Friday, July 3, 2015

5 Fandom Friday - My Favorite Aliens!

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Happy Friday! Today's #Fandom5 topic is our favorite ALIENS! Five years ago if you had asked me who my favorite alien was I'd have probably just shrugged my shoulders; but the older I get the more I'm getting into a lot of things that I wasn't before. Like Aliens. And Chinese food. Anyway, here's my top five!

1. Zinyak (Saints Row IV) - Not only is he an extraterrestrial warlord that blows up the planet earth, but he's also a fan of classic literature. He particularly loves Jane Austen novels, but you can also hear him quoting Shakespeare and Edgar Allen Poe.


2. William (AKA Scully's baby) - So I know this wasn't fully explained, but I think William's half alien. Poor Scully though. I get sad thinking about it ;_;

3. E.T. - Because obviously.

E.T. gif

4. Dr. Frank-N-Furter - Another obvious choice.

5. Leela - Alright, is Leela an alien or a mutant? Or are they the same thing? Can we talk about this? Either way Leela is badass and I love her. At one point I dyed some of my hair purple, but it didn't look nearly as awesome as Leela's so it wasn't worth the upkeep.

Leela gif

So there you have it. Who are your favorite aliens?

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