Sunday, July 5, 2015

An X-Files Themed Etsy Roundup!

The other day, since I still have a long grueling wait until the return of The X-Files, I decided to start rewatching the old episodes (even though I only finished watching them for the first time a couple months ago). I thanked the Netflix Gods for still having all the seasons and made a silly little bracelet while I watched.

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While I love a good DIY, being crafty isn't something I'd say I'm good at. So if I'm looking for something fun, unique, and perfectly representing my favorite fandoms, I turn to Etsy. Here's a few things that caught my eye!

Full disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Any income earned goes towards feeding my turtle and paying for a place to live :P

The X-Files Rainy Day Activity Book - I think this looks so silly and fun! Check out the listing to see some of the inside pages! They also have these books with Dexter, Lost, and Twin Peaks themes!


"I Want to Believe" Necklace - Honestly I like almost anything with Mulder's poster on it.

X-Files I want to believe

"Mulder, It's Me" Embroidered Hoop Art - I actually didn't realize how often Scully said this until the very end, hahah!

X-Files needlepoint

"I Want to Believe" Bunting - So festive =P I would leave it up year round! When I live in a home with more wall space maybe I'll look into getting one of these.

X-Files bunting

"Hello Agents" Hello Kitty x Mulder and Scully Stickers - How cute are these?! Two of my favorites things together at last~! I also found these Lego stickers!!!

X-Files Hello Kitty

Bubble Bath T-Shirt - Ok, last one! This is from one of my favorite scenes in one of my favorite episodes! I actually just typed out this long description of the scene only to realize that it sounds really stupid if you're not watching it :( So just take my word for it, alright?

X-Files bubble bath

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