Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts #5

1. So I finally finished reading The Book of Strange New Things, and my thoughts are kind of all over the place. For about 3/4 of the book I was really into it, because even when stupid things happened (which was pretty often) I still really wanted to finish because I just knew something crazy was going to happen eventually (spoiler alert: nothing did). As I closed the book on Monday morning, my first thought was, "wow, that kind of sucked" because there are SO many loose ends. ((I mean we never even learned what USIC stands for, did this bother anyone else?!)) I still want to write a full review on it, but I'm having trouble forming my thoughts into complete sentences and paragraphs and may very well just write a long post listing things I liked/didn't like. Does this make me a bad book blogger??

2. I have a new computer coming!!! Aaaahhh!!! No more lowering graphics settings on games! No more closely examining system requirements before getting a new game! No more computer crashing whenever I try to listen to Pandora while editing photos for the blog! So yeah, I'm very excited. I've been truckin' along with a laptop for quite a long time, and it's on it's last leg (I guess this is goodbyyye 'ol paaal...). I've been hesitant to get a desktop computer, even though I've really wanted one. Then the day before my birthday, Andrew surprised me and said he wanted to get me one, and wanted my input on what kind I'd want. It's being shipped shipped now and should hopefully arrive tomorrow! It looks kinda like The Matrix which I think is really funny.

3. Although my new computer means I finally have to learn how to use Windows 8, which I don't really care for >_> and NO I don't want Windows 10!

4. Yesterday was my moms birthday! But we celebrated on Friday. Since our birthdays are so close together we decided to share a birthday cake this year...which meant finding one we could both agree on. So we decided that instead of a cake we'd make BROWNIES! We got lots of different toppings (and ice cream of course) so everyone could do whatever they wanted with their brownie. It was amazing. Except I bought a little too much chocolate toppings (Rolo's, mini Hershey bars, etc...) so now there's all this chocolate around me that I keep snacking on >_<

5. One more thing about birthday stuff! Here's a picture of me at CAS NightLife on by birthday last week! The rain forest dome was sooo hot inside, but luckily you can't see me sweating, hahah. There were so many butterflies inside! The lighting was really funky, which is why I look weird and bright ._.

6. I'm working on a fun little project with my blog buddies Amanda and Pam! I can't tell you what it is yet, but I think it's pretty cool. I don't think I've said this before, but working on blog stuff with other people always makes me SO NERVOUS. Even though it shouldn't. But I'm always like, what if they think my ideas are stupid? Or what if I'm the weakest member in the group? Also, since I'm pretty busy, what if they think I'm being lazy or not putting in enough effort? But Amanda and Pam are the sweetest and I know we're all going to do an awesome job!

7. This week I started doing closing shifts at work. At first I thought I'd hate it, but it's actually pretty chill. Every night as we're cleaning up and getting ready to leave I think of this scene from The Office.

8. Today I decided that anything and everything feels a little more badass if you're listening to the Dynasty Warriors 8 soundtrack while you do it. Eating Taco Bell like a badass! Drinking tea like a badass! Writing this post like a badass!

...ending this post like a badass! Hahah.

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