me wrong, the charms are adorable, but I already have so many and unfortunately most of them just sit around. My last box also came with three charms, none of which are being used. So if you're really into keychain and charm collecting, subscribe to Kawaii Box! Hahah.

I won this box in a giveaway hosted by Kawaii Box and Sammy from Synthpop Circus! Stop by and say hi! :)

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