Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

1. So I guess Summer's in full swing now. It's insufferably hot and it's almost my birthday, which is about when I hit full "summer mode" every year (meaning hot and grumpy and no I will not go berry picking with you).

2. Although speaking of berries, I've been buying some every Thursday from the farmers market and it's been awesome. Luckily I live just a couple blocks away from it, otherwise this probably wouldn't be happening.

3. Do you ever start a book, get halfway through, kinda just let it hibernate while you go read other things, and then eventually pick it back up to finish? Because that's what I'm doing right now. I started reading Libba Bray's The Sweet Far Thing back in January. JANUARY! Then I got distracted and swept up in the crazy world of ARC books and left The Sweet Far Thing sitting on my nightstand for six. whole. months. I'm so embarrassed. Anyway, last night I picked it back up and I WILL finish it! It's really good, so I don't know what my problem was.

4. I also started reading Geek Love back in April. I think I read about 50 pages and dropped it because I was so bored. If you've read it, please tell me if it gets better. Or tell me if it doesn't and maybe I won't feel bad about not liking it. I want to try and finish it though, because a friend loaned it to me. I like reading the same books as my friends, otherwise I won't have anyone to talk about books with except my internet friends (meaning you, hi friends!) and my mom (hi mom!).

5. This week I became the proud owner of a pair of "Star Gazer Heels" from ASOS. They're kind of obnoxious and got a raised eyebrow from my boyfriend (but he's used to it) and I LOVE THEM. They remind me of 90's jelly shoes minus the awkward foot sweat. The best part is that I got them on Poshmark with the credit I had saved up. Wooooo! If you're on Posh link me your closest, because I'm nosy and love looking through peoples closets =X

ASOS Star Gazer Heels
Awe, yeah.

6. Does anyone have tips on staying cool in a tiny upstairs apartment? I hate running the AC so high all day, but sometimes it just gets SO HOT in here. We bought a (bright purple) box fan which has helped some, but...ugh.

7. This is the shirt I'm wearing today (#CantStopMe)

8. I'm writing this today in lieu of my regular monthly "currently..." post, because I see Bookishly Boisterous do it every week and I think it might be more fun. Also I'm stopping at #8 because it's my lucky number :)

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