Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts #3

1. Last Thursday I saw...Magic Mike XXL. Aaah! I'd promised my friend I'd take her to a movie as part of her graduation gift when she came home! And since Mad Max wasn't in the theater anymore, that's what she wanted to see. I was kind of embarrassed (not hating, just not my regular kinda thing), but I actually had a lot of fun! I haven't seen the first movie, so my friend filled me in on the story (though I figure most people aren't seeing XXL for story continuity). It was much funnier than I thought it'd be. It also had a lot less naked dudes than I thought there'd be. Like, I'd watched the movie Crank (also called Jason Statham can't CTFD) earlier that day, and that movie had more butt than Magic Mike. Just sayin'. Hahah. Oh, and Jada Pinkett Smith KILLED IT!

2. I want to read the new A-Force comics, but since there's not much of it out I'm not sure if I want to start it yet. I like reading comics in book form!!! :(

3. (...more about comics) I finally got my hands on the last three Afterlife with Archie issues! Issue #6 delved into some Lovecraft craziness and was super creepy. These issues still aren't in book form, but I wanted to read them so bad that I wanted to get the individual issues (for my e-reader) anyway! If you're not familiar with the series you can check out my review of issues 1 - 5 here!

4. Can anyone recommend a book with a purple cover? And don't say something like Harold and the Purple Crayon! Hahah. I need a purple book for my summer reading bingo card :)

5. I finally have my own desk, and I think it's a lot more exciting than it needs to be! For the last few years my computer/writing setup has been at my dining room table. It worked alright, but with blogging and gaming and other questionable things, I spend a LOT of time at my computer, and it's nice to have a little space that's all mine. Even better, I got it brand new for $20! Yippee!

Hope no one minds but I'm cutting this weeks post short! =P I'm typing this at 11:50pm on Tuesday night and falling asleep. Lame! I know! But I woke up too early this morning. Normally I'd just hit "save" and finish writing later, but if I don't queue it now then it won't go up until tomorrow night! So there you have it. Happy Wednesday, everyone!

P.S. Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts was originated by Christine of Bookishly Boisterous! She's awesome so you should stop by sometime.

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