Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June Read Play Blog!

Read Play Blog
Read Play Blog is a meme about video games and books, posted every 16th of the month. Bloggers are encouraged to answer a discussion question, recommend a video game that they like, and share what they're currently playing. Hosted by Happy Indulgence Books & Read Me Away!

Read Play Blog is back for another month of gaming! This months question is: Which video game would you want to live in or be the main character of?

Lego Island 2

As cool as I think it'd be to live in some crazy action game (I'm thinking Dynasty Warriors, all those costumes!) I picked a game a little more fun and chill. And with LEGO's because obviously. On Lego Island everyone's friendly and cool and the pizza delivery guy Pepper Roni will bring you free pizza. Just watch out for that shady Brickster dude.

Recommendation: My Garbage Cat Wakes Me Up at 3am Every Day

Garbage Cat

I learned about this game last week from Mariko at Gamerwife! It's a cute little game where you play as "Garbage Cat," and basically you just meow, knead your paws and knock shit over until your owner wakes up! You can play it for free online right here.

Currently Playing: Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm

I've written about it like five times already, but it is what it is <3 Malfurion is my fav. I've learned I really like playing the healer!

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